How to Fix a Torn Shoulder Strap

How to Fix a Torn Shoulder Strap

Because resale prices can be so discounted, getting repairs done by the designer store can cost close to the cost of the bag itself! The repair process can be lengthy and time-consuming. This tutorial, using a Louis Vuitton bag, shows how to fix a broken strap quickly and easily.

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This Louis Vuitton Blois bag, which is adorable, has a ripped shoulder strap.

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When straps tear, it’s usually near a bottom loop. Thankfully, this can fixed easily with just a few items.

Materials Needed to Fix a Torn Leather Strap

1. A thin, thin leather strip2. Gorilla super glue – This stuff works amazing. It is extremely strong. This glue is also my favorite for strassing. It’s way better than E6000 or Gem-tac. Scissors4. A small clamp


1. Step 1. First, make sure that the small leather strip you are using is the right size and length. Fold it in half so that the strap can be reattached.

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2. 2.Apply Gorilla superglue all around the inside loop of the strap that is broken. Make sure the edge is also glued.

3. Wrap the strap loop around the small piece of leather as shown in the previous picture. The small leather piece should fold where the original tear is, so it creates a closed loop.

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4. Fix the area for 24hrs.

It’s done! The repair is very subtle and sturdy.This bag is perfect for a quick trip to the beach! Time to take this pretty little bag out for another whirl! 🙂

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