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Fixing A Broken Necklace Chain

It happens so quickly. One moment, your favorite necklace is around your neck, and the next thing you know, the chain’s in pieces because of a sharp tug. We’ve seen a lot of people moan that it’s the end for their jewelry, but that’s definitely not true! Learn more about how to fix a broken necklace chain with soldering.

Chain Soldering

Chain soldering is the process of mending breaks in chains with solder, a metal alloy that is fusible and has a low melting point. The The solder is used to join the two parts that are not connected (like glue) and can be melted without affecting any other metal. This is crucial because it will not cause any damage to the original components.

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If the necklace was plated, the color will be reapplied at the site of the soldering.

Repairing Specific Types of Chains

Necklace chains, much like their owners, come in a variety of styles. The The infographic below gives more information on the most common types of necklaces.

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1. Snake Chain Repair:

Snake chains are a fan favorite of our customers because of the way they look- they’re so seamless and lie wonderfully on the collarbones. They also scare people when they break because they look like they’re irreparable. Fortunately, that’s not the case; snake chains can be soldered with just the right amount of heat. The The unique links used to make snake chains give them a seamless appearance.

2. Ball Chain Repair:

These cute chains have the advantage of not being easily tangled, but they’re rather fragile in construction. This chain is often used to make dog tag jewelry. Broken chains will require soldering.

3. Box Chain Repair:

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Popular in men’s jewelry, the links of this kind of chain are usually square in shape. Due to its shape, this type of chain is quite durable and can give off a strong feeling. This type of chain doesn’t always need soldering- depending on the damage, a quick pinch with a pair of pliers can fix the issue.

4. Curb Chain Repair:

The big and bold type of chain people associate with modern, street-style fashion. It’s rather rare for this kind of chain to break (especially the very chunky necklaces.)

5. Rope Chain Repair:

Rope chains are beautiful because of their “woven” appearance. Rope chains are similar to snake chains in that they can be difficult to repair when broken. The links are complex so soldering is possible. Depending on the severity of the break, the jeweler will need to “weave” the links back together before soldering to ensure that the repaired part looks indistinguishable from the rest of the necklace.

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6. Cable/Link Chain Repair:

The most simple type of chain, made from round or oval links. This necklace doesn’t usually need soldering repair. You can close most open links with a pair or needle nosepliers.

Other Types of Chains:

  • Herringbone Chain: A variant of the snake chain (also known as a flat snake chain), this kind of chain is difficult to repair because it has a tendency to quickly unravel into a tangled mess. To remove kinks, jewelers will often use a trick to flatten the plated links. While soldering is an option, it will change the exact location of the repair.
  • Wheat Chain: Similar to the rope chain, the wheat chain is made from links that appear to be woven together. Since the links are so close, the wheat chain isn’t quite as flexible as a cable chain. A wheat chain repair may involve some trimming and weaving before you add the solder.
  • Singapore chain: A type of chain with links that create a twisted rope effect. Because this type of chain is very fine, it can be difficult to repair. The soldering process may require a jeweler to use a laser.

Now that you’re a little more knowledgeable about broken necklace chain repair, it’s time to think about those pieces sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box… Check out our chain soldering service so you can wear them again!

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