How To Fix A Loose Axe Head (5 Proven Methods)

How To Fix A Loose Axe Head (5 Proven Methods)

Your axe becomes a very dangerous tool if the axe head is loose. An axe head that is loose can cause it to fly, which could lead to an accident. Is it possible to lose an axe head and cause damage? No! You are incorrect. Even the best axe head could lose. This is a common problem with the wood handle axe. It is possible for your wood handle to become too moist.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to buy another splitting axe or throw the handle. There are many methods to fix a loose handle on an axe. These methods will help you fix the problem.

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In this article, I have discussed all the methods to fix the loose axe head step by step and also the preventive steps that you should take to stop losing the axe head.

5 Methods to Fix Loose Axe Head

Method 1: Insert the Wedge

Inserting wedge is the proper method of fixing a loose axe head. Other methods have been discussed, but these are only for temporary fixes and not for long-term use.

You can use a metal or wooden wedge to fix your axe handle. One or both types of wedge can be used. A single wedge can be inserted by using the force only across the handle. A combination wedge will require force from both sides.

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insert wedge correctly

Follow the steps for insert Metal wedge

  1. Secure your axe with clamps or in a vise.
  2. Determine the width of your wedge by observing how it is loosening.
  3. In linseed oil, soak the metal wedge.
  4. Use the mallet or hammer to insert the wedge into the slot in the handle of the axe.
  5. Epoxy resin can be used to make it more durable.

Follow the steps for the wooden wedge

  1. Secure your axe with clamps or in a vise.
  2. The wooden wedge should be made for your axe. These are some quick tips to make the wedge wider. Because the wedge can be cut.
  3. You can drive the wedge as far as you want. Trim the remainder of the wedge.
  4. Epoxy resin can be used to make it more rigid.

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Here is the video that helps you fix loose axe head

If you already have a wedge that you installed. To remove the wedge, you will need to insert a wider one. How To remove the wedge from your axe head,

Drill both sides of the metal wedge to loosen its grip. Use locking pliers to hold the wedge and a claw hammer to pull it.

Drill the hole in the wedge with a drill bit. With pliers, grasp the screw and pull it out.

How to Make the Wedge for Axe Head

  1. Change the angle on the miter gauge of the band saw in 2 degrees for making 4 degrees wedge.
  2. Align the work’s edge with the blade by taking a wide piece of oak or hickory stock.
  3. Take the stock and cut it into a 4-degree wedge.
  4. Turn the stock upside down, align it to the blade’s edge, then cut.
  5. Continue to do this until you have four-degree wedges.
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Also, you can make a wedge to hold a piece of wood by using your hands. Here are the steps:

  1. Take a bevel gauge and set it for 2 degrees.
  2. Now layout the wedge (Watch the video for better understand)
  3. Now make a bevel cut and cross-cut with a handsaw and get a wooden wedge.

You can also purchase a ready-made wedge for your axe handle. Here are the recommended axe handle wedges for you-

  1. Link Handle Wooden and Steel Axe Handle Wedges (3 Wedges: 2 Steel 1 Wooden)
  2. V & B Mfg. Co. 89004 Wood And Steel Handle Wedge (3 Wedges: 2 Steel 1 Wooden)
  3. Beaver Tooth Hatchet Handle Wood & Metal Wedges (20 Wedges: 10 Steel 10 Wooden)

Method 2: Soak the Loose Head into the Linseed Oil Bucket

  1. Pour some linseed oil into the bucket. The oil should not be too thick for the axe head to completely soak in.
  2. Then, clean the axe head.
  3. Allow the oil to sit for at least 30 minutes. The wood will begin to shrink after being soaked. You will then have a tight axe handle.

You can also drill holes in the wood and add linseed oil to fill them. You slowly soak the oil in the handle of your axe through the pores. After a few hours, check the oil level. If it is low, add more oil. Although it is an efficient method, it can be time-consuming.

Method 3: Hammer the Nail

  1. Hold the handle firmly.
  2. Take a few extra nails and hammer the nail in the middle of the handle.
  3. Spread the wood with the nail and then tighten the loose axehead.
  4. You can also drill the middle of the handle to insert the screw. Don’t forget to pour linseed oil before screwing.

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Never use more that 3-4 nails, and only use the smaller and thicker nail. Your handle can be damaged if you use longer nails.

Method 4: Soak the Axe Head in the Water

Simply take a bucket of water and soak the axe head in the bucket. The head will become tighter after it has soaked in the water.

This is not a recommended way to fix a loose axe head. This method is only suitable for emergency tightening. Water can be used to tighten the head of the axe, but it evaporates quickly and causes the head to slip again.

Method 5: Rehandle the Axe

Rehandle the axe is the last method to fix the loose axe head. Take off the handle and rehandle the axe in the correct way. Check this”How to rehandle an axe” article for step by step guide.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Before storing the axe, soak the head in the linseed oil.
  2. Handles with more than 15% moisture should never be made or purchased.
  3. A head that is loose or unstable should not be moved with an axe. It may cause an accident(Read more: Axe safety guide).

Final Verdict

Generally losing axe head is a problem of the wooden axe. But people like traditional wooden axe because the axe is well made and the handle can be easily changed that can’t possible in the case of fiber and forged handle axe.

These days, trends are shifting. The composite axe handle, which is joined with an axe head, has been a favorite of many. The fiber comp lightweight axe (our pick: Fiskarsx27) is available for purchase.

If you have any other suggestions for fixing a loose axe head, please let me know. Please leave a comment below.

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