How To Repair A Torn Pond Liner

pond liner
A torn pond liner can sometimes be a real hassle to repair, but it needs to be done. Blain’s Farm & Fleet will show you how to make a durable repair to your torn pond liner.

Anybody can make a hole in their pond liner. There are many ways it can happen. You can drop a tool, or turn a rock to make it perfect. Even a tiny tear in your pond liners can cause water to evaporate. Pond liners can be expensive, so you’ll probably want to repair yours instead of replace it when it gets torn.

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How To Repair a Torn Pond Liner

Step 1: Know your pond liner.

Depending on what material your pond liner is made of, you’ll need to get a different patch kit. Most pond liners made from EPDM or butyl Rubber are durable. Others are made from PVC. You’ll need a patch kit that’s made to work with whatever material your liner is made of.

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If you have a rigid pond liner, you’ll want to have a professional do the repair.

Step 2: Drain your pond to ensure that the water level is no more than 12 inches below the hole.

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To ensure that your patch sticks properly, you need to dry the area.

Step 3: Create a 3- to 4-inch circle around the hole.

Measure from the middle of the hole using a ruler or tape measure. If you have a long gash, you’ll want to measure 3 to 4 inches from all sides of the cut, including the ends. Use a tire crayon or lumber marker to mark your measurements.

Step 4 – Apply a primer layer to the hole.

Some kits include a small roller for applying primer. Others may not. To When the primer is sufficiently dry to place the patch, rub your finger on it. If it sticks to your finger, you’re ready to apply the patch. Your roller can be cleaned so that you can smoothen the patch later.

Step 5: Trim the corners of the patch so they’re rounded.

When water is constantly moving over corners, they can fray and become brittle. You can extend the life of your patch by rounding them. The patch should be approximately 12 inch smaller than the primed area, or a half-inch smaller on each side.

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Step 6: Attach the trimmed patch over the primed area.

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The contact sheet should be removed from the patch. Lay it down gently. Smoothen it to remove any air bubbles or gaps underneath. This can be done with a roller.

Step 7: Apply a waterproof marine sealant to the repaired area and allow it to cure.

As the sealant it bonds to, be sure to list the material on the packaging. It can take several weeks for these sealants to fully cure. Be patient.

Step 8: After everything has dried, you can fill the pond again.

The pond liner should be able to last for many years.

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