How to Repair Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism – You Can Do It On Your Own

Lazy Boy recliners are a must-have appliance in every modern home. If you have this chair in your home, you can testify to the comfort and pleasure experienced when you sit in it. This wonderful furnishing just fits your house and décor while providing the comfort and soothing feeling you need and deserves after a hard day at work. However, sometimes, as with several products on the market, your Lazy Boy recliner develops faults. What do you do when this happens? Is that the time to throw away your beloved chair and buy a new one? Not necessarily. But how to repair Lazy Boy recliner mechanism? The good news is that there are several things that you can do that will salvage your chair and restore it to its former glory.

Read on to find out these steps and more important information!

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Lazy Boy recliner problems and their solutions

Some of the problems that you might encounter while using a Lazy Boy recliner include footrest problems, broken springs, power recliner not moving, the hand control not working, over-tilting, leather damage, uncomfortable, and too high. In this post, I will discuss each of these problems and provide you with practical tips that can help you repair a Lazy Boy recliner mechanism.

How to Repair Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism - You Can Do It On Your Own

Lazy Boy power recliner footrest problem

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One of the most common problems with the recliner is footrest problem. As you continue to use and reuse it, the footrest might loosen and will need to be re-secured. Is it hopeless if this happens? There is hope. It is relatively easy to repair this problem. To begin, here are some of the things you need: • A regular screwdriver • Philips screwdriver • Wood screws Armed with these tools, you can repair your Lazy Boy recliner footrest.

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How to fix a Lazy Boy power recliner footrest

In this section, I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to repair this problem. • Extend your recliner upwards and flip it over so that you can see the underside of the footrest. The aim of this is to reach the footrest screws. • Next, locate where the bracket that connects the footrest to the recliner and see if any screws are missing, loose, or damaged. You Also, check to see if any of the screws are damaged. • Tighten the loose screws using the screwdriver. If you notice that the screws refuse to tighten, then you might need to take them out and replace them with new screws. • If the third step doesn’t fix the problem, then you will need to check the screws. Make sure the screw you use isn’t too long, or you may drive the screw out the top of the footrest. The screw needs to be longer, so it fastens securely into the wood and holds the footrest more tightly. • Next, fasten the footrest bracket with brand new screws and ensure they fit correctly – they shouldn’t be too tight. If, at any point, you find yourself forcing it to get in so it can fit right, know you made a mistake somewhere along the way. As soon as the screws are tight enough to hold on their own, leave them. Screws that are too tight can cause more problems than they solve. • Return the chair to its resting position, and you should be done. You might still encounter problems after following the above steps. This can be solved by purchasing a new chair. However, if that isn’t feasible, here are some drastic steps to take. • Lay the recliner on its side. • From this position, spot the main square rod that controls all the recliner mechanisms. It Most likely, all problems originate from this location. • Around the middle of this mechanism, you will see two springs holding a pin that controls the upward and downward movements of the recliner. • If your recliner only goes part-way down, then the pin is not being moved up the frame holding it when fully extended. In other words, when the pin is fully extended, the metal it rides on should push the pin onto the higher part of its holder frame. • If it really isn’t moving into the frame as it should, try moving it by hand by pulling the two springs a little. If it moves, you only need to lubricate the problem. If not, maybe it’s time to get lazy boy recliner parts after all. • Wipe the insides of the spring and pin and apply your lubricant of choice • Lubrication should let the footrest move freely

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How to fix recliner chair springs

How to Repair Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism - You Can Do It On Your OwnThe Lazy Boy recliner has springs. These springs are what give the bounce and the ability to recline and return to position. Just as with other items that undergo frequent use, these springs are bound to fail. Here are some steps to take when this happens. Things you need: • Adjustable wrench • New recliner spring • Someone to help you Steps to take: • Turn the recliner upside down and locate the four bolts that hold the spring in place. • Use the adjustable wrench to remove the bolts. • Detach the spring from the recliner and place it on the floor, right side facing up. • Using the wrench, remove the bolts that hold the footrest to the spring and use the wrench to tighten the new recliner spring to the footrest. • Attach the new spring to the frame of the recliner. Make sure to tighten all the bolts properly. • Return the chair to its regular position and sit on it to test whether it now works correctly.

How to fix a Lazy Boy recliner chair levers

There are 3 types of recliner backs. These backs have locking levers, locking tabs, or catches. They also come with bolted-on backs. Here are the steps to repairing each of these types. • For the backs with locking levers, see to it that the brackets on the sides are well fixed. These should be flipped downwards and locked to the metal posts of your seat. • The locking tabs or catches lock into place once you slip the back on. You can remove the bracket fasteners and tighten them to make the back more firm. Use a flat screwdriver to ensure that the tab is well placed in its slot after the back is fitted on. • For the bolted on backs, loosen the lower side of the back panel. You The bolts will be visible underneath. Fix the seat posts with the bolts by tightening them.

How to fix recliner pull handle

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A missing or broken handle can make the recliner to malfunction. The pull handle holds your footrest in place. Without the handle, the footrest can be forced into an upright or closed position. You You can fix the handle yourself. You do not have to engage the services of a furniture repairman. Here are the things you need: • A new, replacement handle, • Wench or screwdriver • You could also do with a helper. Take the following easy steps to repair the handle: • If the footrest is open, press or push it into a closed position. • Turn the recliner upside down. Now, the armrest and headrest should be parallel to the ground. • Look for the screw or mechanism that holds the handle in position. Use a wrench or screwdriver to remove it. • Detach the old handle from the recliner and the cover that protects the handle as well. • Put the retaining screw into the new pull handle and fasten it.

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How to fix Lazy Boy rocker recliner locking mechanism

How to Repair Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism - You Can Do It On Your OwnTwo types of mechanisms are responsible for the reclining mode of the chair. One uses a cable system. The other employs an arm to operate the reclining mode. A loose or damaged cable is the most likely reason for malfunctioning in the first type. To solve this problem, follow these simple steps to fix a recliner that won’t close. • Access the lever or handle by removing the cushion and check to see if the cable is broken, or just loose. • If it is broken, you will have to replace it with a new one. But if the cable is loose, hook it back to the lever. • Check on the condition of the lever. It could be loose and causing the problem. Lever tension is important. • If the lever is stripped, you will have to replace it. • Look for parts that are bent or those that are in a weird position. You can fix them by moving them to their normal positions.

How to fix Lazy Boy recliner that tilts or reclines when not in recline position

The recliner’s mechanism is most likely bent or broken when you notice that it is tilting as if you have reclined it when it is not in the reclining position. Inspect the recliner to see if any of its parts are bent or broken and replace them or take it to a repairer or authorized dealer.

Lazy Boy recliner manual

Here are some basic things to check out whenever your recliner has a problem.


Lazy Boy recliner problems are quite numerous, but those discussed above are the most common problems. Fortunately, we have provided you with information on how to repair Lazy Boy recliner mechanism. Armed with this information, you do not have to buy another Lazy Boy recliner if you run into problems.

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