Fixing a Glove Box Latch

The glove box is one of those essential items in a car. It’s where you keep your best of Queen CD case, even though the CD has been lost a long time ago, together with random knick-knacks, tools and perhaps even your owner’s manual or log book.

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Alternatively you might be the tidy type who keeps almost nothing in the compartment other than a tin of travel sweets in case one of your passengers is feeling a little peaky. However you use your glove compartment, there’s one thing that you’ll want to avoid, which is having the latch break on you leaving the compartment door flapping around as you negotiate is a fairly easy task that does not require any previous mechanical knowledge and as you won’t be working under the bonnet, you won’t need to know any of the major working parts in the engine.

Locate the Latch

 Look inside the compartment and you should be able to check the condition of the latch, if this is not in good working shape then the next thing to do is to remove the whole of the compartment from its seating in the dashboard. This should be held in place by a couple of small plastic stoppers. These can be removed manually requiring a short quarter turn twist on each of the knobs to take them out of the car. The glove box should now be free from its original position.

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Detach the Locking Latch

There should be two screws holding the latch in place at the top inside edge of the glove compartment. Remove the screws with a screwdriver and place them aside for reuse. This will effectively remove the latch from its place.

Install the New Latch

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 It’s now a very simple case of taking the new latch and putting it into place on the front inside edge of the glove compartment. Attach the new latch using the two screws that held it in place. Tighten the screws to the maximum extent possible. Make sure to clean the glove compartment thoroughly with a cloth before you push the glove box into its place.

Replace the Glove Box

Finally you should be able to put the glove box complete with its new latch back into its seating in the car dashboard. Next, you will need to tighten the box by turning the two locking screws. Next, remove the glove box’s lid and flip it over so the latch can be installed.

It will be easy to see if the job was completed. If the latch isn’t holding the door or lid of the glove-box in place then check the alignment and make sure that the screws are screwed down tightly so as not to be pushed out of place when the door is shut.

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