How to Fix a Bad Layered Haircut? A hairdresser reveals 4 ways to fix it


(*4*)Did your layered haircut turn out awful? Is it not what you wanted?

Don’t worry, here we’re going to go over how to fix it.

Getting a bad haircut can be overwhelming, whether you cut it yourself or if it was done by a professional.

Once the scissors have cut a strand of hair, there’s no going back. Not even the world’s strongest glue will be able to put that lock of hair back on your head.

Layered haircuts are one of the most popular styles, as they’re quick and easy to do and work well on many different lengths and types of hair. But, unfortunately, not every layered haircut is a good one.

But what if the layered cut isn’t perfect?

Issues with hair dye, or even bleach, are relatively easy to fix. Issues with the cut itself, on the other hand, can be a bit more challenging.

So, if your layers aren’t what you expected -or are just plain bad- the first thing you’ll need is a bit of patience. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s worth it in the long run.

To find the right solution to your bad haircut, it’s important to first figure out what went wrong.

There are few reasons why a layered haircut could turn out bad, and we’re going to discuss those today.

So, in this article we’ll go over:

Now, let’s take a close look at each solution, so you can fix your haircut and show off your new look.

When You Have to Let the Bad Haircut Grow Out

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(*4*)Layers that are cut too short is a common problem of layered haircuts.

Generally, people who choose this cut are looking to remove hair damaged by styling or dyeing without losing much length.

And hairstylists sometimes let their scissors get carried away in their quest to remove all the damage.

The only way to fix this problem is to wait for your hair to grow.

Unfortunately, letting your hair grow out is the only way to solve the problem of too-short layers without sacrificing length.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet: there are a few temporary solutions that can help your haircut look better.

If your layers are uneven, they need to be cut again while following the shape of the original haircut.

For example, if you got round layers at a salon, you can’t cut them straight across or in a point.

You have to follow the shape of the original haircut.

This can be a bit challenging, so I recommend finding a professional to cut your hair.

How to Raise Very Low Layers

Low layers are generally done to trim the oldest portion of your hair. The layers may not start at your shoulders or lower if you have this problem.

The solution is to add more layers a bit higher than your existing layers.

You can simply separate the section without layers from that with layers. Then divide the hair without layers into 1.5-inch sections from ear to ear, and just cut.

Then you will have another layer. It doesn’t take much, so be careful not to cut too much off.

If you’re not interested in cutting your own hair, simply go to a salon and ask them to add some higher layers.

Everything You Need to Fix a Layered Haircut

  • Sharp scissors that cut well.
  • You will need at least two mirrors to clearly see the back part of your head.
  • On top of that, you’ll need to get your hair damp but not very wet.
  • Finally, comb it in the same way the stylist did when your hair was cut.


1. What causes a choppy haircut? 

Improper cutting techniques by the stylist can result in uneven lengths and thickness. Requesting layers when your hair isn’t suited for them can also make the hair appear choppy.

2. How can I fix a choppy haircut at home? 

Use a texturizing product to blend shorter pieces with longer layers. Blow dry with a round brush while lifting roots for volume to disguise choppiness. Flat ironing can also help straighten and blend lengths. 

3. When should I go back to the salon to fix it? 

If home remedies don’t work, it’s best to return within a few days for a professional to clean up the cut. The longer you wait, the more hair will grow, making fixes more difficult. 

4. How do I communicate with my stylist next time? 

Bring in photos of styles you like. Be clear if you want one uniform length or layers and how short you want to go. Consider booking with a more experienced stylist if previous cuts were choppy.

5. How can I prevent a choppy cut next time? 

Thoroughly brush/style your hair before your appointment so the stylist can fully assess your hair type and the shape of your face. Be wary of stylists who cut too fast or don’t ask clarifying questions.


Layered haircuts can be eye-catching, a great way to quickly change your look.

But as a stylist, I recommend that you go to a salon because problems with a haircut can be more difficult to solve than issues with dye or even bleach.

(*4*)Now it’s your turn to share: have you tried to fix a layered haircut? How did it go?

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