10 Steps to Put Car Window Back on Track

10 Steps to Put Car Window Back on Track

The way a window door track works and how to align a car window are similar in virtually every car.

The window glass moves upward or down through the handle, or the contraption for the electronic lift mechanism. The glass is made of rubber which encases the edges of the panes to maintain its movement.

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If your car window is not aligned properly, or if it becomes stuck, you may need to get a car window off track fast. You must ensure that the hand crank or electronic motor is okay before embarking on any car window off track easy fix. Having seen the regularity of the off-track window issue, we have come up with a guide on how to put a car window back on track.

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Required Toolbox for Putting a Window Back on Track

  • Flashlight
  • A pair of Pliers (Needle nose and vice grip)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Ratchet
  • WD-40
  • Tape
  • Wrench
  • (*10*)

    Step by Step Guide on How to Put a Car Window Back on Track

    Step 1: Take Out the Car Door Panel

    You will need to access the interior of the car door panel before carrying out any repair in the case that the car window fell into the door panel. For minor window problems, such as the off-track, you can open the car’s door panel by removing the plastic covering the window engine.

    With a wrench or a driver, loosen the bolts that hold it together. If the screws are too clinched, try using a power tool to unfasten them. Before removing the board, make sure there are no other screws.

    Step 2: Take Out the Hand Crank and other Components

    Take Out the Hand Crank and other Components

    You might need to take out the window hand crank if your car model uses one or the electric window switch depending on your car model. If there are other components of a car door present like cupholders, key craters, ensure to check your manufacturer’s guide for steps on how to remove these components.

    They will require the same tools that you used to remove the car’s door panel. However, very few of them will require any special tools or a different removal method.

    Step 3: Remove the Door, and Take Out the Covering to Detach Cables

    Remove the Door, and Take Out the Covering to Detach Cables

    When you removed the screws and nuts holding the door panel in place, you take down the door panel. You can do this by placing a small, sturdy tool under its edges and pressing it down gently to bring it out from the frame.

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    Do this carefully, so you don’t crack the glass, you might want to take it to bit by bit until you remove it entirely from the frame. Ensure to use the specific pop out tools for this, although you can improvise with little crowbars.

    Once you have taken out all wirings and insulation that are attached to your car’s door, remove the door panel.

    Step 4: Check Out for Wears on the Window Track

    Check Out for Wears on the Window Track

    Sometimes, off-track window issues are due to wears on the window track. You should apply little quantity of white lithium lubricant on the window track if you notice any rust on them. If the track is bent slightly, use a wrench or other sturdy tool to re-shape it.

    If the rust has gotten deep into the track or it has bent beyond repair, its best to replace the window track entirely with a new one. For track that has been sealed with glue, you should check to see if the glue is still active. You can touch it and feel it if it’s dry and rough smear a little car adhesive into it.

    Step 5: Examine the Electronic Window Motor

    A faulty window motor after some time can stop the window track from functioning well and halt the movement of the glass pane. This halt is as a result of the faulty track or misalignment of the track which might also be as a result of spoilage on the motor like holes and scratches

    If there are mechanical damages, check the electrical settings by connecting a voltmeter to the motor’s terminals. A reading range of +12 to -12 on the volunteer signifies a properly working window motor. If all is well with it electrically and mechanically, then you have to check and possibly replace the fuse in the fuse box.

    If there’s still no positive response, examine the window regulator by connecting it to an ohmmeter and look out for resistance once you press the regulator

    Step 6: Look Out for a Faulty Cable

    Look Out for a Faulty Cable

    When carry the process on how to put a car window back on track, you should check out the cables because one of them might be bad. A faulty cable can often cause an off-track car window. Inspect every cable inside the door machine for wears and tears and ensure they connect to the motor correctly.

    Replace the cables if there are damaged ones or run an entire overhaul on the wiring if the damage is beyond repair.

    Step 7: Let Down the Glass Pane to the Bottom of the Window Frame

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    Move the glass to the base of the window frame since you are looking for how to realign a car window with the lines on the car door interior called the window channel. Try to slide the glass as firmly as possible to the base using one hand. Then try to align the bottom edge with your other free hand.

    Step 8: Place the Glass on the Window Track

    Place the Glass on the Window Track

    The best way to best way to put a car window back on track is to gently push the window glass until it has aligned with the track. Afterward, check out the spots where it is bent, squeezed, or plugged, and then adjust the glass according to how it’s supposed to be.

    Ensure that your window is correctly positioned on the track by the time you’re done, check the user manual for specific guidelines for your window track since they are not all the same.

    Step 9: Apply Lubricant on the Rollers and Tracks

    With time you’ll notice that your rollers and tracks will be dry, thereby making it difficult to lower and bring up the window. For a car window quick fix, clean out all dirt and grime on the rollers and tracks with a brush or spray can.

    Then apply a layer of white lubricating solution on it. Make sure you use a specific type and avoid the conventional WD-40 lubricant if you’re not used to a particular brand

    Step 10: Test the Window and Reconnect the Door

    Test the Window and Reconnect the Door

    After realigning the window screen back in and checking out for damages, ensure to fix back the door panel and every other component you detached. Reconnect all cables and replace protective caps. Now, place the door panel back in its normal position and secure the nuts you removed.

    Wrap Up

    Knowing how to put a car window back on track would help you save some money because this issue occurs frequently. Instead of calling Car repairer, you could reduce the cost to put a car window back on track by following the steps on our guide.

    If this is a difficult task for you, and you keep pondering on what if I can’t spot a car window off track repair near me? Here is a quick fix guide

    • Takedown your car door panel
    • Check the wirings, and track edges for rust and damages
    • Fix the cables correctly and apply lubricant
    • Realign your glass to the window track
    • (*10*)

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