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Can You Fix A Broken Key?

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How can you fix a broken key? It’s true there is a solution any time a car key is not working. The solution to a broken key may not be to put it back together. You don’t have to glue a piece of metal that is broken. There are other solutions. Most broken keys can be repaired in a much simpler way than putting them together. If the key you are unable to fix is the blade, then it is important to understand the reason for the problem. It is important to know how difficult it can be to repair broken car keys as opposed to standard house keys.

How Keys Break

How a key breaks is very important in determining, can you fix a broken key? The key must be damaged in a way that is easy to repair. These are just a few of the possible ways keys can be damaged. Here are some common causes of broken keys. Now you know how to fix broken keys.

There are two types of keys: common car keys and house keys. It is often more difficult to repair broken car keys than to fix common house keys. It is important that you distinguish between how do I fix broken car keys from general information about how to repair broken keys.

1. Key Breaking In The Lock

How It Happens – Most keys are made out of nickel silver, which is stronger than older brass keys. Even though keys are stronger than ever, they can still break under pressure. When a key is old and has seen many turns in a lock, it’s more likely to fail. Every rotation of the lock weakens the key. This is because the key puts torque on the metal, and it slides past another metal. This is normal for key and lock. Even after key repair, keys don’t last forever.

If used improperly, older keys can still be damaged. If a key is not properly inserted and then turned, it will not open. Most people will still try to turn the lock. If you’re not in a good mental state, this is a common problem. This is why you might need a locksmith more often if you drink. It will prolong the lifespan of any key if the key is properly inserted in the right lock before you attempt to turn it.

Fix Broken House Key – A lot of people want to repair broken keys that snap in half. You hope that the broken key will come out of the lock and you can put them back together. Although it’s possible, this is not the best way to fix a key. Broken keys cannot be cut in half. They will still function perfectly, and are not at risk of falling again.

You can take the broken key to your locksmith or hardware store. They will make a new key if they have both the key halves. If the key is not patentable, it will be easier for house keys to be cut. If you have any type of key control provided by trusted lock manufacturers such as, Mul-T-Lock, Assa Abloy, Evva, etc., you will need a locksmith that is a licensed distributor for that specific company. Broken keys that have snapped are best fixed by replacing them.

Fix Broken Car Key – To fix broken car keys that have snapped into pieces inside a lock, you are looking at a similar process as the one mentioned in the house key section above. You won’t be binding the pieces that are already there. This situation calls for a complete car key replacement. This will likely involve transponder programming services in addition to the basics of a regular broken key replacement.

Although this may not be the right solution for your broken car keys, it is most likely the best. The risk of attempting to repair a car’s key by putting broken pieces back together is greater in a car than in a house. You will need to insert your car key into the ignition. If your key is lost or damaged while driving, it could lead to dangerous situations such as the steering wheel locking in place or the engine not starting.

2. Broken Bow Cover

Car Key Shell Broken Open

How It Happens – The bow of a key is the part of the length of metal that stays out of the keyway so that it can be turned in the lock. Sometimes, the bow of a key can be covered with a plastic material to keep the metal from being exposed. This is mostly for the purpose of fixing car keys that have become damaged. Many house keys do not require any kind of cover to protect the bow. To secure transponder chips, modern car keys require covers. Car keys’ bow covers often break. Hard plastic shells are more likely to crack, then eventually snap and break. Rubberized key covers made of softer plastic snap or tear easily.

Hard plastic covers can break under pressure. Bad posture can result in additional metal being pulled off a keychain. A key ring by itself can cause a bow cover to crack by being twisted against one another. The harder plastic covers can be broken if you drop your keys. The key can be compromised if the softer covers are damaged. You can do this by pulling the key from the ring too often (stripping or stretching the soft plastic). If the soft plastic get’s too warm, this will increase the chances of it ripping. If the bow cover becomes damaged, your keys could be lost.

Fix Broken House Key – It is unlikely for your house key to have a bow cover, and if the bow cover does break, this is unlikely to affect the key. It is likely that the hole in your house keys will be punched through metal. You can cover the damaged bow with a bow cover to prevent the key from falling through the opening if it does break.

Fix Broken Car Key – To fix broken car keys that have a broken hard shell, you can cannibalize the shell of an old key or a new key blank and just swap out the transponder chip. Either you will need to remove the blade from the car key, or you can use an old key that still works. The hard shells can be opened again and closed again unlike soft plastic bow covers. You can then pop the damaged one open and remove the internals. Open the replacement shell, and then swap out the internals. This will result in the following.

You can drill holes in the cover to make soft plastic broken bow covers. One hole can be drilled and used to secure your keychain. Two holes with a metal insert are also possible. To fix car keys that have been lost or damaged, you’ll need to drill holes. Be aware of the location of your transponder keys so you don’t accidentally drill through them. Your car key will have to be replaced if your transponder chip is damaged.

Black Bull adhesive kits are a great way to get around drilling. To create a basin around the damaged bow cover, use masking tape. To build a bridge between the gap and the glue, use the powder one by one. Once the glue has dried, take the tape off and build the connection. If desired, you can sand off excess material and then paint the glue. You can fix broken keys by doing this to lessen the possibility of it being damaged.

3. Dead Battery

How It Happens – This is mainly a concern to fix broken car keys. Like any other battery, batteries in key fobs and remotes work just as well. They all eventually run out. Car keys use very little power so they don’t run out as often. However, if the battery does go flat, it can be quite alarming. If you have a keyless remote, this is even more concerning.

Your car may not start if your battery is low, even though it can be opened with the fob. Your battery will eventually die. When you aren’t using your keys, the battery is draining. Your battery also gets depleted if you use your keys. It is possible to only use your fob when you need it and to anticipate when the batteries will eventually need to be replaced.

With smart locks, your smartphone is your key. This allows you to recharge your key and prevent it from going bad. There could be dead batteries in the smart lock making it appear that there is an issue with your key. You should limit the number of keys and locks you use for smart locks so that the battery life is not compromised. Your phone should always be charged when you use it as your home key.

Fix Broken House Key – If your house key is broken because it has run out of batteries, the fix is likely very simple. The most likely reason your key is broken is that it’s a smartphone. A charger and an outlet are all you need. They are easily available for both borrowing and purchase. Many homes also have outlets outside the house. To control the lock, you only need to charge the phone. This can be done without needing to unplug your phone, if you have an outlet near the lock or if your smart locks use WiFi.

Fix Broken Car Key – When you run out of battery, fix your broken car key by replacing the dead battery. You will need a replacement battery to fix your car keys. If your car key doesn’t work, it is likely that you won’t be able to travel to obtain a new battery. It is unlikely that you will find replacement batteries, unless you make an effort to buy them in advance. The key fobs use non-standard disc batteries.

The make and model of the car key will determine which type you need. Take out your remote and note the type of battery. You should always keep a spare in your pocket, even if you’re going to great lengths to replace batteries. You will need to have another spare in case you do have to use your emergency batteries. The spare battery you have been keeping is likely to have its charge decreased by sitting idle.

4. Water Damage

How It Happens – Water damage is mainly a concern for car keys, as they use electronic components. When keys are taken on an outdoor adventure, the most likely source of water damage is when they get submerged under water. No matter whether you’re going on a river rafting trip, to a beach or to a waterpark, your keys will be submerged and cause electronic damage.

Waterproof storage is the best way to protect against this. You can take your keys with you, and place them in containers. Or leave keys in a car and use a physical key that is water-resistant and will open the door. Do not take your keys with you to places where there is water. For tips on protecting your keys, you might want to check out beach bag security.

Fix Broken House Key – Almost any type of house key will not be damaged by exposure to water. Only the house keys listed in the dead battery subsection above will be affected. Smartphone keys are water-resistant. For older phones, you can cover them with silica or loose rice. These will remove moisture from the phone’s internals. To evaporate the liquid, it is best not to use heat.

If this fails to fix the problem, the key (or your smartphone) will need to be replaced. In the meantime, you may be able log into your account using another device. You can use this temporary solution to your problem, but you need to sign out before returning the phone to the borrower. If you do, you could be giving away your keys.

Fix Broken Car Key – There is a chance that you can fix broken car keys that have been submerged in water the same way you would fix a phone. It is important to avoid using the key after it has been submerged in water or placed among silica packets overnight. If the key doesn’t work again, you can replace your car key fob.

You need to be aware of the dangers associated with aftermarket keys during the replacement process. Broken car keys cannot be fixed immediately. Therefore, it is crucial to know the end result. Broken car keys can be fixed by replacing the part that is broken. Talk to your auto locksmith to find out all you need to know.


When you know why your key is broken, and what type of key you are trying to fix, you can get at the root of your solution. There is a solution to your problem, no matter if you need to repair broken keys on cars or keys of other types. It may not be the solution you seek, but it does not mean that there is no solution. You only need to find a solution for your broken key. It should work now and continue to work in the future.

It doesn’t matter what your reason for asking, if you can fix a broken key, then the answer is yes. Although there are many other issues you might be facing, the ones that have been listed are the most common. You can call a locksmith to discuss your specific problem or post a question in our comments section.

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