How To Factory Reset Asus Tablet 2021: Top Full Guide

When you run software problems about the Asus tablet computer, the ideal method to take care of this is to reset the device. It’s also beneficial when you would like to refresh your apparatus.

On the other hand, the most frequent reason people wish to do a factory reset is that they forgot their password. Whatever your goal, you will learn a few straightforward methods about the best way How To Factory Reset Asus Tablet through this report.

Option 1: How To Reset Asus Tablet using Windows Password Reset

How To Factory Reset Asus Tablet using Windows Password Reset


Both choices above are the approaches to factory data reset Asus tablet computer or Windows computer. However, those approaches of reset Asus tablets aren’t simple, and our subscribers have constantly asked for a more rapid and more elegant technique.

Here is Windows Password Reset, the most excellent password utility for Windows.

You can use Windows Password Reset to unlock the Asus notebook on almost any Windows machine from the older Windows 2000 to Windows 10. Awesome right?

Not just that, this instrument works superbly well, and among the essential features of this tool is that it makes it possible to reset your system in a manner you don’t lose any information. Please find out more about why it’s so good and how to utilize it.

Key Features:

  • Use it to reset the Asus tablet computer on all of the critical Windows OS versions.
  • Unlock the Asus tablet computer and find no information loss.
  • No extra software is required to make a (USB or CD/DVD) password reset disk. Windows Password Reset will make it for you.
  • Pretty simple to use, even for a person who’s new to the technician.

The Way to reset Asus tablet computer with Windows Password Reset:

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Reset. Run the program on a different computer and also begin the reset Asus tablet computer password.

Step 2: Next, you make the password reset network using a vacant USB flash or a CD or even DVD. Follow the following steps to perform it:

  • Pick the kind of password reset disk you would like to create – you can take advantage of a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.
  • To make a CD or DVD password reset disk, insert the disc, click “CD/DVD,” and click on “Begin burning.”
  • Alternatively, to get a USB password reset disk, plug in your flash drive, then click “USB,” and hit “Begin burning.”

Step 3: Next, you want your computer to boot up from the newly created password reset disk; follow the following steps to perform the configuration. Kindly perform steps 4 and 3 about the Asus tablet that you would like to mill reset.

Boot your computer and enter the BIOS by pressing on the prompted key(s) or critical combinations while the device is booting up.

Whenever your BIOS screen appears, navigate to the tab named “Boot” with the directional keys. Here, scroll down and highlight your password reset disk.

  • Press the “+” button to move it up the listing until it’s on the peak of the list.
  • Press “F10” to save your settings and exit BIOS.

Step 4: Your computer is currently set to boot in the established password reset disk. With all the press added or linked, power on the device and be sure that it kicks in the password reset disk.

Step 5: On booting, you’ll be shown the Windows Password Reset interface. These are the last Actions to reset the Asus tablet :

The very first step to eventually unlock the Asus tablet would be to choose your Windows program.

Choose an individual account.

Click on “Reset” and input your new password. Leave the area for the password blank.

Eject your own CD/DVD, unplug your USB flash drive, and then click “Publish.” When your system boots, you can sign up on your Asus tablet computer without a password.

If you’re using an Asus notebook, you might also perform an Asus notebook password reset with Windows Password Reset.

Option 2: Hard Reset Asus Tablet using Android OS

Hard Reset Asus Tablet using Android OS

The way to reset an Asus tablet computer?

Performing a hard reset brings the tablet computer back to the country it had been when it was brand new.

To put it differently, hard resetting your Asus tablet deletes all of your pictures, emails, music, contacts, programs, and each other information stored on the tablet computer. Not merely does a reset delete your information, you also lose every single setting and setting there.

N/B: Please jump Option 1 and proceed to option two and option three if you’re seeking to perform an Asus tablet computer reset with Windows OS.

So, out of the way, if you have determined a hard reset is a thing to do, here is the way to reset the Asus tablet computer. You can hard reset the tab utilizing the operating system alternatives and menus or using the buttons. I will show you both approaches.

Method 1:

This original technique of the Asus tablet computer reset is beneficial and comes in handy once you don’t have access to this tablet. As an example, if you’re performing a factory data reset since you lost your display lock, then you cannot possibly use method two. Here goes:

Step 1: Switch the Asus tablet computer.

Step 2: Once the tab is off, press and hold “Volume Down” and the “Power” button concurrently.

Step 3: Hold the two buttons until you find a green Android display.

Step 4: On this display, you’ll discover a menu using lists. Display down to “Recovery Mode” with your quantity buttons and pick this item with the Power button.

Step 5: Next, a screen will appear that states “No control.” When you see that, now press and hold the “Volume up,” and then “Power” switches for about two seconds. At this time, you ought to find a fresh menu.

Step 6: The Asus tablet computer will be difficult to reset. Following the reset, then it reboots to the bare country.

Step 7: using our volume buttons, browse to “wipe data/factory reset” and select it with the Power button.

Step 8: Toggle this option to “Yes – delete all of the user data information” and press the “Power” button to choose it.

After the step, your Asus tablet computer will begin the mill reset performance, and as soon as it’s completed, it will restart, prepared for new configurations.

Method 2:

  • Open the “Settings” program.
  • Select “Backup & Combine”.
  • Pick “Factory info reset.”
  • Select “Factory info reset.”

Option 3: Factory Reset Asus Tablet using Windows OS

Have you been initially looking for how to reset an Asus tablet computer on Windows? No problem, we’ve got you covered. If you misplace your Windows password and cannot log in to the computer, or for another reason, you’ll have to mill reset your device.


Step 1: Once you boot your system, on the screen, click on the “Electricity” icon onto the bottom-right of this display. Clicking it, choices will slide upward. Press and hold the Shift key and then click on “Restart” while holding the buttons.

Step 2: If you hold Shift when clicking restart at the previous step, the computer will restart and then exhibit the Reset interface. Click “Troubleshoot” > “Reset this PC” > “Eliminate everything”.

In the upcoming choices, click “Only remove my documents” or “completely wash out the drive,” based on what you need and in case you’ve got a backup or not.

Step 3: Hit “Reset” to begin the operation. Factory data resetting computers require a good deal more time than doing this on a tablet computer. Thus, be sure that the machine has been plugged throughout this process; it may take hours.

Following the Asus tablet reset finishes, all of your programs, preferences, media, and information will be erased. Then, it is possible to configure a new login.

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To mill reset an Asus Tablet may look like an intimidating job, but if you use a tool such as Windows Password Reset, it will become a great deal simpler.

Again, remember that the factory reset Asus tablet computer will erase your information from the device. Before proceeding with one of these techniques, bear this in mind.

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