How To Factory Reset Acer Laptop 2021: Top Full Guide

Do you frequently have difficulty with the Acer pc program? Do you not understand How To Factory Reset Acer Laptop? Then let us find out with here Program as many methods to resolve this mistake as promptly as possible.

You’ll be taught four chief techniques to mill reset your Acer notebook using Windows 7, 8, 10, or even Linux. These are the perfect procedures for you if you’ve forgotten your password and require a means to circumvent bettering your notebook with your password required.

What to do Before Resetting Your Acer Laptop

You shouldn’t just jump to resetting your Acer notebook without paying attention to the particular precaution.

Before embarking on any factory reset of your notebook generally, be it an Acer notebook or some other solution, you need to make a copy of your documents and information, particularly those you can’t manage to misplace.

You will find tools on the internet that are offered for this particular purpose, so make sure you get one that has excellent reviews and is highly suggested. This will make sure you don’t lose important files as soon as you’ve eliminated everything out of the notebook.

4 Methods to Reset an Acer Laptop with Windows 7/8/10 or Linux

4 Methods to Reset an Acer Laptop with Windows 7810 or Linux

Method 1: How to Reset Acer Laptop with Linux OS

Resetting your Acer (Linux OS) notebook is a little more complex than resetting the same laptop with Windows installed. Among the two potential reset approaches below should do the trick:

1: Reset utilizing icons on Linux shell

This system resets programs using icons to store preferences. Programs pinned to Dock, fonts, accounts, GTK configs, etc…


  • Open a new shell in your personal computer by hitting Ctrl+Alt+T on your computer.
  • Sort “dconf reset -f /” to the casing and input.

2: Reset utilizing the recovery disk


  • Your Acer recovery disk.
  • External USB optical drive (if your Acer notebook does not have a DVD drive) OR use a computer with a DVD drive to make a retrieval USB drive.

NOTE: Back up important documents (precaution) before applying this method.

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  1. Get the mandatory items, switch off your PC.
  2. Connect the external optical drive/USB recovery drive and power on.
  3. Press and hold down the F12 key on your computer keyboard after finding that the Acer logo. Keep holding down till you enter the boot menu.
  4. Pick the USB optical drive choice and hit the F10 key. (choose the USB HDD: USB Flash Drive alternative if you use a USB retrieval drive instead).
  5. Click on Exit Saving Changes and set up Acer. You’ll be taken into the Acer Recovery Management panel. Different choices, including factory reset, ought to be discovered there. Just stick to the following prompts to reset your Acer notebook with Linux OS.

Method 2: Factory reset Acer laptop in Acer Care Center

If you’ve Acer Care Center installed on your notebook, you can reestablish the system to factory settings through Acer Care Center.

Acer Care Center program allows you to backup and restores your network preferences and media drivers.

Here is how to take action:

1. From the search box in your notebook, type Retrieval, then click on Acer Recovery Management.

2. Click Recovery Management.

3. At Acer Care Center, click Get started alongside Reset your PC.

4. Click Eliminate everything.

5. Click Only remove my documents or Eliminate files and clean out the drive based upon what you require.

6. Click on Reset.

Then stick to the onscreen instructions to complete the reset.

After resetting your notebook, it is advised to upgrade your device drivers to the most recent model to provide you the very best possible experience.

If this method does not work for you, do not worry. There is something to try.

Method 3: Factory Reset Acer Laptop Using Alt + F10 on Startup

In case the issue your Acer notebook is confronting has prevented it from booting normally, then you can certainly do the factory reset with the Windows Recovery Environment. To do this, follow the steps below:

Set off the Acer notebook directly from the power button by pressing on it for about 5 minutes

Switch on the notebook and the moment the Acer logo looks in your display, press the “Alt” and “F10” keys together.

After a while, You’ll Be taken to the display to “Pick an alternative”; your choice ought to be “Troubleshoot.”

  • On Windows 8, then choose “Reset your PC,” whereas, on Windows 10, the choice is “Reset this PC.”

Choose to “Eliminate everything.”

Click “Restart,” and the Practice of a factory reset of your Acer notebook Will Start.

Await this process to conclude after a Time

When the procedure is complete, you can set up your Acer notebook by following the directions, which will guide you onscreen.

  • For Windows 7 Acer notebook with Acer eRecovery Management:

After restarting and utilizing “Alt” + “F10”, select “Restore”

You’ll Be given the following choices to select from: “Reinstall Drivers or Software,” “Entirely Restore Method to Factory Defaults,” and “Restore the Operating Method and Maintain User Information.”

The directions which appear on your display will steer you in safeguarding your PC.

Method 4: Factory reset Acer laptop Windows 10 from logging in

You can mill reset your Acer notebook by logging in, in the event the Alt + F10 keys do not work to your Acer notebook, or in the event, you must log in to Windows 10 to back up your essential files before factory reset.

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But if you do not possess the password, forgot the password, and can not log into Windows 10, you first must eliminate the password then log into Windows 10 to perform a factory reset. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Eliminate Windows 10 Password on Acer notebook.

To quickly eliminate Windows 10 passwords on your Acer notebook, you may use a password reset disk.

1) Produce a password reset disk on a different computer with the assistance of all Windows Password Refixer tools. Just have to download and install the Windows Password Refixer tool on another working computer. Launch this particular tool and follow its onscreen to burn it into a USB flash drive to make a password reset disk.

2) Boot Acer laptops out of this password reset disk. If you don’t have any clue how to produce an Acer notebook boot from a USB drive, then follow the steps on this movie.

3) Eliminate Windows 10 password Acer notebook computer. After your Acer notebook boots from this password reset disk, choose your user and click on the Reset Password button to automatically reset your password.

When the password is reset, remove the disc and restart your Acer notebook computer. Following your laptop restarts, you can log in to Windows 10 without a password required. Next, you can mill reset your Acer notebook from logging into.

Step 2: Log into Windows 10 to factory reset Acer notebook.

1) Log in to Windows 10 when you have not done so.

2) Back up your important documents if you would like.

3) Open the Preferences program, and choose “Update & Security.”

4) Select “Recovery” on the other hand, then click “Get started” beneath the “Reset that PC” section.

5) Pick Remove everything.

6) It asks if you would like to wash your system drive or all drives. Pick the choice based upon what you need.

7) Follow the onscreen instructions and click on Reset to begin the factory reset procedure.

8) Then wait until the mill reset finishes. Your Acer notebook will restart a few occasions and reinstall Windows 10. You merely have to stick to the onscreen instructions to prepare your private details.

Method 5: Reset Acer Laptop to Factory Settings with Installation or Repair Disk

The following way of resetting Acer notebook to factory settings is using a setup or fix the disc.

If you don’t own a fix or setup disc, you have to download the Windows ISO document to have the ability to produce one using a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive. After you have completed this, follow the steps below to do the factory reset (using Windows 10, for instance ):

  • Insert the repair/installation disc into your Acer notebook to start. Now, use the disc to boot your notebook.
  • The setup screen will appear first in your display. Proceed to the bottom right of this screen and tap the “Next” button
  • On the bottom left of the next screen that appears, select “Fix your pc.”
  • Pick to “Troubleshoot”
  • Again choose “Reset this PC.”
  • You’ll have to deal with two alternatives to decide the sort of reset that you wish to do. If you opt to “Keep my documents,” some documents will be stored, in addition to your password.
  • This alternative isn’t perfect when you’ve forgotten your password. But as You are performing a reset using those methods That Don’t need your forgotten password, then you need to select the option “Remove everything.”
  • Select Your system
  • In the choices in another window, select which drive you Want to eliminate: “All drivers” or “Just the drive in which Windows is installed”
  • From another window, you’ll be given two choices once more, either to “Only remove my documents” or to “Completely wash out the driveway.” The former option will maintain your PC while the latter will recycle it.
  • Click on the “Reset” tab because factory reset is exactly what you Want to do.
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What to Do if You Lose Important Data After Resetting Acer Laptop

After resetting your Acer notebook computer, you might have lost some critical data since you forgot to backup your documents or picked the reset alternative that removed everything from the system.

It is not too late to recoup back the files. This is only because Recoverit Data Recovery will help you to get the info back. Recoverit Data Recovery was created to support operating systems such as Mac and Windows.

This tool may also recover documents in various file formats such as audio, archived documents, videos, files, images, etc…

Using Recoverit, you can recover data from formatted systems, crashed systems, ruined drives, recycle bin or garbage, hard drives, etc…

Now, the application was introduced to you. Download it and install it on your Acer notebook computer. Follow the steps under regaining your lost data back:

Step 1: Select a Location

Select the place in which you would like to return your lost files. Next, scroll to the ideal end of this interface and click on “Start” to empower Recover to start the process of scanning your files.

Step 2: Scan the Location

Here, Recoverit will scan the place you clicked over to regain all of the missing files. The document path and kind will be shown as the retrieval is completed for you to view.

Step 3: Preview and Recover Videos and Photos

In the end, preview all of the recovered documents on the port to make sure every data you’ll need was regained. Be aware that Recoverit is a powerful tool that will ensure that all of your documents are retrieved in 1 piece, so the trailer is only a formality. Save the recovered information by selecting “Recover.” See? The practice is simple!

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One of the techniques to reset Acer laptop over, Reset Acer Notebook with Linux OS, is the best alternative that we would like to review for viewers. It’s not only a highly valued option because of its efficacy but also popular due to its simple implementation.

To guarantee the reliability, we insist on using actual experiences to compose the notes and benefits of their choices. In case you have any contributions, please fill in the comment section below!

I am hoping you can get the ideal solution for your device!

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