How to Save Profile Picture of Someone in Discord?

Discord is an open-source group chat platform for gamers. It is used daily by millions ofPeople from all over the globe use discord to play games and join other gaming communities. A profile picture is what discord users call an avatar. You can view other people’s avatars by clicking on their icons. The avatar will not be saved and the picture will appear small. ofOther users. Other methods are also available to save someone’s profile picture on discord. This article will explain how we can save someone’s profile picture on discord. toWe will show you the best ways to save and view your profile photo ofDiscord users

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1. 1. Profile PictureBy using the Inspect Feature inDiscord

This method can be used even without a bot or server. All you need is toView the profile ofThe user toGet their profile picture. Use the Inspect Element feature inDiscord Application toView the HTML code. This makes it much easier toGet any image on the discord. Follow the steps below toLearn how the Inspect Element works inDiscord:

  1. Open your DiscordDouble-click the shortcut to launch the application or search it using the Windows Search feature. Notification: You can also open it by simply opening inYour browser.
  2. Now, get moving toThe server or friend list, and click on their Profil icon. Click on the View ProfileThis will appear above the profile photo.
    Opening Profile ofUser
  3. Click the Ctrl + Shift + I Key Together on Your Keyboard toOpen the Check out the Element section inDiscord Application
  4. Now, click here Select an element iconAt the top, click on the mouse pointer with a box. Next, click on Profile Picture ofYou can always contact the administrator again.
    Selecting Profile Picture in Inspect Element

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  5. You can find the HTML code here ExpandThe class value toFind the URL ofCopy the image. Copy the URL ofOpen the image inThe browser.
    Locate the URL for the image
  6. Simply right-click on it Image and choose the “SaveImage” option toSave it.
  7. Double the value to increase the size. inURL The default value is 128It is possible to change it to 256. 512?, 1028 toIncrease the size. Notification: The quality of the profile picture depends on the image that was uploaded.
    Format and size changes inURL
  8. By default, the picture is saved as WebP. WebP can be converted toPNG, if you prefer PNG ofThe Photo that you downloaded. This is because this photo cannot be re-uploaded for discord profile picture in WebP format.

2. 2. Profile PictureUse the Discord Bot

Another way to save someone’s profile picture is by using the discord bot. There are many bots which provide the avatar feature. This method will be used by the Dyno Bot toDemonstrate the idea ofSetting up a profile picture ofAny user. The default picture you will see when you open the bot will be 256px.

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Notification: Use any bot that you have installed on your server to create avatars. On their site, you can find the command to that bot.

  1. Open your DiscordYou can double-click the shortcut, or search it through the Windows Search feature. Go now toThe ServerThere you’ll find both the Dyno botAnd the UserFor a profile photo. Notification: If you have your own server, just AddThe Dyno bot toThe server.
  2. Go! toThe Text channelType the CommandWith the username ofThis user is shown inThe screenshot.?avatar username
    Command toFind the avatar of a user
  3. It will bring up the user’s profile picture. Click on it and you will be taken to the user’s profile page. Open the original file inUse a browser
    Open the original image inThe browser
  4. In the browser, you can save it by right-clicking on the image and choosing the “SaveImage” option. You can also modify the SizeChange the last number inThe URL. Notification: The sizes work as follows 128. 256. 512And 1024.
  5. The photo will be saved inYou can find more information at PNGFormat on your system

Another discord bot you can use to get profile photos is Dank Memer Bot.

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