How to Download Netflix Movies to Watch Offline on Laptop

How to Download Netflix Movies to Watch Offline on Laptop

These days when the mornings are bustling and the nights are lonely and quiet, only Netflix can save us from overwhelming frustration and monotone. However, our internet bandwidth isn’t always at par with our mood.

Often, it so happens that whenever we want to watch a particular movie downloading speed becomes slow. But, here is an article that will guide you as to how to download Netflix movies using 9kmovies so that you can watch them later.

Did you know online live streaming of movies or shows consumes more data than downloading it? No wonder your daily data pack gets exhausted without you having any calculated idea about it. Also, if your internet is slow, you will get many disruptions such as buffering or playback issues. So, to avoid all of these, know how to download Netflix movies.

How to Download Netflix Movies?

Following are the steps which will guide you to download a Netflix show or movie and save them for watching later:

Supported devices

Here is a list of darmowe gry hazardowe bez logowania devices that permits downloading of Netflix’s latest version, which eases and refines your viewing experience:

  • iPod or iPad or iPhone, which runs 9.0 iOS
  • Android tablet or phone which runs Android 4.4.2
  • Amazon Fire tablet, which runs Fire OS 4.0
  • Windows 10 or 11

Downloading the Netflix app

Watching or live streaming movies or shows on Netflix doesn’t require an app download. You can use Chrome or any browser and then start streaming.

Otherwise, you will have to download the app available for running on the devices mentioned above. You should update the app. for doing that; you need first to click the start menu of your laptop, then click on the app icon of Netflix, and finally choose updates or download.

Setting up an account on Netflix

If you are yet to use a Netflix account for the first time, you can enroll for a free trial running for the first month. First, you will put your contact data, valid email address, and a usable credit card.

If you are not interested in Blueray or DVD mailings and only want to access streaming, the price is somewhere between $9 to $16 a month. The cost will vary according to the screen number it supports and the video resolution it provides.

If you enroll for a cheaper plan, you will have to be a little adjusting and compromise the streaming quality of the content. Also, it limits the number of people sharing the screen simultaneously. Offline viewing also has this device capping technique. If you buy the cheaper plan, then you cannot download the video on two machines. If your friend wants to download something, you will have to delete your download first.

Select quality preference

If you want to know how to download Netflix movies, you should select a quality preference.

Find the menu on the screen’s left side. Then, click on the app settings, followed by clicking on the video quality option under downloads. After this, you will have to either select high or standard quality.

If you enrolled in the basic plan, then you can’t opt for HD quality. But, if you selected the costlier service, then you can upgrade your choice.

Selecting a standard plan is wiser if you have a daily data limit; otherwise, go for a higher quality plan. The playback will also be the best version if you choose the higher plan.

Selecting the standard plan also curtails the storage problem. It helps you download the smaller version of the file in a short period. So, it also saves much of your time.

You can download 100 files per device as per your subscription plans.

Once you decide to delete your account, your downloaded videos also get deleted. The downloaded videos get saved on the app in your account and not on the laptop. Hence, deactivation or deletion of your account means you can no longer watch the downloaded content.

Searching for the movie or show

Did you know you cannot download every show or movie available on Netflix? The answer is no. Owing to the rights of streaming, some shows are not available for downloading and watching later. So, this is a necessary section to know about how to download Netflix movies.

First click on the Menu button, then selects the “Available for download” option. The shows which can be downloaded will have a downward arrow that shows that the user can download them.

However, at times, you might face difficulty in downloading. Check if someone else has downloaded something on the same account. If yes, then ask them to delete it.

Save for watching later

The content will start getting downloaded once you click the download icon. If the internet connection is strong, you can download it within a short period, and if it is low, it might take more than an hour. Your storage space should be adequate because a 90-minute video might eat up to 2 GB of your device storage.

Watching Netflix offline

This is the most exciting part of Netflix download features. Once the downloading is done, it doesn’t have a cap on the viewing time. You have a separate section called “My Downloads,” where you can find all the contents you downloaded earlier.

You can even delete the downloads to clear up space. However, if some movie or show becomes unavailable for streaming, it will become unavailable for download. So, always check the availability before downloading.

However, some videos have a cap as far as the number of downloading it a year is concerned. Otherwise, the rest of the process is easy.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know how to download Netflix movies and binge it later without worrying about buffering, then what are you waiting for?

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