How to Save Google Slides Objects as Images

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It is possible toExport objects, such as images or slides, from a Google Slides presentation, you might need toThere are a few ways to get around this. to do it. Of course, the process changes depending on the type of object you’re trying toSave. Here’s how.

Savings Slides as ImagesIn Google Slides

If you’re looking toExport and save a single slide from a Google SlidesPresentation asTo create an image, open your Google SlidesPresentation and choosing the slide that interests you toYou can save the slides menu to the right.

With the slide selected, click File > Download. You can save the slide as an SVG, JPG, and PNG image format.

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Choose the file format that you prefer to save your slide in from the “Download” menu. Choose one of the other formats. asThis will save the whole presentation as a PDF and not just the slide.

Click File > Download in Google Slides and select an image file format to save an individual slide as an image

This process will save the slide you’ve selected asAn image file toYou can save it to your computer and edit it later.

Exporting ImagesStarting at Google Slides

It isn’t possible toExport an image from a Google SlidesYou can also send it directly. You can copy it (right-click > Copy), but this won’tSave the image as a file directly.

Instead, you’ll need to save the image toYour GoogleTake notes. This will help you. toYou can directly access the image and save it. asImage file

Get out there and start exploring Google SlidesSlides containing images can be accessed by clicking on them. From there, right-click your image and then select “Save to Keep” at the bottom of the menu.

Right-click an image file in Google Slides and click Save To Keep to save it to your Google Keep notes

This will save your image asA note in GoogleKeep. Your Keep Notes will open automatically in tab menu on right. You can also save an image to the top.

The image can now be directly interacted with. Right-click it and then select “Save Image As” toSave it toYour computer.

Right-click and click Save Image As to save an image file from your Keep notes

Once you’re done, click the Google Keep icon again toClose the menu

Other Types of Objects Can Be Saved Google Slides

Exporting other types of objects, like charts, shapes, diagrams, or text, isn’t asIt is simple. Diagrams, as an example, can be created easily. asYou can manipulate groups of shapes or text. Google SlidesDirectly cannot be saved asImage file

Instead, you’ll need toTake a screenshot of your device using the Google SlidesPresentation in view.

The screenshot can be cropped in the image editor tool you choose. Slidesmenu) and then leaving the object that you are interested in toSave.

You can save the image with your object from this point and reuse it elsewhere.

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