How to convert photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad (3 Ways)

Images stored onYour iPhoneThese files can be found in a range of file formats (such as JPEG and PNG). These file formats can be used on most major platforms. But, there are some file formats that might not be compatible with all major platforms. toPhotos saved to PDFPaper-work documentation, classes, and other specific purposes.

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This guide will demonstrate 3 methods. to convert photo topdf on iPhone and iPad.

  • How to convertA picture to PDF on iPhoneUse Printer Options
    • Select Books onThe Share Sheet to turn a picture into a PDF
  • Save photos as PDFs on iPhone and iPadUse the Files app
  • Video: Convert images toShortcuts app to create PDFs

How to convertA picture to PDF on iPhoneUse Printer Options

  1. Photos Open onYour iPhone andTap Albums. Now tap Choose andYou can choose from one or several images.
  2. Tap Share.
  3. Choose PrintFrom the Share Sheet.tap on select choose photos tap on share and then tap on print in photos app on iphone
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  5. Using two fingers onThe photoPreview, pinch outwards toSave the photoYou can also use it as a PDF.pinch out thumbnail tap on share and select option to convert photo to pdf on iphone

Select Books onThe Share Sheet to turn a picture into a PDF

  1. Select the Photos andTap Share.
  2. Tap Books onThe Share Sheet. Swipe horizontally onIf necessary, the row of icons for apps.choose photos tap on share and then tap on books app on iphone
  3. The photos will automatically be saved. convert into a PDFFile andOpen in Books. It will be saved there.
  4. Tap the screen andThen tap the back arrow to go back.
  5. Next, tap More (three dots).tap on back arrow tap on three dots in books app on iphone

Learn more about Books in the full guide.

Save photos as PDF on iPhone and iPadUse the Files app

Files lets you quickly create PDFs. The problem is that the photoFiles should be saved. Continue with the next steps if images are already in Files. If the images are already in Drive, Dropbox or One Drive, you can continue with the following steps. See how it works. toThese third-party cloud services can be enabled within Files

Or toCopy the photos from Photos toFiles: Choose the Images inside Photos → tap Share button →Save toFiles.

Once that’s out of the way, here are the steps toCreate a PDFPhotos onThe iPhone.

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  1. Open Files andLocate the image.
  2. To convert a single image into a PDFThis is: Long press onThe image andChoose Creat PDF.long press on image and tap on create pdf in files app on iphone
  3. To convertMany images in PDFThis is:Tap Continue readingThree dots in a circle starting at the top of the page andTap onSelect. tap on three dots and then tap on select in files app on iphoneNow tap on multiple photos. Once you are done, tap More on the bottom right andChoose Creat files tap on three dots and then tap on create pdf on iphone

Files will be a PDFOut of these images. It will be saved at the same place as the original images. See our complete guide onUse Files toThis can be copied, moved, or shared PDF.

Video: Convert images toShortcuts App PDFs

We hope that this guide has been helpful. convertPhotos to pdf download onYour iPhoneOr iPad. While all three options are viable, my favourite is the Books app. This method will allow you to access the PDFIs quickly created andYou can keep it there for future reference.

You can also use third party apps such as PDFImage by Expert to PDFConversion is a Pro-feature


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