How To Connect Sound bar To TV 2023? Step-By-Step Guide

How To Connect Sound bar To TV 2023? Step-By-Step Guide

A high-end TV set might be the prime form of home entertainment, but that is only after you have managed to escape the horror of the setup. And nothing can compare to the challenges that the sound bar has you go through to have it work. Although the whole process looks like the simplest of tasks, and your job is to assemble the right cables to the right ports, sure you still find it baffling.

What method would work out for you among all the possible choices out there? Would a wireless connection bring you a screen time of higher quality, or a wired one would be more fitting of a choice? And do not get us start on the inaudible issue even after everything falls into their place and nothing seems to be the problem!

You are right; sound bar can be a pain in the neck. For that reason, we have put together the simplest guide on how to hook sound bar to TV set without spilling any sweat. What are you waiting for? Time to introduce yourself to new knowledge!

How To Connect Sound bar To TV?

Back in the day, getting good sound meant you have to take an amplifier. But in our cutting-edge world today, that is considered out of style and too complicated. A sound bar is a game-changer for you to handily get the desired sound effects with your high-resolution television.

The audio connection between sound bar and television may vary from one household to another, depending on the TV and sound bar they have. In general, there are four options:

Connect your sound bar to the TV with HDMI

Turn your TV around for a closer inspection. Do you happen to see any ARC-enabled HDMI port hanging around? Note that it cannot be anything else but ARC, HDMI ports are signature traits of modern-day TV sets, but only those with an ARC type are qualified for the sound bar connection process. This port comes with a clear “ARC” label right next to it, so if it is there, no way you can miss it.

When you have finished examining the TV set, see if your sound bar has a built-in HDMI OUT port. If you see one, go ahead and plug the HDMI cable into it, the other end goes to your TV’s ARC port. And voila! It’s done! That is how to link both devices together via HDMI.

Connect your sound bar to the TV with an optical cable

HDMI ports are a privilege that only high-end sound bar models are lucky enough to have. So, if yours are merely a standard one, and that part is nowhere to be found, consider trying an alternative, which is an optical cable.

All you need to do is to locate the position of the optical ports on both of your devices. They will be among the various ports serving several different purposes all electronic devices come with, taking after the form of a square encompassing a hexagon-like shape. Mistaking them for another is quite unlikely.

After that, just insert the optical cable into both ports, similar to the final step of the HDMI involved method.

Connect your TV with the sound bar via RCA

Somehow, all of the ports we listed are all missing from your TV and sound bar? Then your only choice is to go old school and turn to the one-time famous RCA cable for assistance.

You are all no stranger to this vibrant-colored connector, so we will not delve any deeper into this. But please keep in mind that all the plugs have to be inserted into sockets whose colors match theirs. Otherwise, the sound quality will be contorted beyond acceptable, or there would simply be no sound whatsoever.

Note: If even RCA is not a feasible solution, you can let your headphone jack handle the task instead. But think of this as a last resort only, something to get the job done when the other methods have all failed. The quality of the sound effect coming out of a sound bar linked to the headphone jack is just above average. Plus, you need to tone up the volume of your TV before in order to get the desired audio.

What To Do When The Sound bar Stay Mute?

A soundless sound bar is more common than you think. Any first-timer is likely to encounter it, leaving them with frustration and a bunch of questions as they all claimed to follow the guide thoroughly.

In this case, perhaps the issue is not the device but the installation itself. Double-check your work one more time to see if you mess up the order of the port and the connector, and rearrange them. It is also possible that you did not plug the connector properly – many people make this mistake.

The fact that your soundbar refuses to work can be attributed to the TV, actually. To fix it, go to the audio menu and change the settings from “TV speakers” to “optical,” “receiver,” or “external.” That ought to get it to start blasting straight away.


With that, this guide on how to connect a sound bar to TV has come to an end. TV Mates hope that it would come in handy for you if you are struggling with getting your TV set hooked up with the new sound bar in a proper manner. Now, it is time for you to get the work done and start enjoying your favorite shows with the highest quality of audio.

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