How to come up with the idea for your essay

idea for your essay

No matter how much you love to write, sooner or later the day will come when you need inspiration. I will argue with those who claim that inspiration is such a distant and elusive state. Inspiration is simply a part of being essay writing online by quality writers.

Every writer looks for inspiration to write an “inspired” text. Sometimes it comes in the most unusual of ways.

There are those days when you’re not into writing at all. Luckily, you can always get thesis help from professional writers and stop being stressed about your paper. But sometimes, you feel like you wanna write something decent but have no idea what to write about.

Here’s a compilation of the best sources of inspiration – some of them pretty obvious, others not at all. But having such a “reminder” is always helpful, and if you haven’t used these ways yet, it’s time to start.


There are many more great blogs about creative writing and everything in general to get idea for your essay. I love reading about things that help others – it inspires me to be proactive!


And this one is a favorite. I read books by writers I like, then I can borrow something from them, analyze their texts and get inspired by their depth and style. Fiction is my favorite read, but in general I “swallow” everything. If you usually only read books by some of your favorite authors, try diving into something completely different. You’ll at least find some fresh ideas.

Overheard Dialogue

If you are in a crowded place, in a park, in a mall, in a workplace, sometimes you unwittingly overhear someone’s conversation. It doesn’t come out on purpose, you just try to be quiet and listen carefully. I love listening to other people’s conversations. If you happen to overhear a piece of someone else’s conversation, try to write it down briefly, take at least a few notes. It is important to do it as soon as possible. If it is not written down in its entirety, it can serve as a source of inspiration for future works.

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Good magazines aren’t always full of great stories, essays, and sketches, but you can usually easily find at least one good article there – in the fiction or non-fiction genre. Their writing style, the author’s voice, rhythm, and ability to “walk” the reader from beginning to end of the text-if all the components of the article are fine, it is inspiring. Bad magazines, whose articles will not become role models, can also serve as sources of inspiration – there may be interesting stories or unexpected angles.


Sometimes a movie character can suddenly say something that makes me say, “That thought could make a great blog post!” or “I’ll definitely include a line like that in the text!” Sometimes screenwriters have really great dialogue. Great camerawork can be inspiring, too – a beautifully taken close-up or a wonderful landscape. Also, there are special movies that motivate you to write creative essays.


When people write on forums, they rarely worry about style or beauty (there are exceptions, of course). More often they write to communicate some information or share an idea. Nevertheless, those ideas can be interesting and inspiring. I don’t urge you to read tons of other people’s correspondence, but if you are looking for some information, you can look through a forum or two.


Art is a great source of inspiration for the writer who wants to be inspired to do great things. Of course, it doesn’t compare to watching art in its original form, but you can always put an inspiring image on your computer desktop and just contemplate. And it doesn’t have to be the classics – I’ve found inspiration in Japanese anime and performances by local artists in my town.


You can download and play great music – from Mozart to Beethoven, from the Beatles to Radiohead. Play music in the background; it will pick you up and carry you on waves of inspiration to the future text of your essay.

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Connecting with friends–in real life or online–inspires better writing. The best short stories can be written in a creative writing group during college (by the way, a great place to find such groups) because you read what you’ve written to each other, critique and make suggestions for changes. Other writers’ work inspires self-improvement.


I have no idea why this is, but quotes and aphorisms are inspiring. Search the Internet for different sites with quotes from the greats. Sometimes you can find a phrase that tells you how you can change your language, it motivates you to improve yourself.


No ideas for essay writing? Get out of your room and go for a walk to get idea for your essay. Turn off the sidewalks and walk through the grass, walk through the fields and hills. Look around at the beauty around you and let the inspiration flow through you. Sunsets and sunrises, of course, are also on my list of favorite nature scenes to lift your spirits. Anything that touches water in one way or another – oceans, rivers, lakes, rain, even puddles – is delightful.


This is going to sound corny, but great historical figures can inspire great accomplishments. For example, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Leonardo da Vinci.


Whether it’s a round-the-world trip or a day trip to a neighboring town, an escape from a familiar place, new acquaintances, and customs can serve as a wonderful source of inspiration. Use new places as a new lens through which to look at the familiar world.


Better thoughts come while you’re running. The quiet around you, the faster heart rate, the fresh air, the nature – it really stimulates the brain.


Write down everything you dream in the notebook that lays by your bed. Not because it could tell you anything about yourself, your past or your future, but because dreams go against the rules and reality, as if they were from the netherworld.

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Writer’s Notes

I highly recommend this to any writer. It doesn’t have to be your fantasy or diary entries. Fix thoughts, notes, scraps of conversation – so dialogues, ideas for a story, new characters will come together. Besides, such a “writer’s journal” can always be thumbed through if inspiration doesn’t come.


How can poetry inspire prose? At the very least, with its beauty, style, rhythm, wordplay, and musicality.

Reading Classical Literature

Do we need to comment here?


No ideas? Google to the rescue! In the search box, just type in what you’re currently writing an essay about, and you’ll find tons of great resources or some good services on reddit that will help you with your paper.

“Free Writing”

Just start writing. Anything at all. Don’t edit, don’t stop, don’t think. Just let go of the flow of words. In the end you’ll probably end up with a pile of garbage, but it will at least help remove the lock, at most it will reveal something worthwhile among the pile of garbage.


It’s almost like “free writing,” but instead of writing prose, you write down ideas. Just a bunch of chaotic thoughts. Speed and quantity are more important here than quality.


If you usually go to work one way, try another. If you usually wake up, get ready for work, and go, try getting up early and exercising or watching the sunrise instead. If you usually watch TV in the evenings, try reading or writing instead. Cheer up.


It’s an interesting thing for any writer to do. Go to a crowded place, sit down and observe. People will inspire you, surprise you, shock you. There is nothing more inspiring than life itself.

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