How to Combine PDF Files Into One? Simple Ways

How to combine two or more PDF files? This is much easier on Mac than on Windows. 

Editing PDF files can be very tedious because the Adobe format was designed to maintain a common standard for transmitting and displaying documents on various devices. Therefore, if we need to edit a PDF file, we most often use external tools or online websites. One of the challenges that people working with PDFs often face is the need to combine several documents into one, either to print them correctly or to send someone one rather than a dozen or so files. 

What should you do if you want to combine PDF files correctly?

How to Combine PDF Files – Is It Necessary to Install Additional Software?

As in the case of editing PDF files, there are two possible ways and we do not have to edit the PDF file using a program installed on our computer. If we want to combine two files, we can use a web browser and websites that allow us to do this. However, it must be remembered that in such a case we send the program to external servers, which in many enterprises may be considered as transferring confidential company data outside the company. 

Therefore, although PDF merging can be used, among others, Adobe website (without having to install their software) as well as websites such as iLovePDF or SmallPDF, it may usually be more convenient to use programs installed on your computer.

How to Combine PDF Files on a Windows Computer? 

Unfortunately, neither Windows 11 nor Windows 10 has a built-in PDF editor. Yes, we can preview the file in the Edge browser, but that’s all we can do with it there. If we want to combine two PDF files, we need a dedicated PDF software. Fortunately, there is a wide range of programs available on the market, both paid and free, thanks to which we can carry out such an action. 

As in the case of PDF editing, the SwifDoo PDF program will also work well when combining them, thanks to which we can easily and simply combine two or more PDF files into one. If we want, of course, we can also use paid options, the most famous of which is a tool provided by Adobe itself, i.e. Adobe Acrobat DC.

The free Adobe Acrobat module for combining PDF files can be found here below. 

  • After opening it, press the “Select File” button and select the PDF files to be combined.
  • The tool will display the selected files. You should specify the order in which the files are to be merged by grabbing the bold fragment on the left. So the content of which one should come first and which one later. Then press the Merge button.
  • The tool will start working, and after a very short while it will display a preview of the document and a button Download to save it to the user’s device memory.

How to Combine PDF Files on Mac 

Mac users have a much easier time combining PDF files. The system can handle this task on its own and no additional program is needed for this task. If we have MacOS Catalina or newer, we can use the Finder. 

All you need to do is select individual files and the “create PDF file” option will appear in the menu. This is a very simple and very quick way to create a new PDF file not only from existing PDFs, but also from images, documents or presentations.

In Closing

We deal with the PDF format almost every day. Unfortunately, popular programs such as Word do not always save files in the PDF extension. An even bigger problem occurs when we have several pages that we would like to merge into one PDF document. To do this, we can easily use the PDF merging program, such as SwifDoo PDF.

If you work with Portable Document Format (PDF) files every day, you may sometimes need to combine and merge PDF files into one PDF file that can be easily shared and viewed. Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of technology, file combining has become more accessible.

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