How to choose the best bookmaker in 2021


Choosing a bookmaker is an important moment for any player who knows the rules and who knows how to notice an elite bookmaker at all times. Below is a short list of criteria by which you can choose at the end of the day between one bookmaker and another.

  • The Welcome Offer is the one that brings you extra money to the amount you just decided to deposit into the game account. It may be accompanied by a promo code at some of the operators, but it is not a mandatory condition.
  • Ongoing promotions for active members also play an important role in choosing a bookmaker. They come with a double reason: to celebrate important moments (for example a campaign for the derby in the Championship of England) or to retain players who have been extremely active in a time frame.
  • Streaming services also contribute to the show. Otherwise, a live or prelive bet works if you can watch the game in your player account on a dedicated screen.
  • The variety of the offer can be a decisive factor in opting for one bookmaker or another. How many market options do you have for an important Champions League match? Can you look like you’re in the lower leagues? These are questions that a bookmaker with an extensive offer can answer.
  • Equally important are quotas. You can analyze over a period of time how the odds fluctuate from the main competitors in the Indian market, especially on the championships that interest you. This way you can choose the best bookmaker, the operator that meets the most eligibility criteria.
  • The interface is also extremely important, especially when we are dealing with both mobile players and desktop players. The speed of loading, the way of organizing the menus on the site, but also the sports highlighted in the menus are important criteria for the interface of the bookmakers that work flawlessly.
  • Country you live in-if you are not living permanently in India, it is essential to check if the ONJN-licensed bookmaker accepts players from other countries as well. See our sports betting recommendations in the UK and Germany.
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The game is very well regulated in our country, there is a list of all operators that have received operating license in India. The license is offered by the National Office for gambling, operators being forced to comply with all the rules drawn up by them. There are additional amounts of money that a player receives when they open an account with a bookmaker. They are forms of loyalty and may or may not be conditioned by a prior deposit.


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