How to Choose a Laptop For Online Learning?

Choose a Laptop

With many schools and colleges choosing to move online, students have had to contend with online learning. For some, this isn’t new; however, for others, there might be a need to adjust. One step towards getting ready for online learning is getting the right laptop. However, with many laptops available online, it might be overwhelming to choose. In this article, we discuss 5 important things to consider when you decide to Choose a Laptop for online learning.


5 Things to Consider to Choose a Laptop For Online Learning


1. Hard Drive- Choose a Laptop

While a laptop for college might have different specs depending on your program, a laptop for online learning should definitely have enough space. The reason is that, even though you’ll be learning online, you might still need to download the videos you watch or the software you’re trying to learn to run on your computer. Aside from the size of the Hard drive, you should also pay attention to the type of Hard drive. Today, we have SSDs and HDDs, so you should also take this into consideration. While the SSD is faster, it tends to cost more than the HDD.

2. Battery

Some online learning courses can take as much as 165 hours to complete. This might not be a problem if you always have access to a power outlet. However, things can become more of a challenge when you go on trips or you forget your charger at home. When shopping for a laptop, you might want to pay attention to not just the battery capacity, but how long it lasts. There are reviews on the internet you can consider before making a decision on a particular laptop. Some manufacturers, due to error in design, might produce laptops that should theoretically last 12 hours but then struggle to last 3 hours.

3. Keyboard size

Whether you’re watching a video or looking for the best website to buy essays, you’ll likely need to use your keyboard sometime. The size of a keyboard can play a significant role in how comfortable it is for you to type. If you find your keyboard to be the wrong size for you, your hands may develop injuries from typing for extended periods. The discomfort has forced some people to even return their laptops, so you might want to pay special attention to the feature before choosing a laptop.

4. Wireless

Some laptops come with slow and outdated Wi-Fi cards, so it can become really difficult to connect with internet hotspots. When learning online, you don’t want your laptop to constantly be dropping connections or needing to be very close to the source before you can browse the internet. A good laptop for online learning should give you a Wi-Fi card that is strong and reliable. As always, make sure to check reviews from reputable sites.

5. Temperature

A laptop gets hot with use. This is normal and should be expected. However, some laptops suffer from thermal design problems that could lead to them getting hotter than was originally designed, or that is tolerable. Connecting to the internet and other forms of activities are sure ways to raise the temperature of your laptop. There are some good laptops that come with proper thermal solutions, which you might want to consider. They usually cost more, but you should be able to find one for your budget.


A laptop is an investment that can last you for years to come. When trying to decide on the right laptop for you, don’t feel rushed. Always remember that proper research can save you a lot of money and time. Hopefully, the tips provided in this article have proven useful to you.

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