How to Boost Internet While Playing Mobile Games

Have you ever experienced extreme lags when playing online mobile games? We all know how frustrating it is to experience lags in the middle of an intense battle while your internet connection keeps loading — making you wish to have fast download and upload speeds for you to have a more seamless gaming experience. As you continue to read this blog, there is always something you can do to boost your internet speed without breaking the bank.

But before we get started, it is important to check first your internet speed to test properly when you’re lagging. You may use this as your starting point to compare the results and see if your internet speed has changed when you try each tip. Let’s take a look at the best ways to improve your internet speed when playing mobile games.

  • Restart Your Router

The first step to boost your internet connection is to restart your router. You can plug and unplug your router for at least 30 seconds. Check your internet connection when your router’s panel lights have all become green.

This cycle will reset your connection to your internet provider, and it will help you boost your internet speed. It can also aid in reducing lag and allow you to enjoy your mobile game without interruption. This can be done frequently to maintain your routers running efficiently.

  • Move Closer to the Router as You Can

The quality of the internet you receive will improve as you go closer to the router. The distance between you and your router will affect how quickly you can access the internet. Check your phone’s wifi signal symbol; if it says the signal is strong, you are in a good location.

It is best to centralize your router within your home and position it in an area not surrounded by thick concrete walls. Your router will be able to transmit the signal more equally around your home, which will boost your internet performance across your home.

That’s why it is important to keep your router in the best place for you to have a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. Remember, your router has a direct impact on the speed of your internet.

  • Closed Down All Apps Except the Game You Are Currently Playing

Your mobile phone uses the internet more when more apps are open. Your device will become heavy as there are a lot of applications open while playing your games.   That is why it is important to close all other mobile applications, as they also use your internet connection. 

Your phone will be able to prioritize the gaming app you’re playing since it is the only app connected to the internet. So for you to enjoy your gaming experience, only open the app you’re currently playing.

  • Aim for Low Latency

One of the common problems in online gaming is high latency, which makes players lose interest in their game. Network latency is the length of time it takes for data to go from its internet source to its destination. The connection speeds up as the latency decreases. It is important to keep in mind that latency has an impact on how responsive your internet connection is. 

A weak router or a bad internet connection can both contribute to high latency. Thus, to reduce latency, play games at lower settings, temporarily turn off updates and monitor your router’s and internet speed. 

If you’re having issues with latency, it’s best to switch to a more reliable internet provider like HughesNet Internet. With no network hiccups, you’ll have a fantastic gaming experience.

  • Play on a Local server

Being closer to the server will increase your internet speed. However, your connection speed will be slowed down if the server is far from your location. Gaming enthusiasts utilize a gaming server that may be located locally or internationally to play games online. Hence, it is important to choose a server in your country or close to your country to shorten the distance that the data must travel to reach your device.

Final Thoughts

Playing mobile games is great if you have a strong internet connection that can prevent you from experiencing lags and delays. Without no network interruptions, you can play your favorite games without any hassle. So, give these tips a try to boost your internet speed while playing mobile games.

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