How to Add HTTPS to Your Blog for security

Adding HTTPS protocol to your blog for security reasons is the best thing you can do to make your blog better. If you have HTTP it means that your blog is more prone to hackers and risky in terms of security. HTTPS provides the best form of security to your blog. Just like MSP Cyber Security protects the crucial data of your business, HTTPS works in a similar way. Do understand MSP security times and environment and more ways to enhance security.

Why should you add HTTPS?

Adding HTTPS protocol to a blog is well advised due to the following reasons

  1. It will help gain the trust of your audience which will result in more people visiting your blog as they are ensured that the website is safe.
  2. It will keep the conversation between the blogger and the audience safe from people with malicious goals.
  3. A visitor wanting to open your website will not be directed to a malicious site by fraud.
  4. Any information that a hacker attempt to edit will be notified to the blogger.
  5. Any private or sensitive information will remain safe.
  6. Google prefers websites that have the HTTPS protocol on their website by ranking them up in the results of search engines. Anybody searching about a topic your blog covers will see yours when it will be ranked up.

How to add HTTPS to your Blog?

An HTTPS can be added through an SSL Certificate like Wildcard SSL Certificate. If you obtain an SSL Certificate for your blog website the HTTPS protocol will be added to your website. An SSL Certificate ensures that all information on your website or any communication between two parties is completely encrypted, only to be decrypted by the rightful owner. Get Cheap SSL Certificate from the trusted Certification Authority to add HTTPS on your website for security.

If you have a blog on Blogger, this is how you can add HTTPS to it:

  1. Update your blog
  2. On the menu, click Settings.
  3. Click on Basics
  4. Look for ‘HTTPS’ and ‘HTTPS Redirect’, and select yes.


Is HTTPS available on Blogger?

To add HTTPS on Blogger, you need to update your blog. Select settings and go to basic. Select ‘yes’ on HTTPS and HTTPS Availability.

How do you find out if a website is secure?

Knowing if a website is secure or not is an easy method. Check if there is HTTPS written instead of HTTP next to the website’s name. Other than that you can look for the padlock sign as well.

Why is HTTP not secure?

HTTP is not secure as the data shared between two people for example a website and its customer is not encrypted. If it is not encrypted it is highly likely that it will fall into the hands of people with wrong intentions.

Final Words

Adding HTTPS to your blog is an easy and fast method. You need to make sure that your blog is secure due to your security as well as the security of your audience. Other than that it is important to gain a large audience and establish a relationship of trust that is only achievable by adding HTTPS to your blog for security.

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