How Is The Crypto Accountant Helpful For Filing Your Tax?

Income Tax Return is the unique form in which the taxpayers will declare their taxable deductions, income as well as Tax payments. It is the common procedure for the income on Tax returns. Amount of Tax that needs to go to the Government as the income Tax would be easily calculated. 

When you’ve paid more tax than required for the financial year, then you would be refunded by the income Tax department. You could also be paying the penalty for the underpaid Tax for the year. In the modern day, people have started to use cryptocurrency for their transactions across the globe. 

These are also hassle-free methods of transaction without any hassle. Getting the appropriate guidance from the Binocs would be a suitable option. It helps you to easily file your income tax returns.

Blockchain Impact On The Tax:

Based on a recent report, the worldwide spending on blockchain solutions will increase to more than 15.9 billion. With the advancement in blockchain technology, it is quite an amazing option for easily making quick transactions even without any hassle. Audit and assurance services remain essential as the blockchain business applications, along with the new accounting technology also created a huge impact on Tax payments. 

Seeking Best Crypto Accountants:

Normally, the accountants are quite experts in record keeping, and they would accurately navigate through the complex rules in a much more hassle-free manner. Accountants are also well versed in the business logic along with the regulatory standards. For easily improving efficiency, there is a surge in innovative technologies, which would ultimately open the doors for accountants to easily develop a powerful blockchain-based solution. 

Accounting professional team is also well versed in the technical blockchain development abilities. They would completely understand all the fundamental ways of implementing blockchain solutions. Adopting blockchain is a suitable option for

  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • reduction in financial and auditing errors
  • Increased efficiency
  • Resource and cost reductions
  • Fraud elimination
  • Manages dispute resolution between key stakeholders

Tax On Crypto:

Union Budget On February 1st stated that the Government of India has decided to impose a 30% tax on income based on the cryptocurrency from the new financial year. It would be about 1% TDS on crypto transactions which start from July 1st. 

Indian exchanges also get the right reason to cheer. The government recently disregarded demand to lower the TDS rate to 0.01% or 0.05%. 

Normally, tax on crypto in India has been introduced by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, which came out with the long-awaited clarifications on the application of the Tax on the cryptos. The exchange will have to deduct 1% TDS on assets in the pair. Tax deducted is converted into Bitcoin, Ethereum or even the Stablecoins.


Many companies have been scrambling to reap the major benefits of distributed Ledger technologies. The main reason is that they play an important role in easily moving the financial systems completely underpinned by the high-end blockchain technology. Crypto exchanges have been widely trimming costs as well as laying hundreds of employees in the trading volumes.

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