How Christianity Can Give You Strength In Life 


How Christianity Can Give You Strength In Life 

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Everyone in this fallen world has challenges (ranging from health crises and financial troubles to lose and broken relationships). 


Nonetheless, as a Christian, you have access to the Holy Spirit, who, if you seek God for help, will enable you to overcome whatever challenges you face. Here are six ways to get strength from God in every situation. 


Never Assume You Can do it Alone. 

God will always send His angel to assist you at your lowest. That angel might be a word, a song, or a simple gesture. But be assured that he will always reach out and encourage you to continue your journey. 


You must never try to live in Christ by yourself. Especially in Christianity, It is always wise to turn to God in times of difficulty, knowing that His power will pull you up. 

By Reading And Meditating On God’s Word 

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Spend time with God frequently through prayer and Bible reading. During difficult times, the Bible is essential for staying close to God. 


Always pour your prayer requests to Him, knowing He is constantly listening and caring. 


But, instead of persuading God to do what you want, try to be sure you’re asking God to do what He thinks is best for you. 


Make it a habit to ask the Holy Spirit to help match your prayers with God’s plans for your life. 

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 Instill Biblical truth in your spirit by regularly reading, studying, and reflecting on the Bible. 


Do you feel as though you’re in desperate need of hope? Maybe. But God already knew, which is why He sent us Jesus Christ, our Living Hope. 


There’s nothing like it! Studying the Bible and spending time in God’s Word can help us remember our Living Hope daily. 


Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy, he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ for the dead.” 1 Peter 1:3 


By Trusting the Lord and Having Faith 




It’s easy to lose faith in ourselves and any potential outcome in our lives when things don’t go according to plan. 


That is what failure will do to you. It’s easy to lose hope and even faith when we encounter life’s great disappointments. 


Faith is based primarily on the expectation of good things. It goes beyond wishful thinking. While great optimism is in the head, faith is rooted in the heart and spirit. 


And while life might be difficult at times, faith is the inner knowing that things will improve. 


Faith is when you can’t see the entire staircase but take the next step anyway. Simply put, without faith, life would be meaningless. 


As a result, faith is as crucial as the oxygen we breathe. Faith nurtures the heart and spirit like oxygen nourishes the body. The life force runs through every fiber and cell in our bodies. 

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Every muscle and thinking thread contains it. Whatever doesn’t kill you strengthens you. 


Yes, self-doubts may creep in to put you to the test. Never, however, lose faith. A person without faith is comparable to a stream without water; without it, they would perish. 


Through Prayer 




When we are weak, in need, or afraid, we can approach God through prayers, asking him to help us. 


Talking to God regularly when things are going well will help you gain confidence in contacting him when things are going badly. 


God listens and answers to our sincere pleas, even if it is the only time we seek him. But how much simpler could this get when we prayerfully share our lives with him. 


Instead of asking “Why?” ask “How?”  

God may or may not choose to reveal why a particular hardship has been allowed to enter your life. So, if you question Him, “Why?” you might not get a response you understand right now. 


When you ask God how you can best respond to the adversity you’re going through, you’ll get a different answer. As you go through the issue, He will frequently disclose some of the practical goals He wants you to achieve. 


Ask God how He wants to use your difficulties to bring you closer to Him and help you complete more of the purpose He has given you for your life on Earth. 


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Instead of Trying to Avoid Suffering, Seek to Learn and Grow Through it.  




Accept that adversity will inevitably enter your life (like it does for everybody) whenever God permits it. Instead of trying to avoid it, ask God to use it for good in your life. Ask Him to help you see your suffering through the perspective of how it promotes His purpose in your life. 


In Conclusion  

You can always turn to God for help when you need it. This is not a challenging task. It takes faith, trust, and prayer.  


But the more you draw strength from God, the easier it becomes. When faced with life hardships, you can turn to God and seek him out. God is a source of strength for anyone. 








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