17 DIY Picture Frames

Make a unique DIY Picture frame made from recycled materials such as old books or Scrabble pieces that were added to a photo thegoneapp.com. There is no better way to display your cherished photos than to create a handmade piece with one of these materials DIY Pictures frame ideas Make your home more beautiful DIY These easy and fun home décor ideas will help you preserve your memories.

16 DIY Picture Frames

These beautiful Do It Yourself photo frames will make a great addition to your home. DIY rustic home décor.

1. DIY Wooden Picture Frame

Shanty 2 Chic


Do you get fed up with a plain white, boring picture frame? You can make your own picture frame using this easy tutorial. All you need are some fun and colorful washi tapes and scissors. A plain picture frame is all you will need. You can now make your own picture frames by following the tutorial.

2. Picture Frame with old books

via Better Homes & Gardens

Been wondering what to do with all those nice old hardcover books you just can’t make yourself part with? What about the shoebox of photos you would love to put in a frame but just can’t seem to get around to doing? This creative DIY This project will resolve both of these problems. These picture frames can be made from old books. They will display your books creatively. Cool upcycling and craft idea using repurposed materials DIY Decorating on a Budget

Upcycling Project Ideas | DIY Picture Frame #diy #crafts

3. Photo Transfer to Wood

I love this vintage look! DIY Picture frame, and you’ll be too. This is especially true when you see how simple it is to achieve this look with little effort and very little money. This Do It Yourself tutorial teaches you how to distress rustic frames using wood pallets or wood. Mod Podge is also used. DIY Vintage photos

via DIY Joy

Cool Crafts for Teens | DIY Country Home Decor | Mod Podge Photo Transfer | DIY Projects and Crafts from DIY JOY #diy #crafts

4. DIY Picture Frame with Twigs

via HGTV

Upcycling Ideas | DIY Picture Frame Designs #diy #crafts

5. Washi Tape Picture Frame

Bomb Shell Bling

Washi Tape Craft Ideas | DIY Picture Frame Designs #diy #crafts

6. DIY Picture Frame with Clothespins

Through Simply Kiersten

DIY Projects with Clothespins | DIY Photo Frame #diy #crafts

If you’re into having chill vibes aesthetics in your room you can definitely go ahead and create this really cute, really chill picture frame with clothespins. It’s very easy to make. You only need a wood pallet, 2 pieces of wood, clothespins and vinyl lettering. Check out Simply Kiersten’s blog for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own Picture Frame with Clothespins

7. DIY Lamp Picture Frame

via That’s What Che Said


You can make a beautiful picture frame for your living room. Here is a tutorial from That’s what she said on how to create your own Lamp PictureFrame. It’s really elegant to put up on your house. Gorilla glue or super glue are all you need. You also need 2 sheets of 8.5×11 Vellum, a printer, family photos and 4 to 5 x7 frames. Make your own by checking it out!

8. Homemade Picture Frame with a Burlap Bow

Shanty 2 Chic

Upcycling Project Ideas | DIY Picture Frame with Burlap Bow #diy #crafts

Make your Christmas picture frames festive! Make your own Picture Frame with a Burlap Bow It’s really easy to make and it is really inexpensive too. A burlap ribbon, twine, metal clips and gorilla wood glue are all you need. You can make your own Homemade by following the Shanty 2 Chick’s step-by-step tutorial. Picture Frame with a Burlap Bow

9. Mason Jar Vase Picture Frame

From Home stories A-Z

Mason Jar Craft Ideas | DIY Picture Frame Designs #diy #crafts

Here’s a really cute idea that you can make with the use of old vases or a mason jar. This step-by-step tutorial by Home stories A-Z will show you how to make your very own Mason Jar Vase. Picture  Frame. All you need is a mason jar or a vase, orchid plants, a paintbrush, vinyl shape or sticker or picture, painter’s tape, and spray paint.

10. DIY Yarn Photo Frame

via Call me Mama Leisha

DIY Cheap and Easy Picture Frames | Craft Ideas with Yarn #diy #crafts

Make your own Yarn Photo frame to decorate your home. It’s really easy to make and it will not cost you much to make one too. You will need some yarn, glue gun, glue stick, and an old frame. This step-by-step tutorial by Call me Mama Leisha will show you how to create your own photo frame using yarn. It can be decorated with any design that you like.

11. DIY Picture Frame Window Door

via I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Easy Upcycling Projects | Old Window Picture Frame #diy #crafts

This creative picture frame can be made from old windows. This will make a lovely display in your living room. Follow the instructions from Am Momma, Hear me Roar to make your own picture frame with a window. A window frame can hold 4-6 frames so you can get creative.

12. DIY Photo Frame with Maps

via Alyssa B. Young

Quick and Easy Crafts | DIY Picture Frame with Maps #diy #crafts

A picture frame made from maps can be a great way to remember your travels. Alyssa A. B. shares her tutorial. Young teaches you how to make your own. PictureA frame made from old maps. You will need old maps, old frames and glue sticks.

13. Picture Frames Old Newspapers

Saved By Love Creations

Upcycling Craft Ideas | Easy DIY Picture Frame Designs with Newspaper #diy #crafts

If you don’t know what to do with those old newspapers that you never throw away. Here’s a cute DIY Save by Love Creations: Create a picture frame from old newspapers Take a look at the tutorial and make your own. Picture Frame with old newspapers. You only need glue sticks, glue guns, cardboard and newspapers.

14. Home State DIY Picture Frame

Through Home Ideas Deco

Easy Craft Ideas | DIY Picture Frame Home State Projects #diy #crafts

15. 15. Picture Frames

Circuit Holiday

Easy Craft Ideas | DIY Picture Frame Home State Projects #diy #crafts

16. DIY Picture Frame with Scrabble Pieces

Save by Design

Easy DIY Projects | DIY Photo Frame Crafts #diy #crafts

17. Tutorial on Printed and Framed Chalkboard

Dear Lillie Blog

These are some great ideas for a chalkboard that can be custom printed. This guide will show you how to make the chalkboard as well as the frame.

DIY Chalkboard Frame Tutorial | Creative Home Decor Projects #diy #crafts

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