30 Unbelievably Awesome Christmas Card Photo Ideas for 2021

Grab your cameras and festive sweaters! It’s time to take that perfect family photo you can proudly share with your friends and family on this year’s ChristmasCards It can be difficult to capture the right moment for the perfect photograph, but we are confident that you can. Whether you’re hoping to capture smiling faces staring back at the camera, something a bit more candid, or a funny staged shot — here are a bunch of great ideas forFor your browsing pleasure. They are all over the internet.

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But who’s got time forThis?

The holiday season tends increase the number of things to do. Which is why we’ve decided to do the leg work forYou. Looking far and wide for some of the internet’s greatest ChristmasCard photo ideas, they were brought right to you.

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2021 has really kicked our butts (picking right up where 2020 left off), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still enjoy what’s left of this year. Holidays are the best part of the year! Take it all in! ChristmasFamily photos are part of the fun. So, if you’re taking your own ChristmasPhotos for this year (helllloooooo self timer! These delightful ideas will help you get in the holiday spirit!

Are you looking for ways to enjoy the holiday season indoors, while also enjoying social interaction? We’ve got you covered with this list of 33 ways to do just that!

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A note on quality.

Before you send your family ChristmasSend your photo to the printer and double-check that the image quality has been maintained. Just because it looks great on your screen — doesn’t necessarily mean it will print that way. Make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi. (See: Tips to make your card stand out.

30 Awesome ChristmasIdeas for card photos

The following list of amazing family photos will inspire you to get excited about your family photographs ChristmasCard photo ideas (courtesy the world of Pinterest).

1. 1.

Matching aprons with sweet cookies forYou win! The photo shoot can be made much more enjoyable by using this method for everyone involved- especially the kids — is to have some sort of activity they can partake in while the photographer (or a series of self-timers) takes the photos. It’s a great idea to have the children decorate cookies and bake them. Make sure that the area is well lit. (Notice how the lighting in the photo is even without harsh shadows).

2. Getting cozy under a blanket

Your ChristmasYour family photo can be used to create cozy cards. Take a picture of everyone sharing one blanket outdoors. This is the perfect time to use a family quilt. If not, you can go forThis red color is a great example of vibrant colors.


3. Squishy Cheeks

Delight your entire Christmas card list with your baby’s adorable squishy face. This photo is easy to recreate — all you need are two kisses and one set of adorable baby cheeks. You can even make this happen without any extra help — just make sure whatever camera (or phone) you use, the image quality is high enough to print well.

My life and my kids

4. Cozy pajama party

Matching PJs ChristmasTrees! What could be more joyous? This is an easy way to tie the entire picture together. The PJs are adorable! You can choose to wear a traditional plaid, or you could spice it up with these adorable gingerbread PJs. Whatever you choose — just keep them matched up and your family ChristmasThe town will talk about your photo.

By a little trend setter

5. A Florida snowman

Ok, so maybe you’re in Hawaii and not Florida. If you reside anywhere, forThis is a mid-December beach day ChristmasPerfect photo idea forYou can. Just add some holiday themed props like Santa hats, and you’ve got yourself a ChristmasPhoto

via Istock

6. Silent Night

You want to make your family and friends laugh this holiday season? This humorous take on Silent Night is sure to make everyone laugh.

via craft mart

7. Modern simplicity

No one says you must stick with the same people. ChristmasTheme? Nobody. You can keep it simple and modern if you prefer a more relaxed family atmosphere. Modern family photos can be arranged in a pattern or color scheme that doesn’t require matching of items. The family decided to use a casual plaid theme, which created a family photo that felt cohesive and not too stuffy. The modern vibe is enhanced by a simple backdrop such as this.

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8. An approach that does not involve humans

Your furry friend could be the baby of your house. If you’d rather show your friends and family the little fella on your Christmas cards this year — go forIt’s amazing! This photo is beautiful! We love the light and sparkle in the background. Just add an ornament and you’re good to go.

9. Twinkling ChristmasPhoto

It is not uncommon to spend less than you should. As is the case in this Christmas photo idea… A couple of joyful faces backdropped with an overflowing amount of twinkling lights. The background is important. Try to put up as many Christmas twinkle lights you can, shine a very soft light on the smiling faces and don’t forget the Santa hats!

10. A creative perspective

A photo of a tiny foot is a favorite! If you’d like to try something a bit more creative with your ChristmasThis year’s cards are so cute! A shoe shot with tiny booties is the best way to say CUTE. This is the ChristmasThe lights in this photo add a nice touch. This picture is full of seasonal vibes. We also love the bright pops of color provided by the leg warmers.


11. 11.

Props can help you create the perfect look. Christmasphoto The tiny red car has a tiny engine. ChristmasTree is too adorable for words. You can stick with the small one. Christmas cards this year — a photo like this will surely be a winner. Don’t forget the adorable baby hat and snow. There’s something extra magical about the reflection of each snowflake so be sure there’s snow in your picture — even if you have to create it yourself.

Red Tricycle

12. Snow kisses

Always enjoy playing and having fun forThese are the best photos. This before-and-after photo is our favorite. This picture can be recreated with fake snow, real snow, or any other type of confetti. Don’t forget the festive background!

via Harvard Homemaker

13. Christmas lights & couples

For a brand new family of two — the first ChristmasCard is a huge deal. This romantic and festive approach to couples shooting is a favorite. A simple prop like ChristmasPhotos can be enhanced with lights. Make sure that you have a way of plugging them in to make their colors glow. Take a series of photos like this and then use a multi-photo. Christmas card or pick your favorite photo & highlight it with a simple photo ChristmasCard

Sweetest Occasion

14. Ornaments & babes

You can include a photo in almost any other picture. ChristmasTree ornaments and ornaments are considered a Christmasphoto Take an action photo near your family to capture the bonding. for a lovely ChristmasCard. If you’re keeping a low profile this year and social distancing, this option is great since you can do it yourself at home just about any time.

15. Simplicity

Don’t feel like you have to get all sorts of creative just to capture the perfect family ChristmasPhoto. This is an excellent example of a simple approach. Avoid using a background with many colors. Include the family pup — because that’s always a favorite. Consider using a step stool. forKeep the faces of the children in the same place.

via thegoneapp.com

16. ChristmasDecorating

Make sure the children are dressed in matching PJs, and take the camera with you to capture the magic of decorating. ChristmasTree begins. Proper lighting is key to photos. As many as possible are needed to achieve the same magic as the photo. ChristmasThe more lights you have, the better! A soft light can be directed at the children as they decorate the tree. You can keep the magic in their eyes lit and give them a magical feeling all around with twinkle lights.

via Istock

17. ChristmasBabe

The little ones make the funniest of faces so if you can manage to capture one such reaction — you’ll get what is sometimes called ‘the money shot’. Make sure you create a cozy environment and light it well, including the background. You can try to stage a photo just like this one — perhaps if the book is engaging enough — or simply try to have the little one play with something until you capture the perfect photo.

via thegoneapp.com

18. Photoshop with the jokes

We’re dreaming of… buckets full of snail mail! If your family appreciates a good joke here and there — you could take this year’s ChristmasCard opportunity to share some laughter with your family and friends. This simple image with some thought bubbles makes a great example. Upload your image onto a blank canvas card. Make sure that the quality is excellent.


19. Take Action

Nothing says “Nothing” ChristmasIt’s like picking the perfect shirt. Christmastree. Especially great if this is one of your family’s beloved ChristmasTraditions It is possible to stage the photo yourself or bring your photographer. forThe trip.

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20. The family dog

There’s something truly special about the bond between a little babe and the family pup. The two children. It’s as easy as posing them side-by-side ChristmasTree making forA very magical photograph. A cozy blanket and a candle can be added to make this a truly magical photo. forIt is a good idea.

21. 21. Cute. Cute. Cute.

There’s nothing too difficult here. Simple background to create a relaxing moment forPerfect first Christmasphoto

via youtube

22. A baby & a Christmas tale

A glimpse into the future… finals week. A simple way to capture the magic. ChristmasAll in one image Take a photo of your sleeping babe and share it with your favourite photographer Christmas words.

via thegoneapp.com

23. Christmas mischief

If you’re looking to add a little humor to your Christmas cards this year — this idea is perfect. You’ll probably need an extra hand or two to help stage this one.

via My Life & Kids

24. 24. Christmas

If you can figure out how to re-create this scene — all the power to you. This will be a hilarious scene that the kids will enjoy.

via Farrell Photography Sacramento Wedding photographer

25. 25. ChristmasGift

Simple but adorable ChristmasPhoto. Put your little one in a small red box and don’t forget the Santa hat! Light it up ChristmasThe tree in the background is key to this photograph being so magical.

via Babble

26. Santa’s Gift

Too precious. To recreate the magic, work with a professional Christmasphoto

via thegoneapp.com

27. I saw mommy kissing…

ChristmasFamily photos look great outdoors with natural light. This action shot with mistletoe is our favorite. We love the red matching hats!

via Lipgloss & crayons

28. Every day captured

No one says you need to travel to the top to get the perfect experience. ChristmasFamily photo? You don’t. It’s more than enough to capture your family enjoying happy moments together. We love the idea and execution of a family dance party. forThe ChristmasFamily photo. This might be one of our favorites ChristmasIdeas for card photos yet

29. Dear Santa

Use a chalkboard & get creative!


30. Photo of a family facing back

This ChristmasThe ideal card photo idea for families that don’t particularly love being in front of the camera. It captures the family in all its loving glory, without forcing them to pose or jumping through hoops. Although it may not be the most obvious idea, it is very effective. Don’t forget to include the dog!

Not enough? ChristmasAre you looking for ideas for cards photos?You are welcome!

Do you want to create your family photo in a real? ChristmasWhat is a card?

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