Say ‘Happy Birthday’ in Spanish: Best Wishes and Great Quotes

3139 happy birthday in spanish“Happy Birthday” inSpanish

Learning a new language can be fun as well as difficult because the literal translation doesn’t work the same inReal people talking to you. You might discover many differences. inBirthday greetings for someone fluent in English inSpanish

That special day is approaching for the Spanish speaker you love. and you’re not quite sure of the best way to wish them a special day? You might need to know how to make your loved ones happy. Birthday inFor the first time in this year, a Spanish-speaking environment Clozemaster cites.

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  • Feliz cumpleaños – this is the literal translation of “happy birthday” inSpanish

  • Feliz cumpleCumple is a colloquial way to say birthday. andThis is a widely-used term inSpanish-speaking people. So if you’re aiming to say “happy birthday” inSpanish inA more informal approach andYou can use this alternative to be more friendly.

  • Felicidades – felicidades literally means congratulations, but is widely used as a substitute for “feliz cumpleaños”. It is an emphatic expression. and emotional way to say “happy birthday” inSpanish

  • FelicitacionesThis can be translated to greetings or congratulations. But this is slightly nuanced. andIt is formal and so it is less common than the other three greetings.

Happy Birthday! inSpanish

This is the easiest way to wish a happy birthday in Spanish is by using the expression ¡Feliz cumpleaños! It is literal. However, this is not the only thing you should say, so apart from saying ¡Feliz cumpleaños!, make sure to add one or two simple phrases to say what your wishes are, for example: “Te deseo lo mejor” (I wish you the best), “Que Dios te bendiga” (God bless you), “Que cumplas muchos más” (May you have many more), “Espero que disfrutes de tu día especial” (I hope you enjoy your special day) andSo on.

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Reglal (gift) is another important word to remember, especially when planning a party. and PIÑATA, the last being a traditional toy inParties inSome Latin American countries There’s a lot more vocabulary. andYou can learn phrases, but it is now time to start reading. andListen to two more conversations about birthdays inSpanish


While there are many methods to search online for Spanish to English interpretations of upbeat birthdays, most people don’t know that there are so many. Google interpret is an official tool that converts English birthday wishes to Spanish.

1. Spanish ¡Feliz día! Esperamos que pases un día muy feliz en compañía de amigos y familiares.

(Birthday greetings!) We wish you a wonderful day with all of your friends andFamily)

2. Spanish Dios bendiga tu cumpleaños! Que tus sueños se conviertan en realidad.

(We wish you a happy birthday!) All your dreams may come true

3. Spanish Felicitaciones en tu cumpleaños. Te deseo la mejor de las suertes y mucho éxito.

(Congratulations! All the best to you. andEvery success

4. Spanish Quisiéramos enviar nuestras felicitaciones . Muchas felicidades!

We would like to extend our congratulations. We wish you much happiness!

5. Spanish ¡Feliz aniversario a una persona maravillosa!. Que tengas salud y felicidad.

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(Happy anniversary to a wonderful person. May you have good health always andBe happy

Asking “When is your birthday?” inSpanish

To ask people “when is your birthday?” inSpanish we can use two questions “¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?” and also “¿Cuándo cumples años?”. The phrase “my birthday is” corresponds to “Mi cumpleaños es + fecha”. To return the question and ask for someone’s birthday in Spanish, you can use “¿Cuándo es el tuyo?” (When is yours?). Find out how to answer one of these questions. andThe expressions were used inPlease read the following.

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Happy Birthday inSpanish with an e-greeting card

Dios bendiga tu cumpleaños! Que tus sueños se conviertan en realidad.

Translation: Happy Birthday! All your dreams will come true.

candles and cakes 2

¡Ojalá! Que este día de cumpleaños sea especial y maravilloso! Besos y abrazos de!

Translation: Oh! This is a very special birthday. Sending you kisses andHugs!

candles and cakes 3

¡No hay nadie como tu! Deseo que todos tus sueños se conviertan/hagan realidad.

Translation: No one is like you! All of your dreams are possible, my heart.

candles and cakes 4

Quisiéramos enviar nuestras felicitaciones . Muchas felicidades!

Translation: We wish to send you our best wishes. Many blessings!

happy birthday 5

¡Feliz día! Esperamos que pases un día muy feliz en compañía de amigos y familiares.

Translation: Happy Birthday! We wish you a happy day with your friends andFamilies.

happy birthday 6

¡Feliz cumpleaños! En un dia tan especial como este, te deseo que tengas suerte, felicidad, y que se cumplan todos tus deseos.

Translation: Happy birthday! On a special day like this, I wish all of you luck and happiness.

happy birthday 7

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¡Feliz cumpleaños a alguien que su presencia es siempre un placer. Que cada dia sea tan especial como hoy.

Translation: Happy birthday to someone who is always pleasant. Every day should be as memorable as today.

happy birthday 8

Que Dios te bendiga en tu cumpleaños. Te enviamos nuestro amor.

Translation: May God bless your birthday. All of us send our love.

sparkling cake 9

Te deseamos un muy feliz y alegre Cumpleaños

Translation: We wish all of you a very happy day. and joyful Birthday

sparkling cake 10

Te enviamos deseos de cumpleaños llenos de amor y cariño

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Translation: We send birthday wishes filled full of love. and affection

sparkling cake 11

Le deseamos toda la suerte y el éxito en su cumpleaños

Translation: We wish everyone all the best andYou will be a successful birthday girl

sparkling cake 12

¡Felices años! Que te diviertas un montón.

Translation: Happy birthday! I wish you a great time.

Birthday celebrations andTraditions inSpanish

The birthday traditions inSpanish is not that different from other countries where English is spoken. They throw birthday parties and bake cakes. andGifts for the birthday person

There is one popular birthday tradition. and known as ” quinciañera “. This is a special celebration for a girl who turns fifteen. This birthday celebration or quinciañera marks the event of turning a girl into a woman.

If you are searching for a birthday song then there is no one equivalent to our English “Happy Birthday to You” song. Joy can be expressed in many songs andHappiness on a birthday. Sometimes, these songs sound like Happy Birthday songs. This is because the tune or music is similar. You can also take a look at this song CUMPLEAÑOS FELIZ for the pronunciation of Feliz cumpleaños when singing, according to Happy Birthday 2 All.

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