What Gemstones are Green? 5 Popular Green Stones & Their Meanings

Green has always been a fascinating colour. It is loved by many people around the globe for many reasons. It is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Second, it symbolizes life and renewal. It’s also attached to a feeling of fresh energy and reminds us of nature. People find green to be very soothing because of its psychological association with the outdoors.

The most diverse range of colored gemstones is green. Moreover, green gemstones are among the most rare and costly stones one can add to their collection.

While not all stones are formed in the same way, it’s thought that green gemstones are so coloured due to traces of chromium, vanadium or iron being present while forming.

While most of us are all naturally drawn to green, there also happens to be over 100 different kinds of green gemstones. There are many options for each of these gemstones, ranging in price and features. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular stones that glitter in green.

List of Green Gemstones



Of all the precious green gemstones, emeralds are undoubtedly the most popular. They’ve been used for centuries already, with the famed Egyptian Queen Cleopatra well-known for wearing them. In Egypt, emeralds were used in burial rituals. Mummies have been found with emeralds to allow them to enter the afterlife.

Emeralds are a member of the beryl family of gemstones. The most important factor in determining the value of an Emerald is its colour. This is just like other precious stones. The stone’s colour will determine its value. It is more valuable the darker it is. Nearly every emerald has some type of inclusion. Most of these can be compared to moss-like threads. These are named ‘jardin’, after the French word for garden. It is rare to find a well-cut emerald with no inclusions.

It’s not uncommon for emeralds to be treated and fractures filled to deepen the colour and increase the stability of the stone. The inclusions can make the stone vulnerable to cracks and chips due to their weakness. As a result, jewellers don’t advise that emeralds be used in jewellery that requires high durability, such as rings. Emeralds can be worn in necklaces and earrings, instead.

Emerald meaning & properties

Historically, Ancient Romans and Greeks dedicated emerald to Venus, the goddess of love. They believed that it would protect their love from unfaithfulness. Emeralds are a symbol for eternal love and are a popular choice in engagement and wedding rings.

In terms of healing properties, emeralds are known to heal emotion love and the physical heart.

Special occasions:

  • May birthstone
  • 55th wedding anniversary gemstone


Green peridot tumbled gemstones

Peridots are fascinating gemstones because they’re formed in the most unique ways. They are known to plummet from the heavens!

Peridots are formed in volcanoes, and when one erupts, it can shoot peridots high up into the air before they fall to the ground. Hawaii has one of the world’s biggest supplies of peridot, owing to the volcanic lava that almost constantly flows around the island

Other peridots have even come from outer space and were discovered in Pallasite meteorites.

Zagbargad Island, Egypt was home to the largest peridot rock ever discovered. It weighed 311.78 carats or 62.35g. The peridot has since been moved to the USA’s Smithsonian Museum. The Diamond Treasury in Moscow, Russia also houses another notable peridot gemstone. The beauty is weighing in at 192.75 Carats. Rounding off the world’s biggest peridot stones is London’s Geological Museum, where a 146-carat peridot is proudly kept.

Peridots can range in colour, and just like emeralds, are more valuable based on the depth of how green they are. However, peridots with yellow tinges are also commonly found. Despite the incredible way that they are formed, peridots are quite an affordable gemstone. However, this could be because they’re not very durable and need to be cared for with much caution. Peridots are incredibly sensitive to acid and rapid temperature changes too.

Special occasions:

  • August birthstone
  • 16th wedding anniversary gemstone

Peridot meaning & properties

Ancient Egyptians called peridots ‘the gem of the sun’ and believed that the gemstone had mystical healing powers. Ancient Romans also valued the dazzling green stone, nicknaming it the “emerald of the evening” because its shine stays in the same in any light. Peridots are said to bring good health, restful sleep and peacefulness. It’s also associated with compassion, opening your heart to new relationships.

Green Sapphire

Natural Green Sapphire gemstone

While sapphires are best known for being blue, like several other gemstones, they come in a variety of colours, including green. Green stones very rarely reach full saturation of colours, but sapphires do, and are amongst the world’s most durable gemstones. This is why sapphires, both blue and green, are often used in jewellery that’s prone to being bumped, such as rings.

There are many colours available for green sapphires. You can find them in naturally occurring shades such as mint, olive and yellow. It is harder to find a pure grass green, as it is with most gemstones. However, owing to the fact that pure blue sapphires are more highly sought after, the green ones are more affordable.

Green sapphire meaning & properties

In some cultures, it’s believed that green sapphires correspond to the heart chakra, which influences prosperity and nature. They are often used to bring about good luck, particularly in terms of money and a sense of abundance. Green sapphires have been believed to help heal broken hearts and help you find true romance.

The Middle Ages believed that sapphires could protect loved ones from harm, and they also represented loyalty and trust.

Special occasions:

  • September modern birthstone
  • 45th wedding anniversary gemstone


Real jade, jadeite, that is rare and expensive

Another incredibly popular green gemstone is jade. Prized and held in high esteem in certain parts of Asia, it’s believed that the stone was used as far back as 7000 years ago in China.

There are two types of jade. Jadeite is a more valuable and high-quality variety of jade. Fine jewellery is the most common use for jadeite. There is also the nephrite jade variation. Although nephrite is less expensive, it can still be found in large quantities. Nephrite jade can be used to create beautiful sculptures, statues, and fountains.

While jade can be considered a fairly soft stone, it’s also very tough due to how compact its composition is. In fact, it’s so tough that it cannot be broken with a hammer. Most jade is carved or cut into cabochons. Although it is rare, gemologists like to use facet jade because it can add brilliance.

The only thing that makes jade different from other gemstones, is its low durability when it is heavily treated. This is usually a trait of poor quality of gems, but in jade’s case, it’s due to the stone’s composition and has no bearing on the quality thereof.

Jade meaning & properties

Jade is widely considered to be a symbol of purity and tranquillity. This protective stone protects wearers from harm and is thought to bring harmony, luck, peace, friendship, and harmony. Jade is well-known for its musical qualities. It rings when struck and sounds just like a bell.

Fun fact: Due to the high cost of jade, another stone named maw sit sit is often used instead. This green stone is often infused with black inclusions and has a bright color due to the trace levels of chrome. It has some jadeite in it and looks very similar. You can often find maw sit sitting at a fraction the price of jade. This makes it an attractive alternative.

Special occasions:

  • August birthstone
  • 19th wedding anniversary gemstone

Green Diamond

Green diamond jewel

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if we’re being honest, diamonds can be anybody’s best friend!

It’s no secret that these stones are highly sought after. You can find them in many different colours, including green. Coloured diamonds are rare, as their colours are determined by the chemicals present during their formation.

Green This is one the rarest colors of natural diamonds. The colour is a result of hydrogen, nitrogen and nickel in the diamond’s crystal structure. Green diamonds can also be formed from defects in the gem’s structure caused by irradiation as the diamond forms underground.

As a means of making green diamonds more affordable, irradiation treatments are becoming more popular. Because naturally green diamonds are so rare, jewellers have taken to the treatment as a means to create greater depth and colour in a lab. These techniques reduce the price of the jewel and make it just as beautiful as a genuine one.

Green diamond meaning & properties

Green diamonds are a symbol of the qualities associated with the colour green – abundance, prosperity and success. Its healing properties include relaxation and peace as well as growth. They are seen as a sign of new beginnings, and are a great choice for those looking for a valuable gemstone associated with nature. Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds could be tears shed by Gods or splinters of falling stars.

Did you know:

  • Green diamonds are believed to be up to 3 billion years old when they are discovered.
  • Synthetic diamonds created in laboratories are becoming increasingly popular. This is not just due to the fact that they are cheaper to produce, but also because approximately 250 tons of earth is mined just to produce a single, one-carat diamond.
  • In South Africa, in 1905, was found the largest diamond. It was called the Cullinan Diamond and weighed in a staggering 3106 carats. The Cullinan diamond was cut into nine smaller pieces. Three of these can be seen at the Tower of London, as part of the Crown jewels.

Special occasions:

  • Diamond is the 60th wedding anniversary gemstone. It’s also known as the Diamond Anniversary.
  • April birthstone

More Coloured Gemstones

With so many gorgeous green gemstones to choose from it can be hard to decide which ones you want to wear. You could try all of them!

If you’re interested in other coloured gemstones, have a look at the names, meanings and properties of different coloured gems:

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