Grand Theft Auto V the Ultimate Open World Experience

There are only a few open-world games out there that compare to Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). The game is absolutely colossal. As soon as you enter it there is an enormous feeling of scale that you would seldomly find in the vast majority of open-world games out there. The flawlessly made city of Los Santos is modeled with great detail and adds amazing depth, realism, and authenticity that not many different games offer.

You can do nearly anything you need in this city and Rockstar figures out how to make an encounter and interaction feel truly special. Regardless of whether it be flying military aircraft or playing a tennis match if you can do it in real life – you can probably experience it in GTA V.

Venturing out and exploring the beautiful city, you genuinely feel an exciting sensation. Everything feels so invigorated. Every part of it is thickly populated and incredibly unique. Its realistic art style is wonderfully executed, and the city atmosphere created by amazing lighting and particle effects breathe light into every scene.

Looking over the city late at night from the Vinewood slope will cause you to acknowledge how awesome the game’s visuals look.

Through Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar succeeds in perfectly catching an extraordinary variant of contemporary America, that is enduring incredible savagery and great strife. There is a feeling of authenticity in the universe of Los Santos that makes wandering through it an amazing experience.

Every interaction that you do in the game, from bouncing off planes to going on dates with young ladies, every last bit of it feels real.

You start the game by being barraged with a variety of various missions that lay the overall story plot. Every mission has its own remarkable playstyle related to it. As a player you can decide how you want to handle these missions Are you going to finish a mission with firearms bursting in the area causing havoc? Or are you going to finish it secretly without anybody taking note? – it’s your choice.

The missions are wacky and insane too. One of these missions, for example, expects players to seize a jet plane mid-air with the help of another plane, crash it, and as it crashes you’re required to parachute out of it. The game at no time gets exhausting or boring.

Every part of the game is action-packed. Even as you enter the city of Los Santos and play the starting mission that introduces you to Michael and Trevor (two of the game’s playable characters) you immediately start with a bank robbery, gunfights, and a police chase. It hooks you intensely from the start. Completing the mission, you are tossed 10 years into the future (current time).

The great character arcs make the game even better, every great game has a good story, GTA V has 3 of them. Each character is distinct in his style, with his personality and story. Franklin Clinton functions as a repo man for a vehicle sales center group. Michael De Santa, a notorious burglar who resigned a couple of years back. Trevor Philips, an individual profoundly engaged with substance abuse and has regularly paranoia attacks. He was likewise Michael’s previous sidekick.

The character designs are also marvelous. Plainly put Rockstar put in the hours to ensure that the GTA V world looks alive. While the main characters have fluid and life-like animations, with fantastic designs (all three look distinct), Rockstar has put a lot of effort into NPC characters as well. Whether it be a gang member you fight during a storyline mission or a random passenger on the street, every character looks on point and distinctive. This degree of realism is something you won’t discover in any other open-world game.

Being able to play through three different characters is a great addition that Rockstar made to GTA V. While the story mission of the previous GTA games end up being monotonous having an option to play as these three wannabes bring a much-needed refresher and hit plot line points that very few other games accomplish.

All this new content is there but Grand Theft Auto V also keeps true to the original in many ways. It has many of the same addictive and fun gameplay elements that have been in the GTA franchise for years but far superior.

If you’ve been a long-standing fan of the franchise, you would know the momentous expectations everyone had from GTA V. Rockstar had an incredible task in front of them when they started working on the game, and all things considered, looking back at the game you see the hard work being paid off.

The quantity of things you can do in the game is exceptional and this combined with the game’s customization and personalization features make GTA V a truly unique experience for each player.

Rockstar certainly prevails with GTA V. Regardless of whether it be the story endpoint in the game or a more modest occasion. Everything feels extraordinarily executed and carries with it a feeling of grandness.

While GTA V probably won’t be for the more cheerful individuals, its brutal and dreadful world portrays an adaptation of contemporary America that got corrupted with savagery and wrongdoing amazingly.

GTA V will keep you stuck to your screen for quite a long time and the best part is, that even after the story mode finishes, players actually have an unlimited number of things they can do.
You should play Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) because you need to play the game for yourself to comprehend what it accomplishes. You can’t depict GTA V in words.

The game is the perfect example of what an open-world should be. With Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar hits the nail on the head and succeeds in creating a near-perfect game.

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