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These aren’t inherently creepy baby names, but their associations might send a chill down your spine. These monikers can be associated with some very spooky stories, legends, and characters. If you love all things mysterious and macabre — or maybe you’re expecting a boo-tiful bundle of joy in October — these “scary” names are sure to be right up your (dark and winding) alley. And you’re not the only one in your search, either. According to the latest data available, scary names are searched for nearly 10,000 times a month, and that’s not even during Halloween season.

Before you go and give your baby one of these creepy (but totally cool) names, you may be interested to learn why you’re drawn to them. It’s simple: Things that scare us can make us feel more deeply. “One of the reasons people love Halloween is because it produces strong emotional responses, and those responses work to build stronger relationships and memories,” Dr. Margee Kerr, staff sociologist at Pittsburgh’s ScareHouse and a professor, told The Atlantic. “When we’re happy or afraid, we’re releasing powerful hormones, like oxytocin, that are working to make these moments stick in our brain.”

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So, if you think about it that way, it’s kind of sweet to give your offspring an unnerving name.

However, if you’re not really into the scary element of the title, but these names are dominating your baby list anyway, we get it. They are often spooky because they have an old Hollywood look or sophisticated quality that makes them strong choices. Names are chosen because they sound good and your child will decide what it means. So if your reasons are not rooted in love for the macabre, but the name Reagan (the terrifying little girl from the Exorcism) has captured your heart, slap it on your baby’s birth certificate with confidence. There isn’t a cult classic or Shakespearean villain in existence that can stop your little one’s personality from shining through. Pulling off a classically creepy name takes heart, but if anyone can do it, it’s your little girl.

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With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the creepy list for you.

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1. Clarice

Orion Pictures

Even though she definitely wasn’t the scariest thing in Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling’s name will forever be linked to Hannibal Lecter’s. It’s a good name for horror fans who want a subtle nod, not an immediate recognition of “you named your kid after a scary movie?”

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2. Belladonna

The name of this plant means “beautiful lady” — but it is also alternatively known as deadly nightshade because it’s highly toxic. It was once used to make poison-tipped archers, and it is believed that it was used in at least two murders committed by the Roman empresses Agrippina (the Younger)

3. Absinthe

Absinthe is a distilled, highly alcoholic beverage, and legend says that it’s a potent and addictive hallucinogenic. It was loved by many creative individuals, such as Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. And if you find Absinthe is a little too… unique for everyday use, there’s always the nickname Abby.

4. Ophelia

A tragic character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia is driven mad with grief when her lover kills her father. She climbs up a tree to break a branch and falls into a stream. This name was in its peak popularity at the end of the 20th Century, giving it a Victorian-inspired vibe.

5. Regan

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Warner Bros.

Even if you’ve never actually watched The Exorcist, you’re likely familiar with the demonic, pea-soup-spitting image of the main character, poor demon-possessed Regan MacNeil. Even though the spelling is slightly different, it still has a slight presidential association.

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6. Rosemary

Paramount Pictures

Speaking of demons, what if you’re pregnant and carrying one? That’s exactly what happened to Rosemary Woodhouse in the horror classic Rosemary’s Baby. Of course, your little angel won’t have a demonic bone in her body, but her name will appeal to any scary movie aficionado… and fit right in with the current botanical name trend too.

7. Samara


Samara Morgan is the central antagonist in The Ring trilogy of horror films. But she’s better known as the terrifying entity emerging creepily from the televisions of those who watched her cursed videotape. Fun fact: When The Ring was released in 2002, the name Samara was at #929 on the Social Security Baby Name Popularity Charts; by the next year, it had made an epic leap to #456. Indisputable proof that creepy baby names aren’t undesirable.

8. Morrigan

Meaning “phantom queen” (yes, really!The Morrigan (meaning “phantom queen”) is an Irish mythological figure who symbolizes doom and death as well as victory in battle. She is believed to have been a crow in her earthly form and to inspire brave warriors.

9. Katla

It sounds innocent enough, but hear me out, because it’s not the sound of the name that has the creepy associations… it’s the meaning! The name Katla is the feminine form of the Old Norse male name Ketill, which means “cauldron.” Even creepier, the ketill was a cauldron used to catch the blood of sacrificial animals.

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10. Lilith

In Jewish tradition, Lilith is a demon of the night. She is said to be the sensual embodiment and darkest of the night, and is known for stealing babies at night. But in more recent times, she has become a symbol of feminism — a woman who is tired of getting told to “be a good girl.”

11. Raven

Throughout ancient history, cultures from all over the world have referenced ravens in their lore. Most commonly, they’re associated with omens, insight, and prophecy, and are spiritual messengers between the gods and the mortal world. (If you’d rather a name that isn’t so birdlike, try Corbin, which means raven. There’s also the similar-sounding Draven, made famous by the 1994 film The Crow.) And of course, there’s “The Raven,” the famed narrative poem by…

12. Poe

Edgar Allan, that is: best known for his gothic works of fiction like the poem mentioned above and creepy yarns such as “The Tell-Tale Heart.” And if you’re a gamer, this name is likely familiar to you from the Legend of Zelda series — where poes are cloaked spirits who roam graveyards.

13. Blair

Warner Bros.

When we’re talking creepy baby names, we can’t overlook Blair, whose fear-factor is twofold. Linda Blair, an actress, played the role of Regan MacNeil, another nod to The Exorcist. Not only that, but there’s the association with The Blair Witch Project, the supernatural thriller with the “found footage” format that scared the pants off of everyone in 1999.

14. Shadow

There’s just something a little unsettling about the unknown, which is why Shadow is the perfect name for this list. After all, there was never a horror story where a monster was “lurking in the dazzling sunlight.”

15. Onyx

In metaphysical lore, the shiny black onyx stone is just the ticket for protection against negative energies, aids in the development of emotional strength, and guards the wearer against the “Evil Eye.” No guarantees against side-eye though.

16. Bram

Irish author Abraham “Bram” Stoker was made famous by his literary classic, the 1897 novel Dracula, which has spawned countless spinoff stories, movies, and TV shows centered around vampire lore.

17. Samael

At first glance, this name looks like the ever-popular Samuel (and can even be shortened into the same diminutive Sam). Like Samuel, it’s also of Hebrew origin, but that’s where the similarities end. Samael in Jewish mythology is the angel that causes death. He is depicted riding a serpent in some traditions. In others, he’s considered to be Lilith’s partner (see above).

18. Casper

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Universal Pictures

This name actually means “treasurer,” but it’s well known as the name of a famous friendly cartoon ghost who made his “spirited” television debut in 1945.

19. Salem

Salem, Massachusetts is the place where the Salem Witch Trials were held from 1692 to 1693. Over 200 suspected witches were convicted and held in prison, with 20 being executed. Though in 1702 a court determined that the trials had been “unlawful,” Massachusetts didn’t formally apologize for the events until 1957. It’s better late than never. It took them only 260 years.

20. King

There’s a growing trend of using royal titles as names (unless you live in New Zealand, where it’s illegal). But King in this case is in tribute to Stephen King, one of the most prolific and popular horror writers of all time. His novels are in the high 80s.

21. Draco

Warner Bros.

This name means “dragon,” which is frightening enough, but its most popular association is with mean-spirited wizard of the dark arts Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.

22. Romero

Continental Distributing

Zombie fans know why this name made the cut: George A. Romero was a writer and filmmaker often called “The Godfather of the Dead.” His zombie movies — most notably the first, 1968’s Night of the Living Dead — are considered to be the catalyst of our modern zombie craze.

23. Damien

This spelling is the French variation of the name Damian, but it’s also the preferred spelling of the Antichrist: as in Damien Thorn from the classic horror flick The Omen and its sequels. Switched with a “normal” baby at birth and raised with an unsuspecting family, Damien wreaked havoc on everyone around him. Your little guy will probably wreak some havoc of his own, but let’s hope it’s just normal toddler-level B.S.

24. Arachna

Anyone with a fear of creepy, crawly bugs will know that arachnid is the Greek word for spiders. You might have heard the term arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Arachna is a play on the word meaning “spider woman.”

25. Norman

Bring it back to 1960! If you watched the movie “Pyscho” you’ll remember just how creepy Norman was. Norman Bates’ terrifying appearance was partly due to his normality. He appeared to be an innocent and unassuming young man at first glance. But, spoiler alert! He was a murderer. He enjoyed sapping beautiful young women in the bathroom and had serious mommy issues. Norman is one of those names that isn’t directly associated with its killer reputation, but for those who know, it’s a callback to a creepy classic.

26. Cullen

Were you a “Twilight” fan? Cullen If you are, then you will know how cool the Cullens were. Their surname is also quite appealing. Vampires are charming creatures in general, so if you’re looking for a suave name from your favorite undead family, Cullen’s a brilliant choice. It also comes from Irish origin and means handsome… so… bonus.

27. Freddy

When you think of the name Freddy, you may not automatically think of Freddy Krueger, but it’s still a great name. To some, the name reminds them of the razor-bladed demon who was hellbent on murdering teens, while to others, it’s short for Franklin. However, if spooky is your style, give a nod to Nightmare on Elm Street, and name your baby Freddy with a “Y.”

28. Wednesday

Remember The Addams Family? Give your little girl the gift, like this strange household, of a loving and close knit family.

29. Kek

On the surface, this name might seem innocuous. It’s even cute! But Egyptian in origin, it means “god of darkness.” As in, it’s literally the name used to describe the origin of all dark things. *Shivers*

30. Dexter

Oh, yes. If you’re a fan of the Showtime series by the same name, this name probably makes you think of the eponymous Miami good-guy-but-still-a-serial-killer.

31. Lucheza

According to a creepy Mexican legend, a shapeshifting witch takes on the form of an owl with a woman’s face and kills people as revenge for her own murder for practicing.

32 Banshee

Banshees are proclaimers of death. They are often known as screaming, shrieking, or wailing mothers. It’s the name of a creature from Irish folklore who declares the death of a loved one. In old Irish, the means “woman of the fairy mound” or “fairy woman.” This isn’t a conventional name but has a creep connotation any spooky mama would love.

Whether you like creepy baby names or would rather steer clear of spooky, you’ll find the perfect name for your baby in the Scary Mommy Baby Name Database!

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