40 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas to Surprise Family & Friends

Creativity Gender Reveal Ideas

Ready toDo you want to reveal the gender? We want to help you celebrate! We searched for the best ideas for gender reveal and we found the perfect one!

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You can plan, or not. toTake the perfect photo for social media. Throw a gender reveal party, make a pink treat or find the perfect way. toSurprise your friends and family with a surprise party. We have all the information you need right here.

Gender reveal parties have become a hugely popular trend because of the elaborate plans people come up with toIdentify the gender of your baby. You will see the reasons and then you can jump on board immediately after reading this list!

Here are some of the best announcement tips and gender reveal ideas we found!

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Creativity Gender RevealPhotography Ideas

We have the top ten best ideas for gender reveal! These ideas will inspire you for your perfect photo to capture the moment you find out your baby’s gender AND reveal it toOthers! So exciting, right?It’s so exciting!

1. Gender RevealUse Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes Gender Reveal Photography Ideas | The Dating Divas
Baby Clothes GenderAnnouncement

Use precious baby clothes to create a stunning gender reveal announcement! For a creative reveal, you can either hang one or several small outfits on a clothesline. These adorable onesies are perfect for your gender reveal photos!

2. Unique Gender Reveal IdeasSweet Treats

Using a Cotton Candy Treat to Announce the Baby
Cotton Candy Treat Announcement

Ice cream, cotton candy, soda, cupcakes, etc! This stunning photo was made with colored cotton candy toShow the gender to see how toUse a sweet treat for your announcement photo. A simple detail in a photo can make it stand out. Think of a favorite treat that you would like to include in a creative announcement for your baby.

3. Cute Gender Reveal IdeasSonograms

How to Reveal the Baby
Sonogram Gender Reveal

Sonograms are so special because they’re where you get your first little peek at your baby. Show it toYou can take the best of the world and add some color to it to also reveal the baby’s gender in a unique way! You can use a sweet frame with cute colors or embellishments. toPhoto of a sonogram toMake a gender reveal that will be unforgettable

4. Cute Gender Reveal IdeasA Colored Saash

Maternity Photo Belly Sash in Pink or Blue | The Dating Divas
Colored Belly Sash

Wear a sash in a color to show off your belly. toYou can reveal the gender! Get some here, there, and here. It is a simple way to announce your gender. All you need to do is tie a blue or pink bow around your adorable belly. Let’s see that cute bump!

5. Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Using Bubblegum

Use Bubble Gum to Reveal the Gender of the Baby | The Dating Divas
Bubblegum Gender Reveal

Some of the most beautiful gender reveal photos are made with Bubblegum They’re so much fun and playful! You can blow bubblegum or pop in bubblegum! toLet the world know what gender your new addition is!

6. Unique Gender Reveal IdeasConfetti

Gender Announcement Colorful Confetti Blast | The Dating Divas
Confetti Blast Announcement

These photos of gender reveal are hilarious! You can have a fun reveal by using colored confetti You don’t even have toYou can shoot it. It could be placed in your hands, and you can blow it or throw. Just grab something like this if it’s a boy, or try this if it’s a little lady!

7. Cute Gender Reveal IdeasBalloons

Balloon Gender Reveal Ideas for Families | The Dating Divas
Balloon Gender Reveal IdeasFor Families

So here’s a true classic! Add a special “pop” of color into your gender reveal photos by using balloons! The best photos are taken with round, jumbo or rounded balloons. Choose between pink or blue for a girl and a boy.

8. The Best Gender Reveal IdeasUse Paint

Paint Can Color to Announce if the Baby is a Boy or a Girl | The Dating Divas
Paint Color Photo

This is such an adorable and creative way to announce your gender! Prepare! to paint your little one’s nursery, use a can of paint toLet their gender out! You can also reveal their gender by leaving handprints or engaging in a paint fight. to announce your new baby’s gender.

9. Unique Gender Reveal IdeasProps

The Best Props to Announce a Pregnancy | The Dating Divas
Umbrella Pregnancy Announcement

There are so many charming and adorable prop ideas toYou can use it in a gender reveal shoot! A cute book, bows teacups and Scrabble pieces could be used. A clear umbrella that lets the color rain down on your head or a colored umbrella could be used. toYour soon-to-be partner will reveal his or her gendertoYou are a beautiful babe

10. RevealThe GenderUse Paint

Paint Fight Baby Reveal | The Dating Divas
Paint Fight

Are you looking for a fun way to have fun? toYou can reveal the gender of your baby! Have a fun fight with your spouse by painting them pink or blue! This is a very fun way to have fun with your spouse. toShow your excitement

11. Reveal IdeasBalloons in a box

DIY Balloon Box Announcement | The Dating Divas
DIY Balloon box

This is a creative, interactive way to do things. toIdentify the gender of your baby. It’s fun! It’s fun for the whole family! You can surprise your family with colored balloons!

12. Announcement IdeasSand

Gender Reveal on the Beach Written in the Sand| The Dating Divas
Write it in the Sand

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Write the gender of your baby in the sand, if you live close to a beach or have plans for a babymoon. You will be a surprise to your friends and family with this fun reveal! Talk about simple and easy! to clean up!

13. Gender Reveal IdeasHow to Use Your Pet

Pet Baby Announcement | The Dating Divas
Pet Baby Announcement

Gender reveals aren’t just for parents these days— you can also get your family pets involved! Hang a sign or tie a scarf. to your pet’s paws for a meaningful or funny gender reveal!

Gender RevealParty Themes

Celebrate the gender reveal with a party! These themes are great for gender reveal parties. Make sure to include everyone you love in the announcement. It is important to have a healthy baby, but it also makes the 9-months much more enjoyable. toEnjoy the thrilling moments along the journey!

14. Tutus and ties GenderParty Theme

Ties or Tutus Gender Reveal Themes | The Dating Divas
Tutus and ties Gender RevealTheme

This is a beautiful theme to celebrate your new baby’s gender! Because both ties as well as tutus can be easily matched, this makes for a cute theme party to reveal your baby’s gender! toFind! We have some gorgeous Tutus and Tie for you toGrab!

15. Moccasin Themed Gender RevealParty

Moccasin Baby Gender Reveal Theme for a Party | The Dating Divas
Moccasin Party

Can we just talk for a moment about baby moccasins? They’re adorable! Marigold Events’s idea is so adorable! You can celebrate the gender with a Moccasin Inspired party! Too cute!

16. Time to RevealThe theme for a Baby Party

Time to Reveal the Baby Gender Party Theme | The Dating Divas
Time to Reveal

Check out this cute clock-themed gender reveal party! This is such an adorable theme for a gender reveal party! From delicious cookies toA DIY cuckoo clock can be used to create a timeless party for gender reveal!

17. Party Theme: Milk and Cookies

Party Theme: Milk and Cookies

How could there be a better way? toYou can’t celebrate the gender of your baby better than milk and cookies! I love the way she used strawberry milk toYou can represent a boy and a girl with chocolate milk! Be sure toCheck out her adorable ideas for gender reveal parties!

18. “Waddle” it Be? Gender RevealTheme

Waddle it Be? Duck Themed Party | The Dating Divas
Duck Themed Party

This cute theme for a gender reveal party inspired by ducks is adorable! How fun are these decorations and reveal ducks? They make the water pinker or more blue. toYour party!

19. Vote in the Gender Election!

Election themed party to announce the baby
Baby Party with Election-Themed Themes

Looking for an original and fun idea? This is a unique theme for a gender reveal party. toCelebrate the gender of your baby. Check out this cute election-themed gender reveal party. Prior to the party, let your guests vote! to the “official” gender reveal results!

20. 20. GenderCelebration

Ice Cream Social Party Theme for Gender Announcement | The Dating Divas
Ice cream Gender RevealParty

If icecream has been on your wish list for pregnancy, then this icecream social gender reveal party theme could be the perfect fit! These delicious ideas include a blue and pink ice-cream bar! One of the most delicious themes for gender reveal!

Gender RevealParty Games

Have fun with your guests by inviting them to participate in gender reveal party games. You have something for everyone with activities and games toDo and they increase the anticipation. Nobody will ever be able to. toWait for the big reveal!

21. 21.

Chalkboard vote on the gender at the gender announcement party. | The Dating Divas
Take a vote on the baby’s gender!

A great way toGet your guests involved in a gender-revealing party toHave them vote! Have them write down guesses about the baby’s gender on slips of paper. For a fun interactive activity, add up the results on a chalkboard.

22. 22.

Old Wives Tale to Predict the Gender of a Baby| The Dating Divas
GenderQuiz on Old Wives Tales

Go through each of these old wives’ tales toTry to predict the gender of your baby. When the big reveal is over, you’ll be amazed at how accurate your predictions are. This is where the idea for the big reveal came from. They sent guests on a fun hunt to find clues!

23. Gender RevealParty pins

Gender Vote Through Pins Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
Colored GenderPins toWear it to the Party

For your guests, make your own DIY gender reveal pins to wear during your special party! Have your guests choose a pin based on their guess for your baby’s gender! We love this gender reveal idea because everyone gets it! toWear your vote!

24. Gender RevealJeopardy Game

Baby Jeopardy Party Game for the Gender Announcement Party Ideas | The Dating Divas
Baby Jeopardy Party Game

Another fun activity for gender reveal parties is this! A DIY candy Jeopardy game will bring out the competitive side in your guests!

Gender RevealCake Ideas

Whether you are having a big, themed gender reveal party, or just doing something low-key from home, it’s always fun toInclude a tasty treat! Make something special for your party! toJust share it with your spouse at home! So delicious and so festive!

25 Hidden Heart Cupcakes

Gender Reveal Surprise Cupcakes | The Dating Divas
Gender RevealCupcakes with a SurpriseInside

Try a tie-died frosting for a gender reveal cupcake! Your family will love this tasty treat when they bite into it! to fun a colorful surprise! These delicious gender reveal cupcakes are easy to make if you follow the instructions!

26. Surprise Inside Cake

Surprise Inside Cake Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
A cake with candy in the middle

Why not make colored candy? toFor a fun surprise gender reveal, fill a cake! Get the full “how-to” from Betty Crocker herself!

27. Piñata Cookies

Sprinkle Cookies Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
Sprinkles Gender Reveal

These adorable gender reveal cookies are just too cute! They are such a cute way to reveal your gender! toTell your family and friends the gender of your baby! Sprinkles of colorful sprinkles are everywhere

28. 28.

Pink or Blue Filled Donuts from Krispy Kreme Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
Donuts with pink or blue filling

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Did you know that Krispy Kreme can make special pink and blue doughnuts? This is a great way to make your life easier toSurprise and reveal the gender of your soon to be-born childto-be babe toYour family and friends! This is the easiest way to announce your gender!

DIY Fortune Cookie Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
DIY Fortune Cookie

I find this idea absolutely brilliant! Fortune cookies can be used to create a gender reveal! You can find all the details on how to make fortune cookies DIY!

30. Cotton Candy Booth

Cotton Candy Party Booth | The Dating Divas
Pink and blue cotton candy

You are looking for sweet treats? toYou might consider cotton candy to announce the gender of your baby! You should check out this adorable cotton candy booth to reveal the gender of your baby! Make sure you toYou can also check out her other gender-revealing ideas!

Onesie Filled Cookies Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
Onesie Filled Cookies

Seriously, these adorable onesie cookies are so cute! This fun assortment of goodies will make a gender reveal surprise special!

32 32.

DIY Cake Pop Baby Gender Announcement | The Dating Divas
Make your own cake pop

Another great option for fun gender reveal treats is cake pops This is a great recipe to make these gender reveal treats!

Gender Reveal IdeasFor Family Friends

After you celebrate with delicious treats and fun games, it’s time for the main event. Gather your family and friends for the reveal. Here are some ways to have fun to reveal the baby’s gender toYour family and friends.

33. 33.

Pop a Balloon and Let Confetti Fall | The Dating Divas
Confetti in a Balloon

So here’s a classic. Fill black balloons and sprinkle pink or blue confetti inside! As you release colored confetti from the balloon, gather your friends and family around you. This exciting gender reveal will be a hit with your loved ones!

34 Gender RevealDarts and Balloons

Balloon Paint Darts Party | The Dating Divas
Balloon Paint Darts

Another way to have some fun is toUse balloons to reveal your gender toFill them with paint, and attach them toA board! For a fun gender reveal, let your family members throw darts at it!

35 35.

Individual Gender Reveal Confetti Boxes | The Dating Divas
DIY Confetti Box to RevealThe Gender

This is a great idea for families to reveal their gender! This is especially important for families with children! For a truly personal surprise, each member of the family should make their own confetti container!

36. 36.

Fireworks Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
Blue or pink fireworks

Looking for an “explosive” way toAnnounce the gender of your soon to be-toAre you a babe? This is a great idea! Use pink or blue fireworks toLet the world know what gender your baby is!

Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

Do you live far from the people you love? It doesn’t matter! These ideas can be included in your major news from far away! These ideas are yours! toSurprise people even miles away

37. 37. Gender RevealCard

Scratch Off Baby Surprise Card for Your Spouse | The Dating Divas
Scratch Baby SurpriseCard

This is a truly unique way to do it. toAnnounce the gender of your baby toEven if they live far away, it is possible to surprise them with a simple gender reveal scratch-off card. Simply send a simple gender reveal scratch-off card for a creative surprise they won’t forget!

38. 38. Gender RevealIdea

Egg Unique Gender Reveal Ideas for Family | The Dating Divas
Egg Gender Reveal

Here’s a fun, original idea for gender reveal that is perfect for long-distance families and friends. Send a cute DIY egg toInstructions for your loved ones toIt’s time to crack it open! Find the perfect surprise in your family and friends!

39. Puzzle GenderAnnouncement

DIY Puzzle Gender Reveal Ideas | The Dating Divas
DIY Puzzle toFind out the Sex of the Baby

This long-distance gender declaration using spray paint, puzzle pieces and a sandbox is just too cute! See the instructions and details!

40. Gender RevealCard

Card to Mail to Reveal Gender of the Baby| The Dating Divas
Gender RevealCard toMail to Family

You can use a black-and-white photo with a color photo toThis adorable idea for a gender announcement can be recreated!

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