Games Straight Out Of The Wild West


Everybody wants to unleash their inner cowboy or cowgirl from time to time and thankfully we live in a day and age where that’s totally possible. Gaming companies are always finding new ways to help us escape the mundane reality for a world that’s more captivating and colourful and lately the Wild West seems to be the backdrop for a lot of those games. Whether it’s an incredibly detailed open world format, or a paired back homage to all that is cowboy culture, there are plenty of games that will scratch that cowboy itch. We’ve found some of the very best examples that you can play right now on a variety of consoles.

Buffalo Rush

Slots games are popular because they’re easy to pick up and play in a really short space of time. Some people that are struggling with productivity choose to use them as a five minute break between spurts of industry for this very reason. If you’re looking for something with a Western feel, there are plenty to choose from, but one in particular that really stands out. LuckyLand Slots make all kinds of brilliant slots online games, but the favourite for those who love everything to do with the Wild West is certainly Buffalo Rush. 

The graphics are brilliant, with stampeding buffalos, the bald eagle and desert wolves taking centre stage. Of course, not only are the graphics evocative of cowboy country, but there’s also a bit more to the gameplay than your typical slots games. With the wild multipliers, there are plenty of different ways to win and to multiply your winnings too. Pair this with the rooting tooting soundtrack and the whole thing comes together to be a brilliant time.

Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption I & II are without a doubt the games that spring to everybody’s mind when they think of Wild West games. Rockstar Games really pulled out all of the stops when they were creating the world for these games. The initial map for Red Dead Redemption I forms the secondary part of the map for the second installment, as Red Dead Redemption II was released as a prequel. Together the maps form one of the largest open worlds of any game in existence, allowing you to explore every nook and cranny of this rugged western landscape, just as a cowboy might have done. 

Your main companion throughout the game will be your trusty horse, who you can buy from a stable or wrangle yourself from out on the plains. Together with your horse you’ll be able to explore snow capped mountains and ice lakes in the north, wide open deserts in the south, or densely forested woodlands in the east. You’ll come across deserted cabins, babbling springs and even some discoveries that might seem otherworldly. Despite being released years and years ago, people are still finding out new things about these games, which just goes to show the level of detail that the developers went to.

Zombie Horse Riding Simulator

If you like the sound of the prairies of Buffalo Rush and you enjoy the horse riding element of Red Dead Redemption, but you feel that both would be improved by the addition of Zombies, then Zombie Horse Riding Simulator might just be the game for you. This hilarious browser game was created specifically for playing online, free, in a browser, which means it can slot into any short break perfectly. The aim of the game is simple: you’ll mount your trusty steed and career through the desert, shooting zombies with your bow and arrow, or kicking them with your horse. It’s a bit silly, but it makes for great gameplay and once you’ve got the hang of the slightly rudimentary controls, you’ll be playing it for hours.


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