The 21 Funniest Gym Quotes of All Time

Although you know that you are serious about your exercise, we also know that it can be hilarious. Here are 20 funny quotes about fitness you should be #gymrats to enjoy. These funny gym quotes can help you stay motivated and make exercise more enjoyable. These fitness quotes can be shared with your gym buddies, or you can bookmark this page to return to it when you’re in need of a funny fitness quote.

1. “I only exercise because I really, really love donuts.”—Unknown

I only work out because I really, really like donuts. Top 20 funny fitness quotes

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Donuts are a great reason to eat!

2. “I have 99 problems but I’m going the gym to ignore them all.” ofThese are their.”—Unknown

Exercise is therapy, but it also helps you stay fit. You can do great things for your mental health by getting in shape!

3. “I’m sorry about what I said during burpees.”—Unknown

It is hard to agree.

4. Life is full of ups and downs. They are known as squats.”—Unknown

And just like life’s ups and downs, squats will make you stronger.

5. “Keep going unless you vomit, faint, or are pronounced dead””—Jillian Michaels

A true gym rat would not dream of such a thing of stopping until they’ve given their all.

6. “You make me weak in my knees. Just kidding. Yesterday was leg day.”—Unknown

You make my knees weak. Just kidding. Yesterday was leg day

Oops! It was only leg day.

7. “The television is my favorite machine in the gym.”—Unknown

my favorite machine at the gym is the TV

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Whatever gets you through those last ten seconds on the treadmill is fine. We are not here to judge.

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8. It’s my workout. I can even cry if it’s necessary.”—Unknown

I believe I see something…

9. “Hustle to that muscle.”—Unknown

Hustle for that muscle. Top 21 funny fitness quotes

This muscle won’t grow by itself!

10. Eat clean, be fit, and eat a burger to keep you sane.”—Gigi Hadid

Please don’t be surprised if we do.

11. “Weights before dates.”—Unknown

Better yet, why not lift weights with a friend?

12. “I like heavy weights. I cannot lie.”—Unknown

We think Sir Mixa-a-Lot would be in agreement.

13. “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.”—Unknown

I don

Sometimes we’re known to glisten

14. “Sweat your fat crying.”—Unknown

This is a new perspective on sweat.

15. “Fitness: Everyone would be able to have great health if it were in a bottle.”—Cher

It’s true. It is not possible for everyone else to do what we do.

16. “I don’t need to look thin. I want to feel like I could kick your butt.”—Unknown

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I dont want to look skinny. I want to look like I could kick your butt. Top 20 funny fitness quotes

You might want to be on the lookout!

17. Friday night. “Friday night.”—Unknown

It sounds just like our kind of thing ofIt’s a party!

18. 18. Lift heavy things.”—Unknown

TheIn our humble opinion, the more heavy the better

19. “If you don’t look attractive after working out, then you haven’t worked hard enough.””—Unknown


20.TheBreakfast and squats are the only BS I need in life.”—Unknown

the only bs i need is breakfast and squats funny fitness quotes

Breakfast and squats are the perfect combination.

21. “Hi baby abs! “Hi baby abs! I look forward to meeting you and your ab friends (yes, that’s me talking to my muscles). I’ve never met most ofThey’ve been there before.”—Khloe Kardashian

TheMore muscle friends are made when you work out!

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