Funny Mother Daughter Quotes to Make You Smile

Funny Mother Daughter Quotes to Make You Smile. There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a Mother And her Daughter. They have a connection that doesn’t compare to Anything else. These Funny Mother Daughter These relationships are perfectly captured in quotes If a quote speaks to You can send it to Your mother or daughter. If it truly speaks to You can order a print of the image or stick it to a board. You can only find joy in the bond a mom has for her daughter.

Funny Mother Daughter Quotes to Make You Smile

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1. 1. toHave the most beautiful daughter in the whole world. She said that she did not know but that I should ask Grandma.

2. 2. I like to think my daughter and I have a Lorelai and Rory thing going on, while she probably thinks we have a Lorelai and Emily thing going on…

3. It’s funny how you can sometimes see yourself in your daughter, like when she gives that same sass toTell your husband.

4. I tried my entire life toI was not like my mother and yet, here I am shouting at my kids for failing to put their shoes away as she did.

5. It’s great when my daughter adopts the same attitude as me. I’m like girl, I gave you that attitude, and I have way more practice with it.

6. I have always wondered what would have happened if my mom died toDo not count beyond three. Now that I am a mom I know that she was praying it wouldn’t go that far cause we really don’t have a plan when we start counting.

7. When I teach my mom how to make fun of her, it’s when I do. toShe always reminds me to use the computer and that I had it before. toTeach me how toYou can use the bathroom.

8. My mom allows me to wear skinny jeans all the time. I thought she was cool, until she told me that if I couldn’t get them off, so could a boy.

Funny Mother Daughter Quotes

9. It’s always a struggle toBe patient with my daughter until you realize that she is a 10-year old version of myself

10. My mom said that payback was a bitch. I thought this was really bad. toUse toPlease describe your granddaughter.

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Mother Daughter Quotes

11. Yes, I fight with my daughter over what she can and cannot do. towear. Yes, she allows me to win sometimes

12. One time, my daughter and me were fighting. I looked over. toSee my husband enjoying popcorn and watching. It’s not necessary. toMy daughter and I quickly found common ground in an adversary,

13. My daughter always hears me tell her that a strange mom is a good thing. Usually when I’m dropping her off at school in my PJs

14. “By the time you realize your mother was right, you have a daughter who thinks that you’re wrong.” – Sada Malhorta

15. Sometimes I think my daughter, and I, are so different. When that happens, her attitude flares and I instantly recognize that she is a bitch.

16. If you have difficulty being supportive toRemember to remind your mother that she pees every time she sneezes. You now have both sympathy and laughter.

17. “Maybe it’s just a daughter’s job to piss her mother off.” – Chuck Palahniuk

18. “I’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in moron.” – Lorelai Gilmore

19. My mother and me have never loved coffee as much together as we love it.

Mom and Daughter Quotes

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20. 20. toProtect you from boys and you will feel trapped. You finally get to understand her horror stories when you’re old.

Yes, I dedicate the last 5 Funny Mother Daughter Quotes to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore because they are my favorite, and it’s my list and I can do what I want

21. “A real date? Finally! What are you gonna wear?” – Rory

“Glass slippers, a backward baseball cap and nothing else.” – Lorelai

You have many years of mistakes ahead of you

22. “You have so many years of screw-ups ahead of you.” – Lorelai

Mom Quotes to Daughter

23. “I cannot do this alone, I need my mommy and I don’t care who knows it.” — Rory

24.”How come you’re not excited about life?” – Lorelai

“I find nothing exciting before 11:00.” Rory

25. “Our house is burning and you can save the cake or me. What do you choose?” – Rory

“That’s not fair. The Cake doesn’t have legs.” – Lorelai

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