Top 20 funny Irish sayings to get you laughing

Have a great time with a joke? We’ve rounded up the top 20 funny Irish sayingsFor your entertainment.

The Irish people have seen some very dark times in their history. We have survived famines, oppression and civil war. toReach the other side. We have never lost our senses of humor, no matter how difficult things have been.

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Humor can be funny in many forms, including sarcastic, bizarre, or just plain wise. sayingsProverbs and sayings that originated in the Emerald Isle are now widely used. We’ve put together some of the best below.

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Take a look at our top picks 20 funny Irish sayingsIf youYou might enjoy a good chuckle.

20. In heaven there is no beer; that’s why we drink ours here.

One of the top funny Irish sayings is: In heaven there is no beer; that’s why we drink ours here.

It’s no secret that many IrishGuinness is a popular drink, as can be seen in this quote.

19. Can the cat eat? youThe cat is eaten by the devil.

Fancy a more unique insult to hurl an enemy’s way? This could be your chance to win. you.

18. Who gossips alongside? youThe gossip of you.

There’s often some wisdom in IrishProverbs that have been passed down through generations.

17. Why should you? youNever iron a 4-leaf clover. You don’t want toPress your luck.

One of the top funny Irish sayings mentions four-leaf clovers

In IrishAccording to mythology, a four-leaf clover is believed to be a sign of luck. This tradition is well used in this saying.

16. Drink is the curse to the land. It is the curse of the land. youIt is a good idea to fight your neighbor. It is a good idea. youShoot at your landlord and it will youHe is missed.

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This phrase is a favorite of ours, but we do not recommend it. youNot toThis can be done at home.

15. May your Monday be brief and your coffee strong.

We believe that everyone can relate to this. toThis Irish proverb.

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14. 15. youKeep His hand in yours and don’t close your fist too tightly.

The IrishI love dark humor. Pay attention to any famous person. IrishUse the phrase you’re likely toFind a euphemism to describe death or a sexual innuendo here.

13. 13. you’re lucky enough toBe IrishIf so, you’re lucky enough.

One of the top funny Irish sayings is: If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.

People don’t talk about ‘the luck of the Irish’ for nothing!

12. May the Good Lord have a liking to you — but not too soon.

Although there are many religious practices in Ireland today, Catholicism still dominates. This is clear from many of Ireland’s ancient proverbs.

11. Keep your tongue clean and you will be a good friend.

IrishPeople are known toIt has earned them many friends to be friendly and fun-loving people. After a few pints, however, it is possible to all reap the benefits of these words toTake heart!

10. Bless your little ones IrishHeart and all others Irishpart.

They are well-known for their many blessings. IrishLove a good rhyme toAccept their well-wishes.

9. You’ve got toYou can grow your own vegetables, regardless of how tall your grandfather is.

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.

No matter where you start youWhatever life experience you might have, there is a point at which it all comes to an end. youYou can find it here toThis proverb summarizes the idea of making your own destiny.

8. 8. youLive toOne extra year can be added to make it a hundred years. to repent.

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Previous IrishWhile generations were concerned about getting through the pearly gates, they were also keen to have a good time.

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7. This isn’t a hangover – it’s the IrishInfluenza

Ireland has been synonymous with having a few too many pints.

6. The best cures are laughter and long sleep.

This article might be of use to you. toHelp youWith the first, but you’re on your own with the second.

5. Take the small potato along with the large potato.

One of the top funny Irish sayings is: You must take the small potato with the big potato.

This saying is encouraging toAccept your whole lot. What better way to accept your lot? to illustrate this than with the country’s favourite vegetable!

4. May your troubles be as few and as far apart as my grandmother’s teeth.

No offense toOur grandmothers, naturally. The older generations of Ireland didn’t have the same access to dental care that we do today, something they’ll be quick toTell you.

3. 3. youSlide down the bannister, may the splinters not point in the wrong direction

No matter if it is the weather or a road, we love a good metaphor to describe life on this island.

2. Don’t let the door hit youYou’re on your way out!

This is one of the best. funny Irish sayingsThis is a bit too blunt for some, but it still gets the point across.

1. I’m IrishCatholic – See my picture in next dictionary toThe root word guilt.

You don’t know the meaning of ‘Irish guilt’ until you’ve met an IrishPerson.

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