Homeschool Quotes to Inspire and Make You Giggle

Inside: Homeschool Quotes to Inspire and Make You Giggle.

Homeschooling is no longer a common stereotype. I’d like toThank you Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls! They killed almost all of these stereotypes.However, it is now quite common in our culture.

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We all know wonderful people who were homeschooled. andChildren who are homeschooled are perfectly normal. We know what normal homeschoolers can do in their ability to educate children. toMake fun of yourself – that’s how you can know someone is normal. Relax and enjoy. andEnjoy our hand-picked list of the top homeschool quotes that we could find.


Some are silly, some will make your smile. andWe hope you’ll learn a few things.

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Homeschool Quotes to Inspire and Make You Giggle

1. People love toSome homeschoolers are too isolated from the real world. If sitting behind a desk all day is the “real world” maybe that’s a good thing?

2. It’s easy to forget. toJoin the crows. It takes everything toStand-alone

3. If I wanted to raise my children toto be trained for a busy life. I would have sent them toThis place does it by giving them mindless worksheets toKeep the time going

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4. Abraham Lincoln was homeschooled. and Albert Einstein, but that’s none of my business

5. “Play is the greatest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

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6. What I said: “We are usually done homeschooling by lunch.” What everyone hears: “we are lazy and don’t do anything.” What actually happens: we learn in an appropriate amount of time andInstead of being herded like cats, they can explore.

7. “Schools are producing test takers, while life needs thinkers and innovators.” – Bette Fetter

8. I’m pretty sure homeschooling was the right call, since I feel like I am learning most of this stuff for the first time when I teach them

9. Teachers are, in my opinion, the most important and gifted people. andBrave people – I believe the system is broken andThey are handcuffed to prevent them from being as great as possible.

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Speaking of Einstein… Homeschool Quotes

10. Just because I homeschool doesn’t mean I think less of you for sending your kids to school. We should not judge each other because we make the best choices for our kids.

11. 11. toPerhaps you could extend the same hospitality to homeschooling as school?

12. “Children learn from anything andEverything they see. They learn wherever they are, not just in special learning places.” – John Holt

13. My children were 13 years old when I started my own business and played on many sports teams. and were active in Scouts – it’s amazing what you can do when half of the day isn’t wasted in busywork.

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14. It is important to observe children.

15. I don’t homeschool my children toDo school with them. I homeschool them because I believe life is an adventure worth living.

16. “Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.” – Charlotte Mason

17. “Homeschooling is not a race toThe finish line. It’s a journey of a million small discoveries that lead you along the path God has marked out for you.” – Jeannie Fulbright

Children who are not interested in things worth watching should be encouraged to do so

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YouYou will be inspired andRevivify your homeschool with these incredible quotes

18. Not being different is the point of homeschooling to be different, it is about being different because that’s what’s best for my kids.

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19. Homeschool, private school, public school – it doesn’t matter how we are educating our kids if we are modeling toThese are their methods toBe kind to one another, even when we disagree.

20. 20.

21. It’s homeschooling, not solitary confinement – our kids get plenty of socialization

22. “Don’t question your ability toYour child should be taught. Question putting your child into the same system that left you feeling incapable of teaching your child.”

23. I choose to believe that every parent wants what’s best for their child, andThe child is loved at the end andThe school option that their parents select for their child is not as important as the care they receive.

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24. The homeschooling process is not a test but preparation for the real world. There are many tests in life, but very few that take place behind a desk.

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25. 25. toIt is easy to homeschool. How many times have you spent 8 hours a days with your children and kept them on task for five weeks? This was not an easy task.

These inspirational quotes from homeschoolers are a favorite of ours. and we hope you do too! Tell us about your favorite homeschool quotes andIt relates toYou!

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