73 Funny Garden Quotes That Will Brighten up Your 2021

The doctors will not be impressed if you garden every day. Humor is also a great way to have fun! Here are some examples 73 funny garden quotesFor your daily doses laughter

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What has your family done in the past year to make it more enjoyable? Most people will answer that they have been taking care of and growing plants. People have planted tomatoes, basil, peppers and cabbages as well as succulents and cactus.

Our busy lives have been brought to a halt and we are now able to connect with nature. This has led us to plant plants to escape the technology world.

After one year of cohabitation upWe are locked down tending to our simple but ever-expanding garden. All we need is to have a good time and relax. Here are Funny quotes about plants and gardens, green thumb quotes, and flower pot sayingsThese memes will brighten up your day and get the blood pumping. 2021.

31 FunnyGet plants and Garden Quotes

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#1 “Gardening. It’s cheaper than therapy (until your spouse is added) up the receipts).” — Anonymous

#2 “If you are not killing plants, you are not really stretching yourself as a gardener.” — J.C. Raulston

#3 “Anyone who has time for drama is not gardening enough” — Anonymous

#4 “Housework is for people who don’t know how to garden.” — Anonymous

#5 “Nature: the greatest show on earth and admission is free.” — Anonymous

#6 “You can bury any number of headaches in a garden.” — Charles Barnard

#7 “I’m not aging, I just need repotting.” — Anonymous

#8 “Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get!” — H. Jackson Brown

Old people gardening together with hilarious old man planting bulbs while old woman using cane to make holes for planting

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#9 “Unemployment is capitalism’s way of getting you to plant a garden.” — Orson Scott Card

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#10 “Weeds are nature’s graffiti.” — Janice Maeditere

#11 “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and fertilize!” — Anonymous

#12 “In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death.” — Sam Llewelyn

#13 “Let’s have a garden party. Lettuce turnip the beet!” — Anonymous

#14 “YourPreparing the soil is the first task. The best tool for this is your neighbor’s motorized garden tiller. If your neighbor does not own a garden tiller, suggest that he buy one.”— Dave Barry

#15 “A weed is a plant that has mastered every skill except for learning how to grow in rows.” — Doug Larson

#16 “Cauliflower is a cabbage with a college education.” — Mark Twain

#17 “An addiction to gardening is not all bad when you consider all the other choices in life.” — Cora Lea Bell

#18 “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit” — Anonymous

Source: planty_hoes. Instagram. Alt-text. My mother at 29, me at 29 memes. Witty garden quotes.

Have you had a good laugh so far? Here are some more funny garden sayings:

#19 “Don’t wear perfume in the garden – unless you want to be pollinated by bees.” — Anne Raver

#20 “I am not a greedy person except about flowers and plants, and then I become fanatically greedy.” — May Sarton

#21“You can bury any number of headaches in a garden.” — Charles Barnard

#22 “Crabgrass can grow on bowling balls in airless rooms, and there is no known way to kill it that does not involve nuclear weapons.” — Dave Barry

#23 “Most gardeners are daunted, not dumb” — Felder Rushing

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#24 “Gardener’s recipe: one-part soil, two-parts water, three-parts wishful thinking.” — Anonymous

#25 “A weed is a plant that is not only in the wrong place but intends to stay.” — Sara Stein

Source: planty_hoes. (Twitter). Alt-text: Funny plant Twitter meme

#26 “Gardeners know the best dirt” — Anonymous

#27 “Always try to grow in your garden some plant or plants out of the ordinary, something your neighbors never attempted. For you can receive no greater flattery than to have a gardener of equal intelligence stand before your plant and ask, ‘What is that?’” — Richardson Wright

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#28 “I’m not really a career person. I’m a gardener, basically.” — George Harrison

#29 “Man – despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication, and his many accomplishments – owes his existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.” — Anonymous

#30 “Old Gardeners never die, they just go to seed.” — Anonymous

#31 “Love your neighbor, yet pull not down your hedge.” — George Herbert

5 FunnyGreen Thumb Quotes

humorous green thumb quotes

Source: Brian Gordon, OwlLanguageComics

#1 “I have a green thumb. Got it when I dumped out my kale smoothie.” — John Wagner Maxine

#2 “I probably wouldn’t kill so many houseplants if they could scream for food and water the way my pets and children do.” — Anonymous

#3 “I’ve got a green thumb. And if I didn’t have such a high deductible, I’d have it looked at.” — John Wagner Maxine

#4 “I just want to let you know that if you ever need to have a plant killed, I’m the person for that job.” — Anonymous

#5 “When you’re really good with plants, they say you have a “green thumb”. I kill every goddamn plant I come across. Sadly, there’s no cute name for that.” — Brian Gordon (FowlLanguageComics.com)

37 FunnyFlower Pot Sayings

plant addicts unite printed on a flower pot

Source: Hannah Brown (Instagram).

You need words to spice up your flower pot. These are some ideas.

These are the best baby plants for you:

#1 “Grow baby grow!”

#2 You grow girl!”

For your dear aloes:

#3 “Say aloe to my little friend”

#4 “You had me at aloe”

#5 “Ale-Elijah”

For your precious succulents:

#6 “Life would succ without you”

#7 “Pearls of wisdom”

#8 “Succitumi baby!”

You can use this to remind you to water your plants.

#9 “If you could not kill me that’d be great”

#10 “I need a drink”

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#11 “I have asked you thrice for water”

#12 “Caution, high maintenance”

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#13 “Water me, mother succa”

#14 “I wet my plants”

Cactus friends:

#15 “Pretty fly for a cacti”

#16 “Lookin sharp”

#17 “Can’t touch this”

#18 “Don’t be a prick!”

Funny flower pot

Source: Hannah Brown (Instagram).


#19 “Grow thru what you go thru”

#20 “Give yourself time to grow”

#21 “You can grow your own way”

#22 “I’m sexy and I grow it”

For our leafy friends

#23 “Beleaf in yourself”

#24 “Don’t stop be-leaf-ing”

#25 “Isn’t it delicious”

#26 “Kale Mary”

#27 “I like big buds and I cannot lie”

This is where you can find your herbs

#28 “Herb your enthusiasm”

#29 “Thyme is of the essence”

#30 “Stop. Hammer thyme”

#31 “Dill with it”

#32 “Elvis Parsley”

#33 “Congratulations on your big achievement!”

#34 “Netflix and dill”

This is for your rooty plants

#35 “We’re rooting for you!”

If you love your plants,

#36 “Plantastic”

#37 “Plants are my soulmates”

Wrapping it Up

While the pandemic has brought an end to our lives, we must also see the positives. We can spend more time with our families, get closer to nature, and help in the fight against the terrible virus (stay safe!). So lighten up, surely after all that’s happened it can only go upYou can find it here.

Our humorous, witty and often bordering on corny (haha!) lists will bring a smile to your face. This list was sure to bring a smile on your face. Remember that these are rough times we’re in, so cut yourself some slack, and thank yourself for giving the time that you deserve!

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