37 Favorite Garden Quotes, Memes, and Quirky Expressions

These garden quotes, memes, andGardeners love to use expressions. Some are funny and others are more serious. andOne couple is sarcastic.

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1Popular Gardening Exegesis – Revised Version

Gardening is cheaper than therapy** and you get tomatoes. **until your spouse adds up the receipts.

Therapy can be costly, but gardening is not expensive! While it’s totally worth it, it’s not cheap.

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2Gardener’s Recipe

Gardener’s recipe: one-part soil, two-parts water, three-parts wishful thinking.

3Nothing is perfect

Nothing is perfect in nature andEverything is perfect.

4Take Delight

Take pleasure in the small things.

Do you want to learn how to hand-feed wild bird? These are some tips to help you get started.

5I Like Gardening

I like gardening—it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself. Alice Sebold

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Housework is for people who don’t know how to garden.


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7A Loyal Friend

A garden is a faithful friend who stays silent. andA great listener.


It’s amazing how many worries are lost while gardening.


Hope blooms where flowers are. Lady Bird Johnson


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A weed is a plant who has learned every skill, except how to grow in rows. Doug Larson

11Weather Lesson

Learn from the weather. It doesn’t pay much attention to criticism.

12Get Growin’

When the going gets tough, the tough get growin’.


It is easy to forget how to dig the earth. andTo tend the soil is not to forget about ourselves. Mahatma Ghandi

14Time Outside

Time outside each day—keeps the doctor away.

15Think Outside

Look outside. There is no need to use a box.

16Speeding By

Speeding tickets should be issued to Summer.

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17Garden Speak

A few plants missing a flat. If you are new to gardening, it’s the same thing as saying someone is a few bricks short of a load.

This article will provide simple definitions of garden terms for those who are not familiar with garden terminology.

18Time Spent

Don’t underestimate the value and importance of your time spent in nature.


Nature isn’t a place you should visit. It is our home.

20 Greatest Show

Nature is the most amazing show on Earth andAdmission is free

21Funny Greatest Comedy Show

Nature: The greatest show on the planet andAdmission is free. And sometimes it’s rather amusing!

22 No Hurry

Nature is slow, but all things are accomplished.


Never have a problem that is more than the time you spend in the garden.

24Lost & Found

Nature is the best Lost & Found. Get rid of all your worries. Find your true self.

25Look Deep

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Look deep into nature, andYou will be able to understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

26Life’s Adventures

It is life’s adventures that give us our sense of belonging.


There is something amazing in all things natural. Aristotle

28Yes indeed

A garden can be used to bury all your headaches. ~Charles Barnard (1889)

Charles wrote a guide on urban vegetable gardening in Victorian times.

29Gardening is an Art

Gardening is an art that makes use of flowers. andPaint made from plants andThe soil andSky is canvas. ~Elizabeth Murray

30Roses on my Table

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman

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I’d rather have wildflowers on my table than diamonds on my neck. But, if you’re offering, let’s cash them in andPlants for sale Empresse of Dirt

32It Just Blossoms

A flower doesn’t see the other flower as a threat. It simply blooms.

33Deeds, Not Words

A person who speaks in words andNot to deeds is like a garden full weeds.

34Plant in Threes

Good gardeners always plant in threes. One for the insects, one for the weather andOne for her.


The philosopher who said ‘work well done never needs doing over’ never weeded a garden. Or cleaned a house, or …

36Everything That’s Worth Knowing

Nature contains everything worth knowing.

37Wild andNo cost

All good things can be found in the wild andFree. Free.

Melissa, Empress of Dirt♛

37 Favorite garden quotes, memes, and quirky expressions.

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