30 Happy and Funny Friday Quotes for Facebook

Friday QuotesThese are used forOne day is special in the week FridayIt’s the day when we are done with the week! That’s why many people feel really excited that FridayIt is coming. Would you agree? To keep everyone close, we have included here many. Quotes for Friday. These can be used to send an email to someone you know FridayThis could make your day more beautiful andIt’s warm! So, let’s have a look!

Happy Friday quotes

1. Amazing Happy Friday quotes

Awesome Happy Friday quotes

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It’s a great day to make some more wonderful memories to add to your already blessed life!

2. Beautiful Happy Friday

Beautiful Happy Friday quotes

A day of beauty and joy for you this weekend and all your moment’s happy ones.

3. Exciting Happy Friday

Exciting Happy Friday quotes

I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s grey. I don’t care about you. It’s Friday. I’m in love!

4. Amazing Happy Friday

Fabulous Happy Friday quotes

Everyone have a great weekend!

5. Funny Happy Friday

Funny Happy Friday quotes

Happy Friday and a great weekend!

6. 6. Happy Friday

Glad Happy Friday quotes

Dear Friday, I’m so glad we are back together. I’m sorry you had to see me with Monday-Thursday, but I swear I was thinking of you the whole time.

7. Beautiful Happy Friday

Lovely Happy Friday quotes

Believe it! This is cent percent truth FridayIt is the acceptance day for prayers. I wish you a happy every day. FridayIt’s possible!

8. 8. Happy Friday

Meaning Happy Friday quotes

The end of your comfort zone is where life begins. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable now, know that the change taking place in your life is the beginning, not an endingIt’s possible! Happy Friday!

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9. Nice Happy Friday

Nice Happy Friday quotes

Happy FridayMake it a good one! Make it a great one!

10. Wonderful Happy Friday

Wonderful Happy Friday quotes

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Forget all the things you’ve encountered this week andEnjoy a great weekend.

Good morning Friday quotes

1. Amazing Good Morning Friday quotes

Awesome Good Morning Friday quotes

Let your cup overflow in peace and love. andPure awesomeness today. Have a Fabulous Day FridayIt’s possible!

2. Beautiful Happy Friday

Beautiful Happy Friday quotes

There is no greater goodness than that. andMercy will follow me throughout my entire life. andI will always live in the house where the Lord is!

3. Blessing Good Morning Friday

Blessing Good Morning Friday quotes

Friday blessings. God bless you forWe made it through the week!

4. Cute Friday quotes

Cute Friday quotes

Mornings are a wonderful time to want to love and care for others. andWe are glad to meet you. Good morning. FridayIt’s possible!

5. Fantastic Friday

Fabulous Friday quotes

You have a great day. andBlessed Good Morning FridayIt’s possible!

6. Beautiful Friday

Lovely Friday quotes

Good morning! Good morning! May your day be full of random giggles. Doing the happy Friday dance!

7. Magical Friday

Magical Friday quotes

When darkness surrounds you… be the light! We wish you all a joyful holiday! FridayIt’s possible!

8. Peaceful Good Morning Friday

Peaceful Good Morning Friday quotes

Today, may you rise with the voice of blessings andPeace in your heart. Good morning FridayIt’s possible!

9. Tender Friday quotes


You made it to the end of another week! Let the weekend be full of beauty and joy. andLove.

10. Wonderful Friday

Wonderful Friday quotes

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Good morning, dear friends. Good morning, my wonderful friends. May your day begin with a smile on you face and love in your heart. and happiness within your soul…

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Funny Friday quotes

1. Cute Funny Friday quotes

Cute Funny Friday quotes

It’s Friday so… Tomorrow, we sleep in right?

2. 2. Exciting Funny Friday

Exciting Funny Friday quotes

It’s a FridayMorning happiness hour Enjoy a cup of coffee forEveryone!

3. Funny FridayBoom Shakalaka

Funny Friday quotes - boom shakalaka

There’s just one legitimate synonym for FridayBoom Shakalaka

4. Funny Friday – Fridaylicious

Funny Friday quotes - Fridaylicious

Feeling Fridaylicious! Please keep sharing!

5. Funny FridayWhat do people really need?

Funny friday quotes - what people need

Funny Friday… because everyone needs a good laugh on FridayIt’s possible!

6. HappyFunny Friday quotes

Happy funny friday quotes

It’s FridayIt’s time to party! Get ready to have a great time!

7. 8. Funny Friday

Interesting Funny Friday quotes

“I am so sad it’s Friday. I wish it was Monday already” – said No one in history, ever!

8. 8. Funny Friday

Special Funny Friday quotes

Things people say: “It’s Friday”. Things Self-employed people say: “It’s Friday?”

9. Surprising Funny Friday

Surprising Funny Friday quotes

It’s Friday. Stories are made when there is time to go forMonday

10. Thankful Funny Friday quotes

Thankful Funny friday quotes

Thank God I’m female. Thank God I’m Fabulous and FunnyIt is! And Yes, Thank God it’s FridayIt’s possible!

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