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Funny Family ChristmasCards Christmas Photo Ideas

What’s the biggest to-do on your holiday list? For many, it’s getting a family photo for your ChristmasYou can get your card! It’s the right time to plan a family shoot! Although, chances are you haven’t even thought about what you want to do for your Christmas cards yet… But lucky for you, we’ve got your back! We have gathered the most loved family members ChristmasPhoto ideas in one place, including funny ones. ChristmasIdeas for cards! (Aren’t those your favorite, too?) From family ChristmasPhotoshot ideas Christmas card templates, we’ve thought of everything. That being said, get ready for picture inspiration-overload! Guys, you will be amazed at all the creative, unique, funny, romantic, and cute family members. Christmas picture ideas that we’ve found!

This is the best list of funny Christmas card ideas out there! #Christmas #Family #ChristmasCards

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As we said, we’ve put together the ULTIMATE round-up of family ChristmasHere are some photo ideas. Not to mention, we’ve included funny ChristmasThese cards will make your family and friends smile! Additionally, we’ve included family ChristmasPhotos with props, outfit ideas, and even announcements for babies! This is an amazing list!

To make browsing a little easier, we’ve divided them into categories, including…

  • 40 Creative ChristmasCard PhotoCaptions
  • 22 Unique ChristmasCard Photo Ideas
  • 24 Hours of Fun ChristmasCard PhotoProps
  • 15 free ChristmasTemplates for cards

Yep, we’ve thought of everything! Shutterfly is a great option for quick and easy printing and designing. You almost always find great deals there!

Are you ready to dive in to this amazing family? ChristmasPhotoshot ideas? First up…

40 Creative Christmas Photo Ideas

Most importantly, the holiday season is coming before you know. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll want to plan ahead as much as possible! Plan everything! Even down to the contents of your card. We’ve collected the most clever, family ChristmasHere are some holiday card ideas. This list will blow you away! On that note, let’s take a look through these unbelievably adorable ChristmasLet’s see some card picture ideas. In addition, let us know if we’ve missed any!

Creative Family Christmas Cards

Family Christmas Card Ideas and Sayings

  1. Silent Night – Unquestionably, Silent Night is a string of Christmas lights around the kids and some tape makes for one “silent night.” Sources: {A} Harvard Homemaker
  2. Merry Kissmas – First, get out the mistletoe. Next, make sure to pucker up and wish your family and friends a Merry Kiss-mas. Sources: {A} Brenda McBride {B} A Bryan Photo {C} Aly Martin Photography

Funny Christmas Card Ideas and Captions

  1. Christmas Wishes & Candy Cane Kisses – For a cute, but simple, photo idea, form a darling heart using candy canes! Sources: {A} Kim J Martin Photography {B} Jen Hebert Photography {C} Oldani Photography {D} Kim Miller
  2. Mistle Toes – Without question, wishing your family and friends a happy holiday season right down to their “mistle-toes,” will warm their hearts! Sources: {A} Hulahoop Photography
  3. “Dear Santa, We Can Explain…” – By chance, are you feeling a little naughty? You can make your own family police for one of our favorite funny stories ChristmasCard ideas. Sources: {A} Oh My Gluestick

Unique Family Christmas Card Sayings

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life – Basically, this idea is the best! The classic cover can be recreated Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” In addition, use the movie title as the phrase to caption your ChristmasFamily photo. Sources: {A} Susan Chambers Designs
  2. Vintage suitcases and signs make an adorable travel-themed photo. This is without a doubt one of the cutest photo ops. Christmas card picture ideas we’ve ever seen! Sources: {A} Jesse Rinka {B} Red Willow Photo

Cute Christmas Photo Ideas and Captions

  1. Warm Holiday Wishes – If you’re going for warm and sunny, then take your family holiday photo at the beach and share the warmth with friends and family! Sources: {A} Amy Gray Photography {B} Drew B Photography {C} Kaitlin Noel Photography {D} Amy Gray Photography
  2. Dashing through Snow – Snap a photo of you and your family running or sledding in the snow, and caption it using this popular hashtag ChristmasLyric! This is why we love old-fashioned type snow sleds. They look great in photos! Sources: {A} Rebekah Westover Photography {B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} Stock Photo

Family Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

  1. Let it snow – We believe that snow instantly makes a classic. Christmasphoto. To create the perfect background for your holiday photos, go outside and cover it with a blanket of snow. Sources: {A} Carrie Small Photography {B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} Hello Fashion Blog {D} Mandy Ringe Photography
  2. JOY to The World – There are two ways you can use this idea. You can first use letters to bring joy to the world by using them as photo props. The second is to let the kids spell it out with their bodies. Here are some lowercase letters and here are some upper case letters. Sources: {A} Jamilia Jean Photography {B} Your Homebased Mom {C} Aly Martin Photography {D} Aly Martin Photography

Family Christmas Card Ideas

  1. Sleep in Heavenly peace – A favorite family member ChristmasOne idea for a photo shoot is to capture the family in holiday pajamas. Another option is to get a photo of the children asleep under the lights. ChristmasTree. Sources: {A} Kate Pease Photography
  2. O ChristmasTree – For a simple Christmas-y Photo: Take a photo of the kids standing in front o the lit-up Christmastree. Sources: {A} Melissa Devoe Photography {B} Simple As That {C} Simple As That {D} Sweet Pickle Pictures
  3. Baby, it’s Cold Outside – If you get lots of cold, winter weather where you live, then take a photo all bundled and cuddled with this festive phrase! To add an extra touch, wrap a plaid blanket around everyone. Sources: {A} Rebekah Westover Photography {B} Sweet Pickle Pictures {C} Rebekah Westover Photography

Funny Christmas Cards with Sayings

  1. Nestled All Snug In Their Beds – This is without a doubt one of the most adorable families. Christmas picture ideas ever. Take a photo of your child snuggled into bed to use the popular Christmasrhyme Don’t forget the cute Santa hats! Sources: {A} Kristen Duke Photography {B} Hulahoop Photography {C} ShaiLynn Photography
  2. And to All a Goodnight – This is a clever idea! Take your holiday photo when the kids are asleep. On the plus side, you don’t even have to worry about them cooperating by looking and smiling at the camera! Sources: {A} Stock Photo
  3. Laughing All the Way – This is the perfect caption for any photo of your family having a good time laughing. And don’t you love that darling Santa suit? To take this phot idea to the next level, you can get a toddler Santa suit or an adorable little elf suit. Sources: {A} House on a Hill

Family Christmas Card Sayings

  1. Holiday Hugs: This caption is perfect for any picture of your kids or family giving a hug. No ChristmasProps are required Sources: {A} Peanut Blossom {B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} House on a Hill
  2. Merry & Bright – Strings of ChristmasThe perfect photo prop to wish your loved one a bright and happy holiday season are lights. We love these vintage-style lights. These would look amazing in any family member. ChristmasPhotoshoot ideas Sources: {A} Haley Sheffield {B} Southern Charm Portraits {C} Ampersand Studios {D} Melissa McCrotty

More Christmas Card Sayings

  1. Have a Jolly Good Time! For one of the most adorable, funny, and cute moments, you can throw your sweetie across your shoulder. ChristmasIdeas for cards! This could also be used for any happy holiday photos you may have. Sources: {A} Hello Fashion Blog {B} Ashley Mickelson Photography {C} Drew B Photography
  2. Not a Creature Was Stirring… Yeah Right!- Well, you don’t have to worry about the kids sitting still for this one! This adorable family deserves a candid shot. Christmas photo idea! Sources: {A} Ashley Mickelson Photography {B} Hulahoop Photography
  3. Oh! What Fun! – If you’re looking to use a more playful or silly photo, then grab some fake snow (if you don’t have the real thing) and use this is the caption for an adorable ChristmasCard! Sources: {A} Wildflowers Photography {B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} Renee Hindman

Christmas Photo Ideas for Cards

  1. Happy Howlidays – And, of course, we couldn’t leave out the dog lovers! Here’s the perfect caption to include man’s best friend in your photo. Don’t forget the reindeer antlers! Sources: {A} ShaiLynn Photography {B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} Stock Photo
  2. Meowy Christmas – Well, here’s a fun idea if you’re looking to involve the family cat in this year’s Christmascard. Sources: {A} Stock Photo
  3. Jingle Bell Rock- Grab your sunglasses, guitars, and get ready to rock the Jingle Bell Rock! ChristmasTree with one our favourites ChristmasPhotos! Sources: {A} Alamond Photography

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Funny Christmas Card Ideas

  1. Naughty is the new Nice! Isn’t this one of the most adorable funny things? ChristmasAre you looking for card ideas? Additionally, this lets the kids get some of their “naughty” out of their system! Sources: {A} Bee Curious
  2. I Saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus – To make this photo cute, dress dad as Santa and have mommy and Santa hugging! You need a Santa Suit! Here’s where you can find one! Sources: {A} Christina Etters Photography
  3. We’ll be Home for ChristmasThis idea is simply the cutest! It’s also perfect if you’re looking for some fun, travel-themed family ChristmasPhotoshoot ideas. I love the idea that a train station or subway can be used as a location for a photo shoot. Sources: {A} Jesse Rinka

Couples Christmas Captions

  1. All I want is ChristmasIs It You – Ah, this classic ChristmasThe best phrase is the one that you use ChristmasCard idea! Additionally, don’t you just love these mugs? These mugs are similar to the ones we found here. Sources: {A} Melissa McCrotty
  2. Married & Bright – This is the perfect idea for newlyweds celebrating their first ChristmasAll together! Sources: {A} Rachel Nicole Arts {B} Q Avenue Photo {C} Emmaline Bride
  3. Married Little ChristmasAre you a newlywed couple who wants to make the most of your wedding photos? Well, here’s one of the most beautiful ChristmasCard photo ideas are available if you wish to use images from your winter wedding. Sources: {A} Bridal Guide

Christmas Caption Ideas for Babies

  1. Unto Us a Child is Born – If you’re looking to use your ChristmasCard as a newborn announcement? This idea is great! Sources: {A} Southern Charm Portraits {B} Freckle Portraits
  2. This is a special delivery from the North Pole. ChristmasThis card idea will melt your heart! Use a cute mailbox, package, basket, or even Santa’s sack, as a photo prop to announce your special Christmas delivery. Sources: {A} Jennifer Wilcox Photography {B} Ashley Mickelson Photography
  3. Let Us Adore Him – If you’ve just welcomed a new little one around the holidays, then take a picture of the rest of the family “adoring” the new baby. Sources: {A} Jean Smith Photography

Kid Christmas Card Captions

  1. Merry ChristmasFrom our Santa Baby – Because nothing is cuter that a baby wearing a Santa hat. We love this one as it is so festive and funny. ChristmasIdeas for cards! Sources: {A} Southern Charm Portraits {B} Southern Charm Portraits {C} Summer Michelle Photography
  2. The Best Gift Ever! Wrap your little one in a bow, and let everyone know that you are very good! Sources: {A} Hulahoop Photography

Family Christmas Card Captions

  1. Don’t get too Wrapped Up in the Holidays – In our opinion, you can never go too overboard with the holidays. This idea is adorable and great fun. You can simply wrap the children in paper or put them in a cute box. Sources: {A} Melissa McCrotty
  2. Rockin’ Around the ChristmasTree – This just seems to us like the most classical tree ChristmasMorning photograph and one of our favorites ChristmasCard picture ideas. Sources: {A} Chubby Cheek Photography
  3. Believe in Wow! This banner is sure to make you feel good. ChristmasMagic! Sources: {A} Aly Martin Photography
  4. All is Calm-ish – Here’s an idea if you like to keep things real! Ha! Ha! Christmas card ideas and show how it’s rarely “calm” around ChristmasAt your home. Sources: {A} Hulahoop Photography

22 Unique ChristmasCard Photo Ideas

First, let’s talk about what makes a ChristmasCard perfectly sentimental and magical? That’s why we have so many ideas! We think that adding a fun prop or showing tender moments will make your life more meaningful. Christmascard. If you’re looking for clever and creative ideas to make your holiday card stand out, then you’re in the right place! These family holiday cards are a sure winner! ChristmasPhotoshoot ideas are sure to make your card stand apart because they add that extra touch. On that note, let’s dive in!

Unique Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Family Christmas Picture Ideas

  1. Ornament Reflection – Capture your family’s reflection in a ChristmasOrnament! {In fact, you can then use Photoshop to remove the camera from the reflection!} Sources: {A} The Whimsy Willow
  2. ChristmasChalk Art – We believe that your creativity is what makes your family unique. Christmas card extra special. Make your card unique by being creative ChristmasYou can create a photo background with chalk on your driveway. Sources: {A} Michelle McClendon
  3. Snow Angels – Using seasonal elements is also fun! Snap a photo of your little snow angels having fun with the snow or making snow angels. If you don’t have snow where you live, then simply grab some fake snow! Sources: {A} Deanna Loren Photography

Christmas Wish Ideas

  1. Christmas Wish Lists – Above all, you want to make sure Santa knows what’s on your ChristmasWish list? Therefore, why not use a cute chalkboard or editing program to display each child’s ChristmasWish list for you Christmasphoto It’s so cute! Sources: {A} Positively Splendid {B} Positively Splendid
  2. Christmas PhotoBooth – Booths are great! The second is: ChristmasPhoto booths are even more fun! Grab some fun printable props to take some photos in your photo booth. ChristmasPhoto booth Sources: {A} Sometimes Creative {B} Sometimes Creative {C} Sometimes Creative
  3. A Winter Window View – It is simple to capture a photo of your family looking through a winter window. Christmas photo ideas we’ve seen! Sources: {A} Stock Photo

Christmas Photo Cards

  1. Winter Picnic – Get ready for one of the most cozy family gatherings ChristmasWhat are some ideas for picture ideas? Make sure to bring a warm cup of hot cocoa and a winter quilt. Next, locate a wintery spot to photograph your family’s winter picnic. Sources: {A} Chubby Cheek Photography {B} Caressa Rogers {C} Chubby Cheek Photography
  2. Blowing snow – But most importantly, have fun with your family ChristmasPhoto! This idea of blowing snow likeconfetti is a great one! Sources: {A} Lindsay Nickel {B} Melissa McCrotty {C} Kaptured by Karli {D} Haley Sheffield
  3. Throwing Snowballs: Want to have fun with one of the most absurd and funny activities? ChristmasYou are looking for card ideas? It’s here! Let’s take a photo of the children throwing a snowball toward the camera. To make 3D snowballs, glue white pom-poms to the front. Sources: {A} Lana Sky {B} Drew B Photography
  4. Storytime – Reading a book is one thing, but storytime is another. ChristmasChristmastime is sweet when you have a story to tell. On the other, it’s an even cuter family Christmas photo idea! Grab your favorite! ChristmasStory for a casual sit down shoot. Sources: {A} Ashley Mickelson Photography

Christmas Picture Ideas

  1. Selecting the ChristmasTree – This is without question our favourite family ChristmasPhotoshoot ideas The tradition of choosing the perfect outfit is over! Christmas tree into a fun family photo op. Sources: {A} Chelsea Lee Photography {B} A Simple Photograph {C} Freckle Portraits
  2. Decorating the Tree – Likewise, here’s another picture idea that involves your tree. You can simply find a photographer who will capture the entire family decorating the tree. Sources: {A} Chubby Cheek Photography {B} Renee Hindman {C} Kristen Duke Photography {D} Brownie Photography {E} Caressa Rogers

CreativeFamily Christmas Card Ideas

  1. ChristmasTree Farm – If the tree look is appealing to you, head on over to your local tree farm ChristmasTree farm for fun family photos Also, you can have ChristmasTree picking ChristmasTake card photos at the same time! Sources: {A} Stevenson Photo {B} Sara Garcia {C} Sara Garcia
  2. Baking ChristmasCookies – We love cookies, in general. ChristmasCookies. Put on your Santa or Chef hats, and bake up some delicious cookies ChristmasDelicious treats for your family ChristmasWhat is a card? Sources: {A} Freckle Photography {B} Stock Photo

Funny Christmas Cards

  1. Christmas Song Signs – Here’s one of the most clever family ChristmasIdeas for cards! This idea is simple: Use individual word signs to spell your favorite! Christmas song! Sources: {A} House on a Hill
  2. ChristmasStory – This classic is true, indeed ChristmasMany funny uses of movie are possible ChristmasIdeas for card designs! Get dressed up like the classic characters Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story.” Don’t forget your pink bunny pajamas, leg lamp, and Red Ryder BB gun! Sources: {A} Bobbi Photo {B} Candid Moment Studios
  3. Merry Grinch-mas – If you can get into the holiday spirit with some crazy Who-ville hair and Grinch-inspired costumes, then you’re pretty much set with this idea! Sources: {A} Ben Elsass {B} Lauren Athalia {C} Laughing Latte

Funny Christmas Cards for Baby

  1. Baby Frosty – Get a red scarf, a top hat and other snowman accessories for Frosty the Snowman. Additionally, here’s a little girl snowman outfit that is seriously cute! Sources: {A} Summer Michelle Photography
  2. Christmas Pregnancy Announcement – If you’re pregnant around ChristmasHere are six great ideas to announce your pregnancy. ChristmasCard! These are so cute! Sources: {A} Diva Lauren {B} Jason Allen
  3. Kids at Play – We believe that showcasing children is one of the most important parts of a play program. ChristmasCard. So why not get some props to stage the kids playing? Sources: {A} Sarah Anne Photography

Family Christmas Picture Ideas

  1. Fun and casual – Take photos of your family enjoying the holidays, no matter the setting. This makes for one the most beautiful holiday photos. ChristmasIdeas for card pictures! Sources: {A} Rebekah Westover Photography {B} Hulahoop Photography {C} Caressa Rogers
  2. Family Christmas Morning – Although a little silly, wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful picture of the whole family cuddled up in your pajamas on ChristmasGood morning! We think so! Sources: {A} Wildflowers Photos

24 Hours of Fun ChristmasCard PhotoProps

We believe that nothing can be called a “successful” in our view. ChristmasThere is nothing more beautiful than a well-placed prop for a card! We love how it draws attention to the viewer and makes them think about the lovely faces and well-wishes. To that end, we had to create a list with all of our favorite family members. ChristmasPicture ideas that use props. These are also winter-related photography props that will make your family look creative. ChristmasCards are more festive Are you ready to see these?

Cute Christmas Cards

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Matching Christmas Pajamas

  1. Christmas Wreath – For starters, use a Christmaswreath to frame the faces of your loved ones. You can also step inside the wreath for one of the funnier versions. ChristmasCard ideas. Sources: {A} Mandy Ringe Photography {B} Vanessa Kuehne {C} Rebekah Westover Photography {D} Vanessa Kuehne
  2. Matching pajamas – Matching pajamas is a sure sign of Christmas! Your pajamas are the perfect prop to your festivities! Christmasphoto! Take a quick photo of your family and match it! Christmas pajamas! Sources: {A} Hulahoop Photography {B} Mary Ann Photography {C} Southern Charm Portraits {D} Hulahoop Photography {E} Diva Gabby

Cute Family Christmas Pictures

  1. Snow Sled – Actually, you can just pile the kids or the entire family onto a snowy sled to create a beautiful memory and darling photo. ChristmasPhoto! Sources: {A} Wildflowers Photos {B} ShaiLynn Photography {C} Amy Tripple Photography {D} Rebekah Westover Photography {E} Rebekah Westover Photography
  2. Hot Cocoa – OR, make a photo prop out of mugs with cocoa. A whole family could set up a hot chocolate stand. Sources: {A} ShaiLynn Photography {B} Mandy Ringe Photography {C} Kim J Martin Photography

Funny Family Christmas Cards

  1. Rudolph Nose- Red ornaments make a great Rudolph nose for a silly and fun photo. If you don’t have any available, then you could grab a fun light-up nose instead! Sources: {A} Kathleen Solarczyk Photography {B} Sweet Pickle Pictures
  2. Reindeer Antlers- Use reindeer headbands from Dollar Store to create a festive and unique photo look. Or, you can even make your own with chalk on the ground. Sources: {A} Hollyhocks Honeybees {B} Lauren Athalia
  3. ChristmasPresents – Holiday photo props are boxes that have been wrapped in bows and festive wrapping paper. These make the perfect family photo prop. ChristmasIdeas for cards! Sources: {A} Stock Photo {B} Ryan Ray {C} Kristen Duke Photography

Cute Christmas Pictures

  1. Christmas Storybook – If you’re going for sentimental, then here’s a great idea! Take a photo of your kids reading their holiday storybook, such as How the Grinch Stole. Christmas or ‘Twas the Night Before ChristmasSources. Sources: {A} Stock Photo
  2. ChristmasLollipop – These bright and festive lollipops look amazing in photos! They keep the kids happy and smiling during family photoshoots! Sources: {A} Portraits by Sands
  3. Santa Hats – Here’s a cheap and easy photo prop that instantly makes your photo more festive: Santa hats! Sources: {A} Stock Photo {B} Vanessa Kuehne

Couple Christmas Cards

  1. Winter Blankets – In our opinion, there’s nothing sweeter than a picture of a family huddled together under a warm winter blanket. Sources: {A} Sarah Libby Photography {B} Sweetest Thing {C} A Simple Photograph
  2. Mistletoe- A sweet way to capture a moment under the mistletoe. ChristmasCard! Sources: {A} Kristen Duke Photography {B} Melissa McCrotty {C} Kissing Booth Blog

Christmas Card Ideas

  1. ChristmasOrnaments – Brightly colored ornaments add color and fun to photos. Additionally, they are great at keeping the little ones’ attention. Sources: {A} Melissa McCrotty {B} Ampersand Studios {C} Stock Photo
  2. Scarves, hats and headwear – Bright-colored scarves, hats and headwear are great ways to brighten up holiday photos. Sources: {A} Natalie G Larson B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} Rebekah Westover Photography

Props For Family Holiday Letters

  1. Christmas Sign – If you’re going for simple, then why not use a fun chalkboard sign to display your holiday message? Sources: {A} Southern Charm Portraits {B} Haley Sheffield
  2. ChristmasBanner – A banner could be used to express your holiday greetings. Sources: {A} Willivia {B} Simple As That {C} EK Studios
  3. Santa Claus – For the record, you don’t need an authentic-looking Santa Claus to get the perfect holiday photos. In reality, just incorporating Santa’s hand, legs, or hat in the photo adds a fun Christmas-y element. Sources: {A} Alamond Photography {B} ShaiLynn Photography {C} Alamond Photography

Props for Holiday Photos

  1. Christmas Lights – In truth, it’s amazing how a simple string of ChristmasThe lights can completely brighten and increase the brightness of a room. Christmasphoto. Sources: {A} Caroline Tran {B} House on a Hill {C} By Grace {D} Melissa McCrotty
  2. Christmas Tree – Well, this prop idea may be traditional, but it’s one of our favorites! Make sure to take your photos at a ChristmasTree farm or mini tree for photo shoots with children. Sources: {A} Rebekah Westover Photography {B} K Stevenson Photo {C} Renee Hindman
  3. Cookies and Milk – Without a doubt, Santa’s milk and cookies are a great tradition to capture. ChristmasIt’s possible! Snap a photo of the children leaving out milk and cookies for Santa. Sources: {A} Caressa Rogers {B} Carrie Small Photography {C} ShaiLynn Photography {D} Homemade Ideas

Ideas for Family Photos in Winter

  1. Sack of Coal- A sack full of coal can be used as a prop to add some humor to your event. Christmascard. We love this funny card for some reason. ChristmasIdeas for cards! Sources: {A} Family Tree Photography
  2. Bundled Up – Turn a morning spent playing in the white snow into a sweet family photo! And, don’t forget extra laters! Sources:{A} Rebekah Westover Photography {B} ShaiLynn Photography {C} Rebekah Westover Photography {D} Sweet Pickle Pictures

Family Holiday Picture Ideas

  1. Snowman – We believe that anything can be made into a snowman. ChristmasCard. You can turn your family’s snowman-making experience into a fun photo shoot. Sources:{A} Bubbaloo Photography {B} Bubbaloo Photography {C} Bubbaloo Photography
  2. Snowy white – For us, snow is the perfect prop. For stunning snow photos, why not get dressed up in snow white? Sources:{A} PS Photography {B} PS Photography {C} Stock Photo {D} Hulahoop Photography

15 Families ChristmasTemplates for cards

Oh Christmas card, oh ChristmasCard! Every kind of card is loved by us! ChristmasCard! Although the funny might be our favorite, ChristmasWe love card ideas but also appreciate simple and elegant cards. Lucky for you, we couldn’t resist rounding up some DIY ChristmasYou can make your own card ideas! Simply, we’re just hoping to help lighten your load this holiday season! To that end, you can use any of the templates below to create your perfect family. ChristmasCard. Without a doubt, you’ll be glad you made this special memory!

Holiday Family Letter Templates

Holiday Card Templates

  1. Birdesign – Check out this darling “Our Year in Review” family newsletter template.
  2. Merry Christmas Birdesign – Enjoy this free, traditional 5×7 Christmas card design. It also includes Christmas card photoshop templates, a 5×7 card, and a Facebook timeline size graphic.
  3. Sassafrass Studios – Take a look at this “Happy Holidays” card that comes in PSD files, including front & back designs as instant download files made for 5×7 cards.
  4. PosyPrints Year in Review – Here are two super cute 5×7 PSD files. These files can be printed at your favorite print shop, or at home.
  5. PaperLark Designs CheckThese festive and stylish cards are easy to edit with colors and text!
  6. Indigo Boutiques – You’ll love this beautiful ChristmasHoliday card template. And, you’ll die when you see the beautiful ChristmasTree outline
  7. The Hummingbird Press – Here’s a free ChristmasCard template featuring pretty pink snowflakes
  8. Stillbrook Designs: These are beautiful, unique designs for you ChristmasCards

Holiday Templates With Pictures

  1. Ashe Design: How about beautiful, front- and back-designed photoshop card templates? Yes!
  2. Laurie Cosgrove Designs – These holiday designs are both elegant and urban, so check them out!
  3. Announcing You – Here’s a beautiful and simple front & back layered 7×5 photoshop template.
  4. Cherry Bloom Design – Undoubtedly, you’ll love this is a bright and cheery ChristmasTemplate for a card.
  5. Sweet Sawyer Photo Co – “Let It Snow” with these beautiful designs.
  6. Bellenity Design – Not only is this super easy to customize, but it’s also bright and merry! It’s perfect for the holidays!
  7. Salsal Design: How about customizing yours? ChristmasCard with hand-painted script in gold and ornaments

There you go! This post contains over 100 family members. ChristmasThis season, get inspired by these card ideas! You can find something for everyone!Now comes the hard part… picking your favorite! Now, here comes the hard part… picking your favorite! 😉

If you still can’t seem to find a design that speaks to you, then there’s also Shutterfly. They have over a billion holiday card templates and even include envelopes!

Check out our post 101 Family Picture Tips for more photography inspiration. IdeasAnd our 101 Tips and Tricksamp; IdeasPhotographing Couples! Both would be extremely useful for a ChristmasPhotoshoot

We hope that you find the perfect solution. ChristmasGet a card! Merry ChristmasIt’s possible!

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