Fruit in Spanish

Fruit in Spanish

Fruit in Spanish

Spanish Vocabulary

The names of fruit in Spanish vary from one country to another. For example with the fruit apricot, in some countries they will call it albaricoque and others damasco. However in general Spanish-speaking people will know that a duranzo is the same thing as a melocotón though they may correct you according to what is said in their country.

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Fruit in Spanish

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** SPANISH Teachers ** We now have a version of this chart that can be used in your classroom. Individual A4 Flash cards of each fruit have been added with their names. You can purchase it here: Fruit in Spanish – Chart and Flash Cards

List of fruit in Spanish

Here is our list of fruit in Spanish with the English translation next to it.

  • el aguacate = avocado
  • el albaricoque = apricot
  • el ananá(s) = pineapple (in Argentina and Uruguay)
  • el arándano = blueberry
  • el arándano (rojo) = cranberry
  • la banana = banana
  • la cereza = cherry (cerezas and usually darker in color than guindas)
  • la ciruela = plum
  • el coco = coconut
  • el damasco = apricot
  • el durazno = peach
  • la frambuesa = raspberry
  • la fresa = strawberry
  • la frutilla = strawberry
  • la guinda = cherry
  • la granada = pomegranate
  • la grosella negra = blackcurrant
  • el higo = fig
  • el kiwi = kiwi
  • la lima = lime
  • el limón = lemon
  • la mandarina = mandarine
  • el mango = mango
  • la manzana = apple
  • el maracuyá = passion fruit
  • el melocotón = peach
  • el melón = melon
  • el membrillo = quince
  • la mora = blackberry
  • la naranja = orange
  • la nectarina = nectarine
  • la papaya = papaya
  • la palta = avocado
  • la pera = pear
  • la piña = pineapple
  • el plátano = banana
  • el pomelo = grapefruit
  • la sandía = watermelon
  • la toronja = grapefruit
  • la uva = grape
  • la zarzamora = blackberry
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