75+ Best Free Vintage Halloween Images!


HalloweenClip Art Spiders and Bugs

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Halloween Image black and white Spider

5) Dangling Halloween Clip Art Spider & Spiderweb. This post is not only one great, it has two. spiderImages! One of them is of a spider making an a Full spider webThe second picture is of a very detailed spider danglingStarting at a Thorny branch(Above) The spider has hair all over his legs!

6) Death’s Head Hawk Moth. This moth’s name says it all. This creepy moth is a great example of creepiness. Both black and white Halloween Clip Art etchingA mothA unique pattern and what looks like it skullIts back.

7) Orange- and Black Bugs Three vintage images Black Orange beetles are perfect for HalloweenProjekte I just love the Unusual Figures The patternsThese guys are the best!

8) Hairy TarantulaThis post contains three amazing things HalloweenImages Both black and whiteAlso Sepia tones. These words were taken from an old dictionary. Hairy tarantula, Hanging batIt looks almost like a fruit bat.), and a hissing copperhead Snake.

9) Moth Book PlateThis antique is stunning moth book plateFeatures seven mothsWith beautiful, line up your photos in a row Calligraphy. The moths have coordinating Beige, grey, and cream tones. This large printable is perfect for quick reference. Halloweenart and the moths make great decoupage partners!

Vintage Crow and Raven Images

Natural History Raven Image 10) Serious Raven This antique Natural historyPrint of RavenIt looks great! SevereAnger. Another raven in the background is ready to eat a sheep, but from the look of our angry raven, his friend wasn’t sharing. This is a classic looking shot. Hunched overRaven poses that can be used in so many different ways

11) Stretching Blackbird This is the simplest and most threatening image that we have in this category. This is an extract from a children’s encyclopediaThis. blackbirdIs standing on a Branch? StretchingWith his neck up to the heavens.

12 VintageCrow.This 1859 is hand-colored and highly detailed. Natural history printIs of a standing CrowHe will tuck one leg under his own.

13) Ravens eating a Worm. This RavenLeaning on a delicious snack is a good idea. This raven can be easily combined with other images, such as bones, to make it look even worse.

Antique Photos

Antique Photo Woman with Spectacles

14) Serious Woman This oldCabinet cardFrom my collection, you can find these featuresOlder womanWith Goggles. Her Black buttoned-up dressHair is a very important part of our lives. severe lookShe is perfect for this. Halloweencrafts

15) Children in Costumes A Photo in black and whiteA large number of ChildrenYou can find out more at a PorchWith their HalloweenCostumeson. It appears that Little Bo Peep, cowboys, and other costumes were very popular around this time.

16) Witchy WomanThe woman is either very attractive or very humble. SevereOr very sour. She is a wonderful person in any way. Witchy womanFor HalloweenYou can pair this photo with a! You can pair this image with a Witch hatClip art or any other type of clip art to dress her up in holiday spirit.

17) Cranky Boy. This little boyWith GogglesIt is all Get dressed up and ready for his professional photo shoot, but looks like he’d really rather be outside playing. He’s giving the camera an “are you done yet?” look.

Happy HalloweenImages Pumpkins

Happy Halloween Image Boy with Pumpkin

18) Googly Eyed Pumpkin Boy. This is my favorite old photo. PostcardIllustration by Ellen Clapsaddle. This Wide-eyed Kind is decked out in her HalloweenCostumeSitting with a large group of people Happy pumpkinShe will be sitting on her lap. This is the ideal Happy HalloweenImage

19) Pumpkin and Vine This photo was originally posted in 2007 by me. This Realistic pumpkin was originally a children’s game piece. A bright OrangeThe pumpkin is well-formed and sits on theVine.

20) Plump Pumpkin. This is a plump! Pumpkin scrapIt appears to be from 1950’sThis is a view that looks down on the pumpkin patch.

21) Two Color Pumpkin.Two images from the same post are included in this post PumpkinIt is lying to its credit SideSurrounded by Vine Leaves. I’ve included a Both black and whiteVersion and an orange and whiteVersion. These two Retro StyleImages remind me a lot Linoleum block printsThese would also be great for Thanksgiving projects!

Black Cat HalloweenClip Art Images

Black Cat Halloween Clip Art Image

22) Cat Head Halloween Clip Art Silhouette. This image comes straight from an old drawing and includes the following features:HeadA catOnly his. Only hisLong whiskers white eyesIt can be compared against the all black silhouette.

23) Black Cat and Moon This one comes from an An old type bookIt has the silhouetteA Black cat WithLarge, bright white eyesOn a Refer to the ledgeAn Arched back. An orange moonIt is behind the cat. The border around it is unique and very appealing.

24) Smiling Cat Silhouette.This is a vintage. silhouetteA A smiling catA big Orange bowAnd glowing orange eyes.

25) Owl and Cat at the Moon This old HalloweenPostcardFeatures several symbols HalloweenAnonymous Owl Black catNext to a witch’s hatBroomBy the Moon. The Yellow moonThe really sets it off by the bluish greyPostcard background

26) Young Witch and Black Cat This vintagePostcardBy Ellen ClapsaddleShows a happy youngCostumed witchWith a white dressRed CapeHolding her in a red hat Black catWith aPumpkinTucked under her arms.

Happy HalloweenImages of Witches

Happy Halloween Images Witch and Pumpkin

27) Happy HalloweenWitch on a Pumpkin The lovely witch that you see today was an old lady.Postcard. She is sitting You can find out more atPumpkins that are largeYou can squeeze her. black cat. She smiles and Get dressed in AnAll redDress, cape, and shoes HerPointy black hatIt is decorated with flowing Red ribbon.

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28) Pretty Witch and CatThis is an old newspaper photo of a Young witch holding a BroomHer meowingBlack catat her feet. She wears a Pointy hatHer hair is long, flowing and beautiful. This is a beautiful image!

29) Retro Witch Riding a Broom. This 1940’s witch is from and old printer’s book. TheBlack and whiteImage shows smiling Young witchWith a Pointy hatRide a BroomIn the Moonlight.

30) Batty Costumed Ladies. These women are not witches. victorian ladiesDress in Bat costumesYou can find it here! Both ladies wear the same outfit Capes?Large earsThey are unique and wear them on the heads skirts. These are truly amazing unique imagesFor Halloween.

31) Witch Girl Card. This image in full color is of a young girl. Witch girlHolding herBlack cat Broom. She is wearing aRed dressWith aGreen capeAnd her Pointed black hatIt is decorated with Red ribbons. This image was taken from an antique. Halloween PostcardYou can also download the original postcard with just the girl or her hat.

Architecture, Landscapes & MooImages

Spooky Halloween House Image

32) Victorian HousesThese are old Both black and white Drawings of architectural detailsI am reminded of foreboding by Victorian homes HauntedThese are houses. These are the houses. Victorian mansionsYou can easily modify them and combine them with other images for something super creepy.

33) Ornate Iron Gate. This Both black and whiteThis image is from an old hardware catalogue and can easily be used in some scary scenes. The ornate iron gateIt could be decorated with crow silhouettes and some spooky cloud images, as well as a full moon.

34) Barren Tree. This is black line drawingA pear tree from the past All its leaves were gone. I love the Crooked linesOf the many Branch. This one is ideal for spooky designs and scenes that need a scary theme. barren tree.

35) Grouchy Moon Man. This quarter moonimage bright yellowThis was taken from an older source HalloweenPostcard. This moon manIt is Not happy – his eyes, nose and mouth all seem to indicate that he’s DefeatedWith something. One of the best for you HalloweenProjekte!

36) Happy Moon Man This photo was one of yours. FavoritesIt was published a few decades ago. ThisFull moonHas a face that’s Looking out to the sideHe is a. He is a light yellow With aFriendly faceThis was an original trade card.

Rat & Bat Images

Rats Printable Image

37) Realistic Rats. ThisRealisticAntique hand-colored image of twoRats that look like they’ve gotten in to a farmer’s Grains. This large printable can be used to create a beautiful piece of instant art.

38) Front View Bat. This black and white image is of a bat if viewed lying on it’s back. His wings are semi-extended, and you can see the intricate webbing between his legs.

39) Flying Bat This is realistic Dark brown and black batHe looks as if he is SwoopingNight to catch bugs This post contains both the original and updated versions. Natural historyImage, complete with Moon Castle ruinThe background also includes an edited image of the bat glidingThrough the air.

40) Hanging Bat This is an antique dictionary image of what appears to be a Hanging fruit bat. He has large eyesAnd is holding on tight to a BranchWith Semi-closed wings.

Creepy Halloween Labels & Ads

Vintage Poison Label

41) Red & White Poison Labels. Two old posts are included in this post Red and white rectangular poison labelsThere are two versions: one in English and one Spanish. Both features are availableCrossbones and skullThis warning was made to everyone to stay away from the bottles that were being used.

42) Aresenic Poison Label This vintage Pharmacie labelIt is for arsenic. The old poison label also includes: Skull and CrossbonesInformation and details about the original DrunkenAs well as an antidoteFor poisoning.

43) Ads for Undertakers I came across three different types of InstructorBurialGraphics in two books. All three books feature the following: Horse and carriagePulling a WagonWith Coffins. Two ads contain the address and name of the undertaker.

44) Owl Advertisement.This old advertising scrap shows an closeup of an Staring at an owl’s headThis is the direct way forward. This BrownAn owl’s bright eyes are a sign of its intelligence. blue neckband with an ad for Colburn’s Mustard.

Bones & Body Part Images

Halloween Clip Art Skull Illustration Profile

45) Skull Side View HalloweenClip Art This one is for you. skullFrom the Side. I’ve included both the original scan on a SepiaBackground and a Both black and whiteVersion. This skull has There are no medical labelsIt is a classic side view of a skull.

46) Skull and Leg Bones This post is great because it has both full-size black and white Anatomical printablesOne of the best is. Frontal viewA skullThe other is legs bonesHere are a few other views. These images are great because they have so much detail and size. larger scale projectsImages of bones are required.

47) Skeletal Hand. A wonderful Full-size, detailed Both black and whiteScanning of the a The skeletal hand. They have been identified with the bony appendages. Medical names.

48) Human Brain. This Both black and white etching is from an 1870’s encyclopedia. This post contains two graphics: Brain of the human beingIt is displayed from a top viewFrom the SideBoth.LabeledWith their Medical names. These images in black and white are amazing to me instant artOr for making creepy?Labels.

49) Spectacles for Eyes This is a great full-color antique scrap image. blue eyesWith spectacles. This would be a good idea. MaskFor a creepy experience, CostumeYou can!

50) Boa Constrictor Skeleton. This amazing detail is incredible snake skeletonIt is a black and White etching. It is just amazing how it looks. boa constrictor’sThe body is curled and CoiledIts flexibility is shown in this illustration spine. This snake would make a great gift. Gothic style projects.

51) Eagle Talons.This EtchingHere is a closeup shot of an Talons and the eagle foot. The scales Curved nailsIt can be made super-spooky. This image would be great for witch’s brewType of projects

52) Full Human & Ape SkeletonsThis old medical image compares bones from a Complete human skeletonWith those of Ape. Images are in Both black and white and I’ve included the original sepia-toned scan as well for a vintage look.

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53) Skull Image. This one is a An old anatomySkull image, scanned using an old anatomy book. The old Engravingand is full of incredible detail.NumerousI love the authenticity it gives it. Perfect for Halloween! HalloweenYou can make crafts or do DIY projects!

54) Watchful Eye. This is a public domain free image of a watchful eye! ThisBlack and whiteImage shows anEyeWith EyebrowsRays RadiatingIt was taken from it. It was scanned from an Antique Circa 1828 Printer’s book. I’m not sure if this eye symbol has a particular meaning behind it, but I thought it was really interesting looking.

55) Dissected Heart. This is full DiagramA Heart is from an old nurse’s book. The Both black and whiteThe etching show aCross sectionOf the heart with its cavities, major veins arteries labeled. Colored in are the aorta and pulmonary arteries. blue RedThere are many. Red arrowsTo show the blood flow through the heart.

56) Skull and Crossbones This is an early version Halloweenimage of a Skull and Crossbones. This one was scanned from a Circa 1828 Antique Printer’s Book, and is a rather It’s creepy looking image…just perfect to make poison labelsFor more information, see for HalloweenYou can!

57) Head Diagram for Phrenology. This lovely old diagram came from an old reference book from the 1880’s. This diagram shows an illustration of a Bald headFace right with the different RegionsMapped out and LabeledDifferent characteristics

Happy HalloweenImages

Happy Halloween Owl and Witch Image

58 HalloweenImage of an Owl and Witch This is an old card image that shows a Pretty young witchWoman in a Red cape blue hat. Her curly hair is beautiful dark hairA curious mind and a curious bodyOwlShe is perched on her shoulders with a sliver MoonThe background is the text. The card reads “Jolly Halloween”.

59) Adorable Pumpkin Witch. This is cute Vintage postcardShows a little pumpkin head girlWearing a leaf outfitA black and Witch hat. She is currently making something in her home. Cauldron of blackThis is the aforementioned black catYou can see the trees from the branches. This adorable, full-color drawing is from an old photograph. Halloweencard

60) Pumpkin Head Boy and Owl This vintage HalloweenPostcard depicting a sweet little boy pumpkin head boyHis pet OwlCuddling on a BranchIn theMoonlight. The dark clouds in the sky look ominous but the boy seems to be friends with the owl. Additional words are added to the postcard. HalloweenGreaseAs well as on the front.

61) Pumpkin Man Driving a Car. This little postcard is funny. Jack O’ LanternWith a driving licence HatYou can still drive an old-fashioned vehicle. carWith two additional pumpkins for headlights. The card says “You auto have a Happy Halloween”, and is a fun little graphic that would be great for cards and HalloweenProjekte.

62) Witch Girl in Jack O’ Lantern. This vintage postcard depicts a cute little town.Witch girlWith a Cape green Pointy hatStanding within an oversize Jack O’ Lantern. She’s cooking up something in her kitchenCauldronA spoon is used for taste testing. A Black catBright red apples are right at her feet.


Palmistry Hand Image

63) Palmistry Hand.This is so cool Advertising cardFrom a root beer company, a left hand is shown Keep your palms up. The different letters denote areas of the hand to be examined. This is a piece ofFull color ephemeraThis would make an ideal image in Halloween collages!

64) Gravestone clip art This is a great vintage that’s still free of any traces. Clip art for gravestonesimage. This engraving was taken from an 1889 marble company catalogue. The Blank headstonePerfect for adding text to your article! It has a two-stepped bottom, and a rectangular shape with an Arched top.

65) Owl Smiling Pumpkin This one is adorable Smiling pumpkinAnOwlPerched On top. The owl looks so adorable with his bright & wide eyes! The antique scrap was done in shades of Orange and yellow.

66) Spider Web. This Spider web in black and whiteThis image shows a web constructed in the middle of two. Branch. The very circular web would be great to use on labels, tags, cards or menus — just about any HalloweenAny project that you can think.

Skull Apothecary Label.This is spooky An old labelIt was for a type of medicine. The ad says:Black and orangeWith a side view of the creepy side of the a skull. This label would look great on an old bottle of wine. HalloweenDisplay.

68) Cat Lady Costume. This is how to have fun Both black and white graphics comes from an 1880’s CostumeBook in my collection. It’s a book.LadyDress in a Cat costumeWith a cat’s head HatYou can also find out more about a Furry capeDress.

Retro HalloweenImages

Halloween Retro Lady Image

69) Retro Lady and Pumpkin This is how to have fun Black and white image looks to be from the 40’s or 50’s and shows a fun woman in High heelsHolding a huge carved pumpkin. She reminds me so strongly of a pinup. The word HalloweenIt is written vertically to the right.

70) Retro Costumed Ladies With Pumpkin. This is a cute retro HalloweenImage features Two women in costumes. One wears Checkered dressAnd the other is dressed in aClownA large amount of money can be held. Jack O ‘Lantern. This retro black-and-white image would make a great addition to your website. Halloween Invite friends to a partyYou can!

71) Retro Kids with Pumpkin Spirit. This retro is so much fun HalloweenGraphic shows a young girl Both boy and girlWith a Jack O’ LanternOn a stick, with a sheet as a body. This fun retro graphic is in Both black and whiteYou can also get a black-and-white version that only has the pumpkin in orange.

72) Retro Bat Frame with Ghost This one is a great example. Halloweengraphic that illustrates a FrameMade ofBats touch wingsWith a GhostIt is inside. Have fun! I’ve also including a version of the bat frame without the ghost, so that you can put whatever you like inside.

Other creepy things HalloweenPictures

Vintage Snakes Halloween Picture

73 VintageSnakes Etching. This Vintage engravingwas scanned from an 1838 German book about amphibians, which is the newest addition in my collection. The black and white drawing is creepy, but very cool.Two curly scaly snakes. With their intimidating looks, they look very menacing. fangs LiceShowing. You will also find a version in black and white, as well the original cream paper version.

Image of a Creepy Bird. This vintage bird is possible to be a Vulture(circa 1878) is currently in the process His preyLooks to be Disassembly the animal with his beak….not for the faint at heart! The bird is mainly WhiteWith tan wingsDark brown tips with interesting Yellow accent feathersHis face.

75) Earth Worm Image. This Worm isn’t the most attractive, but the old image shows a Full colorIn shades of Pink and blackFine detail. He is perfect for your scarier fall projects.

76) Lizard Engraving This CalyDetailled image of a lizard was taken from an 1838 German book. TheDrawing in black and whiteShows a lizard holding a camera. Curled tail. I’ve included the original scan on Cream paperAs well as a white background version.

77) Creepy Bat Skeletons These creepy-looking things are just too cool to be true bat skeletonsThese images are from an early natural history book. One image shows a bat skull DiagramWith Outstretched wingsYou can see all the bones in his wings. The second graphic shows the a Skeleton of the vampire batSide view: In what appears to be a walking or flying pose

78) Leafless trees These trees have all their leaves gone and are now getting ready for winter. These trees are getting ready for winter. Dark linesGive them a It’s spookyPerfect for: HalloweenProjekte. I’ve included two images, one with three trees and a second image with a single tree with tons ofTwisting branches.

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