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Christian Phone Wallpapers

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Are you still using the same wallpaper on your phone? forWhat about months?

Are you prepared? forSomething new? You could learn something new. yourFaith is a Christian? A wallpaper to remind you of God’s life-changing truth?

We have some good news for you!

Our biggest collection has just been released ChristianWallpapers

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Each wallpaper features a variety of artwork and designs that highlight a different truth about Scripture.

Christian Wallpapers for Phone Backgrounds iPhone and AndroidHere’s a preview of some wallpapers from this collection

The entire collection can be found here 75Backgrounds for phones Our original artwork Designs that are specifically designed for yourAndroid or iPhone phone.

Find yourThis collection features new wallpaper.

Continue scrolling to view more examples of Scriptures and Wallpapers in this Collection.

Why should you use A? ChristianWallpaper?

As Christians, it’s easy to get to distracted from what we know to be true. Our minds can wander.

We still glance at our phones hundreds of time per week.

Now, imagine what if each one of those times were? yourLockscreen, you were reminded about a profound truth from Scripture. That’s powerful.

That’s one reason we created these 75 ChristianWallpapers

Christian Wallpaper Phone Background Courage Tiger

You Can Use This Scripture Art PhoneBackground

This collection contains a wide range of original Scripture Art.

These wallpapers were made from some of our most popular art prints.

We’ve included artworks from our Painted Verses, Word & Creation, and Tiny Verses collections.

Christian Wallpapers of Scripture Art for Phone Backgrounds (iPhone Android)This is a sample of some wallpapers from the collection. These wallpapers are based on some of our top-selling designs ChristianArt Prints

These artworks show the truth of Scripture visually.

There are a lot of different styles in this collection of wallpapers, but each one is firmly rooted in God’s truth. We hope you’ll find a style and verse that connects forPlease.

Our mission at God’s fingerprints is to declare the truth of God’s Word with artwork.

We’ve been doing that forYears with our ChristianArt Prints. But we wanted to make Scripture Art even more accessible. That’s why we created this collection of wallpapers.

Christian Wallpapers of Tiny Verses for Phone Backgrounds (iPhone Android)Here’s a sample of one of the wallpapers from this collection. These wallpapers are inspired by the Tiny Verse Collection.

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In addition to hanging Scripture Art, your walls — you can put it on yourAlso, you can phone!

With over 75 different wallpapers to choose from, you’ll surely find one you love.

Scripture WallpapersPlease Help Us To Focus On The Truth

Scripture proves it. WallpapersThese are not magic bullets that can solve all your problems. But we believe it’s a step in the right direction.

Christians are called to be focused on the good and worthy (Philippians 4,).

Christian Wallpaper Designs for Phone Backgrounds (iPhone Android)Here’s a sample of one of the wallpapers from this collection. These are our original Bible Wallpaper Collection.

We think this collection is a great selection. ChristianWallpapers can help you do this.

It doesn’t take much effort to change yourPhone background But once you do, it’s there.

Biblical truth bombs your lock-screen.

Christian Wallpapers foriPhone and Android

These wallpapers can be used on almost any Android or iPhone device.

These wallpapers are designed to look great on every phone. No matter what phone you have, the wallpaper will work on it. forPlease.

Android or iPhone, it’s all good. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android. yourIf your phone has a background it can display one ChristianWallpapers

All wallpapers are meant to help you get more scripture in. yourEvery day.

To obtain the 75 Free Christian Wallpapers for your phone, click below!

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Get a new lockscreen

For many years, we’ve been focused on declaring the truth of God’s Word through artwork. We’ve done this primarily through our ChristianArt Prints

We realized that we could do this with the devices we have with us every single day.

According to research, the average person checks his phone about 100 times per day.

I think we can all agree that we should be less connected to our phones (that’s a topic forA different blog post! But the truth is — phones aren’t going anywhere. They will remain an integral part of our daily lives.

Every time you use your iPhone or Android, you’re greeted with a lockscreen.

The screen that you see when you check the time is called the lockscreen. yourphone It’s there every time you use yourPhone to open an application

It’s quite literally a blank canvas to display whatever we want.

Why not display the truth of God’s inspired Word?


We hope that these artworks find their way to you. yourLockscreens for your phone

It can help you find a new way to connect with Scripture’s truths.

It can spark conversations about God and His Word.

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Check out the collection to see if there’s one forYou can:

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Looking forLearn More Wallpapers?

This wallpaper collection is exclusive to Wallpapers. forBackgrounds for phones

But we’ve also created another collection focusing on bigger wallpaper formats. Our 25 collection is available here. FreeBible WallpapersYou can find more backgrounds.

The collection has 16:9 wallpapers and also includes tablet wallpapers. It even features a few phone wallpapers that aren’t available in this collection.

Bonus tipSince the 25 Bible WallpapersYou can print the larger format and hang them on your wall yourGive as gifts or for walls! It’s a simple and affordable way to get Scripture Art in yourHome

Stay tuned as we’re hoping to release even more of these in the future!

Artwork for those who love God’s Word

At God’s fingerprints, we create artwork for those who love God’s Word.

We believe in the power and authority of Scripture Art.

That’s why we’ve created hundreds of artworks inspired by the truths of Scripture.

We hope you’ll be blessed by these artworks, whether that’s a print on yourBackground or wall yourphone. These artworks were created keeping you in mind.

If you’d like to see more of our artwork, you check out our shop.

Christian Art Prints Shop All

All of our art prints are created to declare the truth of God’s Word.

They make wonderful gifts forAny Bible lover.

If you’re looking forA gift, or even a print forYou may also find this helpful ChristianGift guides are useful. There are so many options for ChristianThere are three types of people: Men, women and children. There is even a section on children. forGifts for Wedding

Get Your 75 Free Christian Phone WallpapersAct Now!

This is a collection of 75 Free Christian Wallpaperswas made forPlease.

Set your lock-screen to these wallpapers and be reminded of God’s promises every time you look at yourPhone.

It is important to surround yourself with truth as a Christian.

No matter if that’s an entirely new print yourWall or new wallpaper your phone—we believe Scripture Art can help.

We hope that these resources will be of assistance to you. your journey.

This collection is a great resource for sharing with friends. your blog our website. It would be greatly appreciated!

75 Free Christian Wallpapers for iPhone Android with Biblical Quotes and Verses

Now, what? yourWhat is your favorite wallpaper?

Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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