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Fortnite is immensely popular among the gamers, kids and adults alike and had more than 125 million players in its first year of release. It has not looked back since then but rather growing and hitting new levels.

Another reason behind the success of this game is that it is a free-to-play game and players don’t have to pay money to play it. The game has many modes but the main reason behind its success is Battle Royale mode where 100 random players fight with one another for the first spot.

The map of this game is an island where players land and play the game. Epic has created a storyline for this game which can be seen by someone following the game since season 1. Epic releases many updates and royal passes with each season. Epic also coordinates with other organizations to ring something new to the game. For example, Epic has brought Thanos and his famous infinity gauntlet to the Fortnite world in partnership with Marvel. Each Battle pass brings new skins and dances etc.

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Game Modes

Fortnite has three modes and all of them are very popular among the players

Fortnite: Save the World

This is the original mode of the fortnite game. It was released in 2017. In this mode players play the game in the groups of four players. In this mode players have to complete missions in order to earn rewards and experience. The game takes place after a storm that has wiped 98% of the Earth. The players have to fight zombies and save the remaining survivors.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite was not making much progress after the release of its original mode. So after the release of other Battle Royale games like Apex legends and PUBG, Epic games also released this mode. And the release of this mode marked the success of this game. This mode can be played by a solo player or players in the groups of twos and fours can also play depending on the skills and confidence of a player. The players can communicate with one another using text or voice chat. 100 players drop from the Battle bus without any weapons or supplies and scavenge for weapons and supplies once they land. The map is continuously shrinking so players have to move continuously and kill other players in the process. The winner of the game is the last standing player or team .

Fortnite Creative

This is a sandbox version of fortnite. In this mode the players use the resources of the game to build whatever they want as it is indicated by the name of the mode. This mode is similar to the game minecraft.


Although fortnite has three modes but Battle Royale is most popular and when fortnite is discussed, usually this particular mode is referred to. The main reason behind the success of Fortnite as a game is its unique gameplay which is equally attractive to adults and kids alike. The most astonishing feature of the game is that players have to build alongside fighting. The players, after landing from the Battle Bus, scatter in different areas of the map to collect resources which include weapons and supplies to build different objects which can be useful when fighting. Usually players build objects at the same time they are fighting. This not only provides them a cover against enemy fire but also gives a better angle in a fight which can be very helpful. As attractive as this building feature can be, it is also a barrier for the entry of new players. Building and fighting at the same time requires a lot of practice and knowledge of the controls of the game which is something lacking by the new players so they intend to go for other Battle Royale games such as PUBG or Apex Legends which are more simpler.

Since the map is continuously shrinking because of the ring, players have to change their positions accordingly because players cannot survive outside the ring. Some players play a cautious game and stay on the sidelines while other players finish off one another and then they have to fight one or two remaining players to get a victory. While some players play like predators and hunt other players across the map.

Epic has also made many changes in the game following other games. For example, Epic added a ping system for communication and respawn vans for reviving teammates after almost copying it from Apex Legends.


Fortnite is a very diverse game when it comes to the number of platforms it can be played on. Gamers can play this game on

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch

The availability of the game on such a large number of platforms is one of the reasons why this game is very famous. No one needs to buy anything special to play this game. They can play it on whatever gadget they have got.


There cannot be a single individual on this planet who plays games but has not heard the name of this game. This is the reason that although the game is free-to-play, people spend hundreds of dollars every year to buy battle passes and other in-game objects such as costumes of players and skins of weapons. The dances and songs in this game are so popular that you can see kids and teenagers performing them in real lives as well. Many famous celebrities such as Drake play and enjoy this game. Tournaments worth millions of dollars are held throughout the year and thousands of people watch these tournaments live and online. What this game has achieved in three years of its release, is a dream for thousands of other games and applications.

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