Do you know your toe names and finger names? Check all the details here

The human body is made up of trillions of cells that make up different structures. In the case of bone structures, the cells known as Osteoblasts are in charge of forming new bones. An excellent example of bone structure is the phalanges, which are fifty-six bones. Did you know that some toe names are similar to finger names? Well, stick around to find out this and more.

Toe names and finger names
Do you know the terms used to refer to your toes and fingers? Photo: thegoneapp.comource: Getty Images

The toes are referred to as the digits of the foot. The medical term for the bones that make up toes is metatarsals. What are all the toes called? Continue reading to learn more.

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Toe names in English

The human foot comprises of five toes except in some exceptional cases where one can be born with more; however, that is a topic for another day. Are toes also called phalanges? Phalanges are the bones that make up the toes. Most of the digits have three phalanges, but the big toe has only two. Then, in this case, what is the scientific name for toes? Below are the names given to your toes:

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1. The hallux

It is the first, most prominent, and innermost digit on your foot. It also goes by several other names, including the great, big, and thumb toe. The hallux has only two phalanges, the proximal and distal, unlike the other digits.

2. The index toe

This is the second digit after the hallux and is also called the pointer or just the second toe. Unlike the hallux, it has three phalanges: the proximal, middle, and distal. The digit does vary in size depending on different people, and for some, it may have the same length as the other toes, whereas for others, it is the tallest toe.

3. The third toe

The third digit is also referred to as the middle toe. Similar to the second one, it has three phalanges, and it varies in size too.

4. The fourth toe

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The fourth digit is referred to as the fore toe. For some people, the fourth and fifth toes are of the same size. For others, the middle and fourth toes are identical. This means that the general scope of the toe varies for different individuals.

5. The fifth toe

What is the pinky toe called? The fifth toe is popularly referred to as the baby toe. It is the outermost toe on the human foot, and for many, it is the smallest, thus the name baby toe.

Generally, the human foot, as stated earlier, has five toes. Sometimes, however, one may have more than one toe or both. This is polydactyly.

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What are the 5 fingers called?

toe names and finger names
Some people have more than five fingers. Photo: thegoneapp.comource: Getty Images

In normal circumstances, just like the human foot, the hand has five fingers. There are exceptions for people with congenital conditions such as oligodactyly. So, what do the 5 fingers represent?

1. The first digit

The first one is positioned differently from the other fingers, and many people wonder, is the thumb a finger? The thumb is the innermost digit of the hand, and unlike the other fingers, it has two phalanges, the distal and proximal phalanges. The middle phalanx does not exist.

2. The second digit

This digit is commonly referred to as the index finger. Some also consider it as the first finger by excluding the thumb, thus the name forefinger. It has three phalanges, the distal phalange, which holds the nail, the middle, and the proximal phalange.

3. The third digit

It is commonly referred to as the middle finger. Others refer to it as the long or tall finger. It has three phalanges just as the index finger. The middle finger is often linked to an offensive gesture, so be careful not to offend others with it.

4. The fourth digit

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What is the 4th finger called? The fourth digit is commonly referred to as the ring finger, and medically, it is termed as digitus annularis manus, digitus medicinalis, or digitus quartus manus. This name is from the second century Egyptian.

5. The fifth digit

Digitus minimus manus is a medical term used to refer to the fifth finger. The digit is also referred to as the pinky. It is among the smallest fingers on the human hand. It is the outermost finger and contains three phalanges.

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If you did not know your toe names and finger names and how some share the same terminologies, now you know. Keep reading articles on to get to know other fun facts.

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