A Collection Of The BEST Quotes From “Fire Force” That You’ll Love

Fire Force quotes Taken from the following characters

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  • Shinra Kusakabe.
  • Maki Oze
  • Akitaru Obi.
  • Tamaki Kotatsu.
  • Arthur Boyle
  • Iris.
  • Hibana.

Fire Force is an anime produced by David Productions, the same studio behind Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Fire Force is also the brainchild of Soul Eater.

You have the same elements as your average Shounen: inspiration, motivation and great quotes.

These are the BESTLines from the Fire Force series

1. Maki Oze Quotes

maki oze quotes

“As a sister, and our lovable Iris, violence does not become you.” – Maki Oze

2. Tamaki Kotatsu Quotes

tamaki kotatsu quotes

“Huh? What are you looking at?” – Tamaki Kotatsu

3. Akitaru Obie Quotes

akitaru obi quotes

“Never show your weapons in front of the next of kin. if you can’t do that, then I don’t want you in my unit.” – Akitaru Obi

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akitaru obi quotes 1

“TheThese luminous blue stripes ring our bodies and are the ties that hold us together in this world of smoke and flame. Never break them.” – Akitaru Obi

akitaru obi quotes 2

“Having a sense of fear allows you to make cool headed decisions. Just… don’t chicken out because of it.” – Akitaru Obi

akitaru obi quotes 3

“Fire soldiers do not leave their comrades behind and run away.” – Akitaru Obi

4. Shinra Kusakabe Quotes

shinra kusakabe quotes

“I’ll keep my promise.” – Shinra Kusakabe

shinra kusakabe quotes 1

“We’ll never know unless I try.” – Shinra Kusakabe

shinra kusakabe quotes 2

“I smile whenever I feel tense.” – Shinra Kusakabe

shinra kusakabe quotes 3

“Right now, I’m lightheaded in reality, and in my mind, so misguided or not, I can be a hero, too.” – Shinra Kusakabe

shinra kusakabe quotes 4

“Heroes always arrive from the skies.” – Shinra Kusakabe

shinra kusakabe quotes 5

“I will get back up as often as it takes, and each time, I won’t be beaten.” – Shinra Kusakabe

5. Arthur Boyle Quotes

arthur boyle quotes

“Everyone is equal before the round table. Don’t sweat it.” – Arthur Boyle

arthur boyle quotes 1

“Sometimes you see things, by closing your eyes.” – Arthur Boyle

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6. Iris Quotes

iris quotes fire force

“If you pray with all your heart, you can find comfort, and people have been saved by it.” – Iris

7. Hibana Quotes

hibana quotes fire force

“Exploiting and outsmarting others for your own success, and looking down on the foolish slugs from above. What you see from up there is Impotent gravel!” – Hibana

hibana quotes fire force 1

“For someone who showed up so enthusiastic about being a hero, to stumble and fall over a little heat wave is laughable.” – Hibana

hibana quotes fire force 2

“Iris, sit there and watch your allies from the 8th get burned up.” – Hibana

hibana quotes fire force 3

“You do know, don’t you, that there is no God, let alone heroes in this world?” – Hibana

hibana quotes fire force 4

“How can you call yourself a hero like this? Let me open your eyes and show you how pathetic you are.” – Hibana

hibana quotes fire force 5

“In this world, you either burn or get burned. Go ahead and pray to the God of salvation you favor so much.” – Hibana

hibana quotes fire force 6

“I will burn gravel lesser than myself to cinders until they are consumed, and stand on their ashes to rise even higher.” – Hibana


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