25 Encouraging Quotes For When You’re Ready To Give Up On Love

It’s difficult to look forward to falling in love again once your heart has been broken.

Many people are ready to let go of romance because of the danger of getting hurt again or because they’ve been through trauma in a previous relationship. Who wants to be disappointed AGAIN?

Even with all of the dangers, falling in love can be an exciting adventure. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in love. Knowing that someone cares about you is unmatched. Don’t give up! You may just be the perfect match.

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We have some words of encouragement for anyone who wants to fall in love with their hearts, but isn’t ready to give up. QuotesIncitement to action. They can inspire action and give us hope for a better tomorrow through affirmations.

We have collected 25 encouraging quotes about love to guide when you’re ready to give up on romance. These love quotes will remind and inspire you to never give up on love. These love quotes will remind you of the beauty and value of love, as well as all the risks it can bring.

1. Understanding that thoughts are the most important thing in life.

The quality of your thoughts is the key to your happiness. — Marcus Aurelius

2. It’s beautiful to watch a broken heart fall for someone you love.

“There’s nothing more beautiful that a person who has lost their heart but still believes in the love of his or her partner.” — Unknown

3. You attract the type of person that you are.

“The better person that you are, the more people you will be.” — Unknown

4. There is so much you can offer.

“Do not think that your contributions are insignificant.” You will always find someone who needs your help.” — Unknown

5. You can always start again.

It’s never too late to make a fresh start in your life. — Joyce Meyers

6. Don’t let your fear control you.

It’s OK to be afraid, but you must go out there and open up to love, make mistakes, be stronger, and then start over. — Unknown

7. It will be well worth it.

“Difficult roads often lead us to beautiful destinations.” — Unknown

8. LoveIt happens when you least expect.

“The best love story is one that you meet unexpectedly and at an unexpected time.” — Unknown

9. You will always find the right person.

“I choose you. You’ll be my choice over and over again. I will choose you without hesitation, in a heartbeat, and without pause. You will continue to be my choice.” — Unknown

10. LoveYour past is irrelevant to them.

“I forget all the details of what we were doing together.” — Walt Whitman

11. LoveIt is eternal.

“Love never gives up.” — 1 Corinthians 13:7

12. You are worthy of the best.

“Sometimes, all you have to remember is what you are owed.” — Unknown

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13. Self-love and self-love are important too.

“You can’t pour from an empty glass. You must take care of yourself first. — Unknown

14. The past is not the future.

“Repeat after Me: My current situation, however, is not my final destination.” — Unknown

15. Take your time.

“Don’t rush things that require time to grow” — Unknown

16. LoveIt’s not about the words.

“I shut my mouth and spoke to You in a Hundred Silent Ways.” — Rumi

17. It is possible to learn to love again.

“Flowers come back. Even in the most severe winters, flowers will grow back. — Jennae Cecelia

18. Never settle.

“You are extraordinary. Keep that in mind.” — Unknown

19. Do not overthink.

“Sometimes, we need to let go of our fears and just do it. It’ll either work, or it won’t. That’s life. — Alex Elle

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20. You can’t find anything you don’t believe.

“Believe that you can, and you’ll get halfway there.” — Unknown

21. Be patient.

“Keep going through the storm. Your rainbow awaits on the other side. — Heather Stillufsen

22. It is what is inside that matters.

“Make him smile by dressing up in your best, using makeup, and displaying your true personality. That’s the real deal. — Unknown

23. Take a look around and see the amazing couples still standing.

“I love seeing old people together. It makes it possible for me to believe in true love. — Unknown

24. Let life happen.

“You cannot control everything. Sometimes, you need to let go and have faith that everything will work out. Let go of control and let the world happen.” — Kody Keplinger

25. Timing is everything.

Continue to move forward. You will find everything you need at the perfect moment. — Unknown

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Love is life’s greatest gift, which is why people have a passion for love quotes – and we’ve got you covered. When it comes to saying “I love you”, the truth about marriage, or even finding the perfect love quote for your guy, we have all the cute (or sexy!) quotes you need.

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