Robot baby names

Let your love of all things robot shine through as you choose the perfect name for your baby boy or girl.

Robots have been the subject of fiction for centuries. However, as technology advances, robots can now be a reality in many areas of our lives. However, the idea of “robots” started in theater and literature, and as they’ve evolved in the real world, they’ve become even more amazing in the written word and on the stage. If you love science and engineering, or adore science fiction, these fictional robots may help you add to your baby name list.

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Robot origins

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The word “robot” was first used in Rossum’s Universal Robots, a 1920 Czech-language science fiction play written by Karel Capek. The word in that play referred to artificially-created life-forms, and this idea is a little different than the modern version of robot because they were closer to cyborgs or clones — they could be mistaken for human and could think for themselves.

Modern robots are mechanical and controlled by computer programs or electronic circuitry. While they may seem capable of independent thought and reasoning, true artificial Intelligence is still science fiction.

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The names we chose here are from science fiction film, television and literature, and may be exactly what you’re looking for as you build your baby name list.

Robot baby names for girls

Robot baby names for boys

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