Sadly, if you’re looking for a medical marijuana card in Kansas, you’re out of luck at present. KS remains one of the states that is standing staunchly against the legalization of MMJ. All attempts to change matters have failed as the mainly Republican lawmakers have no interest in rectifying the situation.

Too many of them live in their fantasy world where people still believe  the misinformation spread during the 1930s, which has been comprehensively debunked dozens of times. This article looks at the state of play regarding medical marijuana in Kansas to see if things are ever likely to change. First, though, let’s analyze the state’s marijuana laws.

What Are the Penalties for Using Marijuana in Kansas?

It is imperative that residents can get a medical marijuanas card in KS. Because, at present, the state offers strict penalties for possessing weed. In fact, it is the only state in the U.S. that doesn’t allow any THC in CBD products either! 

If you’re found with any amount of marijuana, you could spend up to six months in prison. The thing is, if you buy CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC but more than 0%, you could technically go to jail because it will be classified as a marijuana product! 

Anyone found with more than 450 grams of marijuana could spend up to 3.5 years in prison. Meanwhile, don’t even think about selling weed in Kansas. If you’re convicted of selling any amount, you could spend over four years in prison. Should you sell more than 25 grams, the potential sentence increases to almost seven years. Even growing four or more plants will net you a similar sentence if convicted.

With no medical marijuana card in Kansas, the only semblance of protection lies in the form of Claire and Lola’s Law. It came into being in May 2019 and gives profoundly ill people an affirmative defense if they are found in possession of CBD oil with a maximum THC content of 5%. As you can see, it is hardly much of a protection at all. Furthermore, to avail of this rule, you must get a note from a physician 15 months before you buy the product!

Will It Ever Be Possible to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Kansas?

The answer is very much “no” if the current cadre of lawmakers have their way. Kansas banned marijuana in 1927, a decade before the substance became federally illegal. There has been practically no light at the end of the tunnel for cannabis campaigners until quite recently.

In March 2022, a Republican Senator introduced the Medical Marijuana Regulation Act. It is a highly conservative bill that enables people with specific medical issues to apply limited forms of marijuana. Even though the House and the Senate agreed that the state should consider decriminalizing the possession of small amounts (a maximum of 1.5 ounces), there was no further action on that matter or on the issue of medical marijuana that year.

A further debate on MMJ was tabled in 2023, and there has been no further movement since. Thus, it will be 2024 before there is any movement. This is a major problem because it’s clear that a significant number of people will benefit from having a medical marijuana card in Kansas.

Apart from the legal protection, research shows that MMJ may help patients move away from addictive opioids. A huge number of people have died from an opioid overdose in the United States and the figure continues to rise despite the nation’s lawmakers admitting that there is an opioid epidemic. This rhetoric has yet to stop drug companies from creating even more powerful and addictive drugs, and there is no sign of a let-up from their end.

Final Thoughts on the Possibility of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Kansas

The deck remains stacked against those who wish to bring MMJ to Kansas. After all, this is a state that doesn’t even allow a minimal amount of THC in its CBD products. The only thing it offers is an affirmative defense for the tiny amount of people interested in low-THC CBD oil. 

There is likely to be further discussion on the matter of bringing medical marijuana to Kansas but the level of opposition to the idea means it will be some time before anything major happens.