50+ Death Anniversary Messages For Father

Death Anniversary Messages For Father : The word “Father” that reminds us love, respect, care, shelter, support, sacrifices, and many more. Only those know the pain who doesn’t have the father. Remembering dad on his death anniversary is a great agony and this feeling can’t be described in words. The son or daughter of a deceased father always prays for his/her peace. His son or daughter often feel empty on the anniversary of his father’s death and grieve him with emotion and sorrow. We are sharing these heartfelt, emotional messages to father for his death anniversary. Let the tears flow, and let them move on.

Death Anniversary Messages For Father

You were my hero in my life, Dad. Without you, I would be very lonely. I miss you very much, dad. My prayers are always with You.

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Rest in peace, father. Every day you are missed. I love you daddy. I miss you badly. I will always remember you.

My lovely dad, I miss you so much. Your memory will never fade from my heart. I continue to try to find your whereabouts. I don’t know where you are. Rest in peace dad.

You left us a lot of memories and a legacy. We miss you, dad. We hope you’re having a wonderful time in heaven.

Prayers on Death Anniversary of Father

We all will one day die, I am sure. It was something I had never imagined. I still miss you dad. You are my dad. My prayers are always with you.

It was hard for me to lose you. I wish you peace wherever you may be. Keep your heart close to mine, dad.

My father is in heaven, but I still miss him so much. Dad, I wish you are always smiling up there.

Prayer is the greatest weapon. You are my father’s prayer. May your light shine in heaven like it did here. We are so sorry for your loss.

Each day, I think of you in prayer and in my thoughts. Your memory will not be forgotten. I love you so much, dad. I miss you.

Today is your father’s death anniversary. I can understand that you are suffering. Friends, we all have to die. Be strong and take care of your family.

Dear dad, the day that I lost you, everything was lost in my life. I would be lost without you. You will always be in my heart, dad.

Death Anniversary Messages For FatherFrom Son

Dear Dad: You have been the best father to me. You believed in your child. My old man, I miss you.

I remember my dad telling me that boys should never cry. I don’t cry in front of people. But when I am alone, I can’t stop myself. I miss you dad.

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Every breath I take in this life seems like a burden without you. But I try to live for you father. Your son is trying to be proud of you.


You were without doubt the best father any son could ask for. On your death anniversary, I’m thanking you for everything as I can’t thank you enough when you were alive.

You were the guy who taught me how to walk but sadly I couldn’t walk a long way with you by my side. I will remember your wisdom and love forever. Love you dad.

My father’s love triumphs over his death and he will be always with me in my memory and my work.

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You ware the best father in the world and I’m the worst son. I’m sorry for all the arguments and fights. I knew you were right. I miss you so much on your anniversary.

It’s your hard work and good parenting that have made me the person I am today. Now, I’m trying to fulfill your dreams that you have passed on to me. Unfortunately, you’re not here to witness my progress. Papa, I am thinking of you!

I regret most of all that I lost you so young. My children were unable to meet their grandfather. You are always in our thoughts and prayers Dad. I miss you.

Dear dad, I am now aware of your value and pain since you have left me. I’m a son and take care of my family. But I can’t be like you at all. I miss you dad.

Dad, I want my son to be a good one. You were my teacher. Too soon, you left us. Without you, I’m very lost and unhappy. I love you dad.

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Death Anniversary Messages For FatherFrom Daughter

Although this day will be painful, your memories will always be with your little girl. Daddy, I wish you were here.

Your hard work and good parenting made me who I am today. I consider you the greatest dad, and I’m proud to have been your daughter. I miss you so much dad.

I believe my dad’s guiding hand will remain on my shoulder forever even though he has left this world a long time ago. I love you, Daddy.

You were there for your children, through thick and thin, and you left a lasting legacy. We remember you and thank you for your support on your death anniversary.


It never occurred to me that my loss of you would cause me to feel so low. Without you, life becomes difficult and a burden. How can I live without you? My heart misses you, daddy.

Your little girl is grown now, Daddy. You aren’t here to see her. I miss you very much, daddy. I wish you all the best.

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You are always here with me even if I don’t get to see or hug you. Every breath I take is filled with your presence. I will remember you no matter what the years or centuries pass. I love you dad!

You were there for me through thick and thin, to support and guide me. You were my strength in every situation. Your memories are what I treasure most. Rest in peace dad.

A daughter’s biggest nightmare is losing her dad. My dad died. And I’m in such pain that no one can feel. I miss you dad.

It is said that time heals all kinds of pain. Yet, I’m still in pain. Is there any way to replace your love and your care? I miss you, dad. Your girl misses you so much.

You were the only person who understood me well. You were the one who could show me right from wrong. Now, I’m lost. Because you’re not here to help your daughter find the right way. Miss you daddy.

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Death AnniversaryPrayer Messages For Father

Today is your anniversary of your death. I pray for your peace and happiness. Rest in peace dear father.

I pray every night and day to God for the best place to be in heaven. I pray for peace and goodness in your life. You are my daddy today.

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I pray for God to answer my prayers. My prayers are to forgive my dad, and to give him a wonderful place in heaven. Love you so much daddy.

I hope that God will hear my prayers and grant you a special place in heaven. God bless my dad’s soul.

Thank you, God! My Dad, please hold him in your arms. Let him go to your heaven. Let him know that his daughter/son keeps him/her in her/his prayers. God, please let my dad rest in your loving arms.

I pray every night and every day to God for your peace. I pray that God grants you eternal peace so that your soul can live in God’s paradise. We are so sorry for your loss.

Respectable father, I ask God to keep you as happy and healthy as you were before. Today on your death anniversary I’m praying for your peace and comfort.

I ask God to bless you. I pray that you are well in heaven. We are so sorry for your loss, father. It’s been years you are not with us anymore. We miss you so very much.

God is watching and listening to me, I believe. This day, I send you many prayers. My prayers will be accepted by God. Rest in peace dad.

It has been a long while since I lost your love. Every day, daddy, I pray. I pray for you. God bless you and keep you happy. You are my favorite.

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Death AnniversaryMessage For Friend’s Father

I know you are mourning today and remembering your deceased father but at the same time let’s not forget to celebrate his wisdom, honesty, and memory. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Your dad was one the most kind and generous people I have ever met. His memory will be cherished forever. He is in my prayers today.

Your father’s death is the most devastating event in your life. However, he would be proud of you for being who you are today. With good thoughts, remember him today.

Death Anniversary Message for Someone Like Father

On this sad day, I offer my condolences and sympathy to you. Although it has been one year, his loss will not be forgotten. God bless his soul.

My friend, I know today is a sad day for you as it’s your father’s death anniversary. I do have patience, however. He is now with God. He is well.

We will always be grateful for the love and support your father gave to us all. He was a remarkable man. Don’t just mourn but appreciate his wisdom, his guidance, his love and his good moral that he left behind.

We’ll always remember that caring heart and charming smile of your father. He was a special guide who helped us through all the good and bad times. We all remember him deeply on this anniversary of his death. We pray that his soul may rest in eternal peace.

It’s been a while since your father passed away. Your pain and tears are my dear. My friend, be patient. Do not let your sadness get in the way.

Your father’s memories are still vivid. I still can’t believe it has been one year. On this sad day, my friend, I am sending my condolences.

You are a strong individual. It’s been a year since your father passed away. You manage everything so well. But I am there for you in your sorrow and your tears. My support is always there for you.

This day, I pray to God for the blessing of your father. My friend, may your father rest in peace. Call me anytime you need.

FatherA father is the cornerstone of the family, and losing him is like losing an important organ in our bodies. The loss is irreparable. These messages are a way to remember him and to show your love for him. These messages can be used as prayers to God to ask him for a place in heaven for your father. You can use them to remind yourself of the person you loved in your life. Keep the memories alive and spread them. These remembrances messages can be comforting. It is not possible to heal the grief of losing a loved one. It’s only a suggestion.

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